DJ Equipment

By | April 10, 2010

All DJ’s have personal preferences for DJ gear so I will tell you mine and
why. 95% of the parties I DJ have between 25-200 people. In years past I
used a truck to carry a huge set-up with large bass boxes and extensive
lightshows. Now I carry all of my equipment in my 4- door Nissan Altima!
I downsized because I was hauling too much equipment unnecessarily.
People are much more impressed with your ability to interact with the
crowd and arrange your music flawlessly than they are with a huge set-up
that would make a rock concert jealous! Banquet managers also appreciate
a compact set-up because they are ready to lock the doors and go home as
soon as possible after an event. Also, brides sometimes have to clean up
the facilities and by getting equipment out faster, everyone leaves sooner.
Quick DJ tip… Buy better equipment and get rid of the extras and focus
on getting better as a music mixer and programmer!

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