Just in from TheKnot.com! DJ Forrest Review – performed @ The Bell Tower

By | November 4, 2018


DJ Forrest went above and beyond for our wedding. Our initial phone call with Forrest went very well and he was very receptive to our requests. He played almost every song we submitted to him during our pre-wedding consultation, including some untypical songs. He was very detailed oriented and made no missteps with our procession songs. The dance floor was packed the whole night! We even saw some of our guests that never dance out on the dance floor. We also liked the fact that he did not talk excessively on the microphone. We did hear from some guests that they had trouble hearing us during the ceremony and the toasts during reception, but most had no trouble, so it wasn’t a big problem. From attending past weddings, the two things people remember the most is the music and the food. With DJ Forrest you can at least cross music off the list.