Why DJ Forrest?

By | June 20, 2016

A question we often get from those who have never worked with us before is why DJ Forrest package? All DJs are not created equal! Here are a few differentiation factors:

1. Music is mixed- An overwhelming amount of DJs do not mix, they simply fade the music in and out as a song ends. While this can still be effective, DJ Forrest will wow the crowd with smooth remixes and mixes are achieved live to take you on a journey!

2. Attire is suit and tie (when appropriate)- Suit and tie allows him to present a more professional image when performing the biggest day of your life. He will look the part.

3. He previously ran a catering company/banquet hall- This experience gives him invaluable insights into many other nuances of your event besides music. He coordinates all activities and announcements with all vendors. Your event will go smooth.

4. Equipment- A huge differentiation factor between Forrest and many other company is equipment. He features tops and subs of the highest quality. He doesn’t use typical mobile DJ speakers… he uses touring speakers used by musicians that sound better and cost up to 4 times the cost of the HIGHEST end mobile DJ gear. He also has a lighted facade at no additional charge when possible.

5. Promptness and never cancelling- He arrives around 1.5 hours before start time to ensure everything is always set up and ready to go with plenty of time.

6. Music up to date with edited or unedited options- Forrest invests 6-8 hours per week going through hundreds of tracks as they come out or even before they hit the airwaves. He also has both the clean and explicit versions labeled. While he will NEVER play curse words at a formal event, corporate party, or wedding, he does have appropriate music when performing clubs or sports bars.

7. Wedding planner friendly- This cannot be overstated because many local DJs are at odds with event planners. He embraces working with them and even assumes total responsibility for event management if no planner is present. Your announcements and timeline will be executed to give you piece of mind.

8. Hundred of reviews- Why take a chance? He is one of the most highly rated in Houston and is even Better Business Bureau A+ rated. Hear from others before making this important decision- https://thehoustondjs.com/houstondjreviewstx/

9. Insured- Most venues and hotels require insurance for both your protection and the venues. He is up to $2,000,000 of coverage in case the unthinkable happens

10. Experienced at most venues- He has played at most venues in Houston area several times and in several locations within the venue. He can offer custom suggestions depending on your need.

11. Wifi- DJ Forrest always has WiFi at events to be able to download even the most hard to find songs.

12. Helper included for no cost most events- Forrest brings an assistant or helper on nearly 90% of his shows. This allows him to really handle additional details flawlessly.

13. Wireless mic included and backup gear- DJ Forrest never charges extra for wireless mic, and he also has doubles of ever piece of gear, wiring, and lighting at each event in case of gear failure.

14. All event type and genre types- DJ Forrest has been building his music library since 1999 and has performed every type of event imaginable! This is invaluable in a diverse city like Houston.