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By | February 22, 2019
DJ Forrest Houston News Press 2019


DJ Forrest Houston Shines the Spotlight on Hidden Challenges of Wedding DJs and Dancefloors

DJ Forrest Houston is in the recent spotlight after being one of those awarded the title “3 Best Rated DJs in Houston” again in 2019. He talks industry challenges and offers advice to aspiring deejays.

Regarding what sets him apart, DJ Forrest’s answers were unexpected. He doesn’t mention expensive pro audio gear or a limitless music library. Instead, DJ Forrest says success means staying (properly) engaged with your audience, a challenging task thanks to the stigma surrounding DJs caused by two thorns: the same over played hits, and surprisingly, line dancing!

He says, “Overplayed songs can be just as annoying for us as DJs as they are for others. A talented DJ smoothly mixes standard music selections in while still maintaining a hip vibe.”

The same goes with the heavy reliance on line dancing. Anyone who’s been to a events like weddings and company parties know that line dances like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha slide are industry staples. In DJ Forrest’s opinion, however, it can easily become a hindering crutch to both experienced and rookie performers.

He adds: “I play them (line dances) as little as possible and use them only as a tool to engage the crowd in appropriate moments. They’re great when used at the right time with the right crowd. Used correctly, they can both fill and rotate a dance floor, while attracting people to the floor who wouldn’t otherwise get up. My goal at times is to burn the house down while, at other times, I am providing romantic moments. Line dances used incorrectly will make the entire event feel cheesy.”

His message to new-comers: “Don’t avoid line dances and overplayed songs all together; just recognize when and how to use them. There is no shortcut; you must DJ 50 plus events to even scratch the surface of managing a proper dancefloor, so be patient!”

DJ Forrest founded Xceptional DJs + Photobooths, an A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited company specializing in high-end, high-profile events back in 1999. For the latest news and updates, follow DJ Forrest on Facebook and Instagram @djforresthouston