DJ Forrest Article on Fox News Lubbock – Jan 2019

By | January 13, 2019

Well crafted article published on Fox News Lubbock in January 2019:

We live in an age where any crafty individual with a laptop, a YouTube/Spotify playlist and an expensive pair of headphones can proclaim themselves a DJ. However, the pros view the profession as an art form.

DJ Forrest, an entertainer who was chosen among the 2018/2019 “3 Best-Rated DJs in Houston” recently spoke on the state of the industry, and expressed how a quality DJ will elevate the average event to another level.

“In 2019, a DJ is not just a DJ,” said DJ Forrest. “A DJ is energy! He or she must have the skills, experience, and intuition to transform a mundane wedding reception, night at the bar; club, or school dance into an emotional, memorable experience that takes guests on an unforgettable journey!”

He continued, “A DJ must display class for upscale events, and yet be personable, energetic, and fun for nightlife shows. A DJ must handle both a particular bride and casual bride with class, elegance, and flexibility. The DJ must promote bar sales and length of stay at nightlife events while maintaining crowd control, coordinating with other vendors, and keeping guests happy, fulfilled, and entertained.”

DJ Forrest founded Xceptional Djs + Photobooths, an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company specializing in high-end, high-profile events back in 1999, performing nightlife, weddings, corporate events, high school proms and other school dances, themed events, private parties, and more. The team of DJs and Photobooth operators are among the most highly reviewed in the business, and Forrest handles the bulk of scheduling and front-end details for each event.

“A DJ is not just a DJ. A DJ is an experience!” said DJ Forrest in closing.