Is it safe to book right now? What is your cancellation policy?
»Yes, very much so! We are being as flexible and safe as possible and even wear masks when required. Regarding our cancellation policy, You can book with us with peace of mind knowing that we will reschedule your date with no issues or penalties should venues have to shut down unexpectedly because we have a great team of DJs and Photobooths available! This is an advantage of booking through us versus a one man operator as we have the flexibility to get you covered so you can book with confidence that we will get you taken care of.

How do we pick the music?
»We can either run your show from start to finish and pick all the music -or- you are welcome to send us a list of songs. For weddings we have a wedding planner form we use where you can pick your music. If you have no idea what songs you want, no worries, we are experts at reading the crowd and playing the perfect selection of songs for your event. For obscure songs, you are welcome to send us a links or even the .mp3 versions, including any mashups if applicable.

What make Xceptional DJ’s worth our investment?
» We bring our experience from thousands of successful performances since 1999 to your one special night! Also, we are A+accredited with the Better Business Bureau, David’s Bridal Certified, Wedding Wire Rated, TheKnot Certified, and more. We understand that executing a perfect event is influenced by many factors like the order and style in which songs are played, the way songs are mixed, the level of lighting, and the skill of DJ interaction. Your investment reflects the quality and peace of mind we give you and your guests. Also, we act as event coordinators and keep your timeline on track so you can relax. We also maintain a high standard and our company theme is classy but fun! Check our YouTube Channel for video highlights – https://www.youtube.com/c/Thehoustondjs/videos

What is the process?
» Once you have made your decision, either give us a call or send an email. We have a simple one page contract that you can compete yourself or by phone. Our required deposit is 50% down and we invoice you the other 50% balance at the 14 day mark before your event. Our booking process takes less than 15 minutes typically.

How does the photo booth work?
» The Photo booth is a high resolution professionally lit booth with a fun and professional attendant the stays with booth and helps your guests have a blast! We provide party props such as hats, glasses, themed items, ect. Booth takes 3-4 photos per session then prints two strips that are customized to your event with either your logo, info, or wedding date depending on your preference. A few days after event, we provide you with all photos via email, and also allow you full copyrights to them to use as you wish. The 360 booth includes a rotating camera that takes videos.

Photobooth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pQCCX6CMHM

360 Booth: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/JxBhDQigaZg

When should we book?
» In short, as soon as you are ready. Dates book up quickly and we honor our contracts on a first-come first serve basis to be fair. We book up to two years in advance.

What types of events do you do?
» We specialize in any type of event needing music or a photo booth. We do weddings, birthdays, schools, fundraisers, corporate parties, cookoffs, and more. We also do quinceanerras and have bilingual Dj’s if you need it. We are flexible and handle diverse events as well and specialize in working individually with you to make your dream a reality. We are a top rated corporate DJ and here is a list of clients we work with – https://thehoustondjs.com/houston-corporate-party-dj/

Is set up included in the DJ pricing?
» Absolutely. You never pay extra for set up, breakdown, or tax. We arrive approximately one hour prior to your scheduled start time and will be completely set up and playing background music before your first guest arrives.

What kind of music do you have?
» All kinds and all styles. We have thousands of song titles and a variety of DJs with different skills sets to accommodate different party types. Also, we have different DJ’s that specialize in different kinds of events such as weddings and schools and quinceaneras. You can be as hands on or hands off in selecting the music as you wish.

How interactive are your DJ’s
» That depends on your preference! We can be completely conservative, completely outgoing, or anywhere in between. By default, we are as interactive as needed to keep the guests having a great time. We are well aware that guests quickly grow tired of a DJ that demands all their attention. We try to keep your party fun, yet classy and not cheesy,

Do you have a video showing one of your performances?
» We actually have several clips here https://thehoustondjs.com/videos/ and another way to view events and interact with our customers is via our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/houstondjs . Here we regularly post recent event pictures and you can see guests comments and interact with them. Here is the link to our Youtube videos with reviews and highlights – https://www.youtube.com/c/Thehoustondjs/videos

How do we book you?
» You can book either by calling in, or completely via email. We send you an email with entertainment contract and payment or deposit instructions. You simply fill it out and type in details of your party, sign electronically, and email back to us. A deposit is required which is subtracted from your total and we event give an incentive for paying in full upfront. We book up to 2 years out.

How much do you charge?
» We believe we are nearly priceless as we take your stress away! Once you see how much fun your guests are having and how successful your event is, you will find us to be one of the most cost effective items at your event. Check pricing page here!

Do we tip our DJ?
» Tipping is appreciated by our DJs but not mandatory. Many DJs, venues, and catering companies automatically embed this on the price. Xceptional DJ’s does not. We would accept gratuity only if you feel we exceeded your expectations!

Are you insured?
» Yes we are. We carry a $1,000,000 policy for your peace of mind.

Do you have a songlist we can choose from?
» Absolutely, we encourage you to send a list of your favorite to make sure we get them in! https://thehoustondjs.com/most-requested-songs/

Do we feed the DJ?
» It is recommended to allow for your DJ to eat due to the long hours with no breaks. Not required, but recommended.

Do you do the ceremony too?
» Absolutely. We do both if needed. Small additional fee required if we have to move our equipment and/or set up in multiple spots in the venue. We also provide wireless mics for officiant when added to your package.

What do we need to provide the DJ on the day of the event?
» Only a rectangular 6 foot table with a plug reasonably close to the table. We provide everything else from mics to chords to music.

Do you have any references?
» We have lots of references but prefer not to bother our past clients. Using the following link, you can find many reviews about us over the years. https://thehoustondjs.com/houstondjtestimonials/ Also, please visit our Facebook page to interact with many of our past clients 🙂

Do you have to book DJ and Photo Booth?
» No. You may book individually if you wish. We give special bundle pricing for booking both with us, but it is optional.