DJ Forrest and a few of the guys

By | January 17, 2013

Forrest Crump, DJ Houston, and a few coworkers from the ADJA watched Larry Williams tonight to learn some new tricks of the trade regarding wedding receptions. To keep sharp in the entertainment industry, we believe it is very important to stay up to date.

The theme of the night was a training on wedding rehearsals. Larry covered ever aspect of the ceremony and even uncovered and revealed traditions from his rearch. For example, we learned tonight that the reason groomsmen and on the right and bridesmaids are on the left is due to the groomsmen being able to quickly draw their sword in case of kidnappers! Weird but supposedly this dates back to midevil times.

Larry also revealed some really fun DJ Houston trivia games you can play with brides and grooms to really add another layer of fun to your event. It is always well worth our time to continue our education and you can always learn new tricks… no matter how long you have been in the game!

-DJ Forrest