DJ Forrest Setup March 2013

By | March 17, 2013

Wanted to post a picture of my wedding setup in March of 2013 for a visual. Picture quality is not the best because this is a cell phone picture in a dark room but anyhow:

-My preference is a tight, compact setup that flat out sounds AMAZING. Visually appealing and not dominant. My goal is to fit right in and not steal the show.
-Tops are the JBL PRX615s- In my opinion, this is top quality sound a mobile DJ achieve in the market. Rich and punchy without straining to fill a room. Trust me, I’ve nearly tried them all and this blows away the competition! Many other DJ’s do not carry them because they are expensive and heavy.
-Subs are QSCKSubs- Possibly the best speakers money can buy. Sounds great in nearly any venue when positioned properly. Bass will sound similar anywhere you are in the room due to the cabinet design. Plenty of tight quality bass to compliment my tops mounted above on stands provide a concert quality rich sound!
-Lights- 5 total. Two Chauvet Intimidator 150s on the outside of the tables provide a wow factor with bright yolk lights and are DMXed together so they shoot out amazing colors and shapes in unison with the bass. On talbe you will see a strobe to use sparlingly, and one table laser with green and red to fill the walls with lights. The light on the stand is the Chauvet Eclipse. This light is amazing and provides a combination effect on the dancefloor with the lasers complimenting the LED globe putting out blue, reds, and pinks in a hue effect.
-Mics- Shure and VocoPro Wireless Mics with wind covers to minimize outdoor wind noise
-Mixer is a MixDeck Pro by Numark. Enables me to play with either CDs, MP3s, Laptop, Flashdrive, or iPod.
-Software is Virtual DJ Pro, installed on multiple computers in case one crashes!
-Laptops are Acer and Toshiba

Better pics to follow!

DJ Forrest

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