Wedding DJ Houston at The Gallery

By | March 10, 2013

I am inspired to post this because it seems that we are the Wedding DJ Houston at The Gallery on a monthly basis. This is a great place to have a wedding because it has all the convenience and character you look for when picking the perfect venue.

Wedding DJ Houston at The Gallery:

We almost always perform the ceremony and reception, because the place is conducive to both large and small ceremonies. Normally, we are able to set up in one location inside and put speaker outside for perfect sound without having to charge to set up two DJ setups.

We were the wedding DJ for the couple below, Michael and Stephanie on 3-9-13. They chose us due to our great reviews and familiarity with their chosen wedding venue, The Gallery in Houston. Michael called himself a “Music Nazi” which is interesting because we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any bride or groom, regardless of whether they are music gurus, or just want us to handle everything for them!

Contact us today and we would love to be your wedding DJ at The Gallery, or anywhere near Houston!

-DJ Forrest

Wedding DJ at The Gallery

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