Frequent COVID questions for your DJ: December 2020

By | December 21, 2020

Good afternoon DJ Forrest here, Wanted to respond to a few of the frequent questions we are getting at the moment with quick update 🙂

Are you still open right now? Yes, we are still open and doing events. We wear masks and are happy to DJ and do our job to the fullest.

We may postpone, what do we do? That is fine with us, we are happy to reschedule to a new date with no penalties. Just let us know the new date and we will reschedule you no problem.

Are parties any good right now with reduced guest counts? Absolutely! Those that come out are having a great time and in general, we think people would rather have a great time after being cooped up for so long. Some turnouts have been low and others have not but the parties have been great.

Can we stream our event? Yes, we recommend Zoom on a laptop. You can set the computer in a central spot and invite your guests to watch live. Also, you may bring the computer around the room and, although not as good as in person, the the response has been adequate as we all try and get through this.

Do you have COVID discounts? Yes, depending on the date we are happy to provide a special discount to help with COVID as it has been rough for many of us out there.

What if you or one of your DJ gets COVID? That is a good reason to go with our company is we have multiple great DJs on staff that can take over and fill in, which reduces the risk of you winding up without a DJ on the big day.

Those are just a few but if you have more, contact us anytime and I am happy to help! – DJ Forrest