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By | January 13, 2011
I am often asked by brides and grooms about how we MC or make our announcements. Here is an example of some things I may say…
Guests Enter The Room:
“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the reception! Please feel free to
help yourself to the beverages and appetizers as we wait for the bride
and groom.”
Announcement Of Wedding Party (if necessary):
“May I have your attention please? At this time we will announce the
wedding party. First up we have our bridesmaids and groomsman…
We have (bridesmaid 1) escorted by (groomsman 1), next we have
(bridesmaid 2) and (groomsman 2)…. Ect.
Announcement Of The Bride And Groom Entering The Reception:
“Folks may I have your attention please? (Pause) Everyone on your
feet! (pause) It is my pleasure to announce the arrival of our guests of
honor! Put your hands together for Mr. and Mrs. (John Doe)!
Announcement Of The Buffet:
(check with the bride, groom, and staff before announcing)
“Ladies and Gentleman at this time we are going to open the buffet
line. First let’s have our bride and groom, wedding party, and
parents.” Once they are almost finished through the line, announce
that the buffet is now open to “all guests.”
Announcement Of The Toast:
(make sure the champagne glasses are full first)
“Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention? We are ready to
do the toast. Here to start our toast is our best man (John Doe)! Put
your hands together!
Announcement Of The Cake:
(make sure the wedding knife is on the table)
“Allright folks we are ready to cut the wedding cake at this time.
(pause) I would like to welcome all guests to bring your cameras and
share this moment with our bride and groom.”
Announcement Of The First Dance:
“Folks this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Please focus
your attention to the dancefloor and get your cameras ready. (pause)
For the first time as a married couple it is my pleasure to announce
our bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. (John Doe)”
Announcement Of The Father/Daughter Dance:
“Next, our bride will dance with her father! (Pause) Put your hands
together for the father/daughter dance!”
Announcement Of The Mother/Son Dance:
“Folks it is now time for the groom to dance with his mother! (Pause)
Put your hands together for the mother/son dance!”
Announcement That The Dancefloor Is Now Open:
“Allright folks the dancefloor is now open to all guests at this time!
(right here slowly fade into a party starter song) My name is DJ (John
Doe) and if you have any requests I’d love to play them for you!”
Announcement Of The Money Dance (or Honeymoon Dance):
“Folks at this time we are going to do the Money Dance or
Honeymoon Dance. The way this works is you will line up behind
(designated person taking the money) in order to dance with our
bride and groom. By paying ones, tens, twenties, or hundreds, you
help signify a good financial start to our bride and groom’s marriage.
Let’s keep our dances short so everyone will get a chance. Don’t be
shy so tap in quickly to dance!”
Announcement Of The Garter Toss:
(put a chair on the middle of the dancefloor and have bride sit down)
“Folks let’s get all single guys to the dancefloor… it’s time to toss the
garter (wait for them to arrive) First our groom has to remove that
garter from the bride. Everyone make lots of noise to help him out!
(play a song like “The Stripper” or “Yeah” while he removes garter
from her leg). Once the garter is off have the groom turn his back to
the single guys and toss it on a countdown like 5,4,3,2,1 toss!
Announcement Of The Bouquet Toss:
“Folks it’s time to toss the bouquet so I need all single ladies to the
dancefloor!” (wait for them) Have bride turn around with her back to
the single ladies and toss on a 5,4,3,2,1 count!
Announcement Of The Last Dance:
“Folks this night seemed to go by so fast but our bride and groom
wanted to dance to one last song before they exit. Please feel free to
join them!”
Announcement To Get Guests Lined Up For Bride/Groom Exit:
“Allright folks at this time our bride and groom are exiting the
building. I’d like to invite all guests to line up to see them off!
Article by: Forrest, Xceptional Dj’s

12 thoughts on “Professional Announcements

  1. DJ RAUL

    Hey this is what I been looking for! Great info!
    Muchas gracias!! if you need any help with spanish announcements let me know.
    Have a nice day!!!!

  2. Midge Fredrick

    This is great information! Thank You for sharing. I will be using these announcements while MCing and providing music for the upcoming wedding and others.

    Thanks Again!

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t do much for birthdays other than play a background track and have everyone sing Happy Birthday to a countdown once they light the cake candles 🙂

  3. Mira

    THANK YOU!!! My Brother-in-law asked me to emcee his wedding (last minute request), but since the only experience I’ve had at weddings is being IN one, this is absolute gold!

    1. admin Post author

      Hey that’s awesome stuff, hope you pulled it off. These announcements aren’t hard as long as you know what to say lol! DM me on instagram or FB sometime 🙂 @djforresthouston


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