Best DJ in Houston

Forrest- DJ Forrest is the face of Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths and is one of the most highly requested and rated DJs in Houston. He specializes in all event and genre types, and does an amazing job of scheduling the staff to make sure each event is a great match with their Xceptional DJ! If you need the best in the business, for a wedding, school, or company party, he is your man!

Roland- DJ Roland is family man and reliable DJ that has worked with us for nearly 10 years. He has an incredible set up and sound quality, and is a laid back personality that always gets rave reviews. He also has Superstar DJ capabilities if he needs to turn up the energy in a room. His music selection ranges from all over the map, as we send him to school dances, weddings, and more to take advantage of his versatility. He is a true pro and we are proud to have him on the team.

Lewis- This bilingual DJ is one of the top Superstars in our company. Another family man, he is known a a great mixer and top level MC. We love his skill set because he can accommodate crowds of all ages and all genres. Customer feedback is always top level when Lewis is on the scene. Lewis has been with us for over eight years.

Ruben- DJ Ruben is a quality DJ and has a great personality that suits our company motto well. He is a kid and adult friendly DJ/MC that goes the extra mile to ensure our brides and grooms are satisfied. I have peace of mind knowing Ruben is on your team and helping everything run smoothly. He has great gear, great lighting, and gets rave reviews from all types of clients from teens to adults!

Tom- Tom is a DJ/songwriter that has a wealth of skills and experience of over 20 years in the industry. His fun personality is perfect for crowds and he has a great voice for professional announcements at your event. His specialty is wedding receptions and corporate functions!

Nick- Nick is an explosive performer that is perfect for both Spanish and English events. He has amazing sound and lighting and knows just the right mix of music to play for weddings, schools, quinceanerras, and corporate functions. He is a true professional and we love having him onboard.

Paul- Paul is one of the most versatile DJ’s around. He specializes in all music and interaction types, and is one of our go-to specialists because we can send him to a Sweet 16 one night, a club the next, and a wedding reception next weekend! His is also a skilled karaoke jockey and always makes our customers feel special because he goes the extra mile to ensure that his brides are satisfied.