How to plan a wedding

By | February 19, 2011

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How To Plan A Wedding

By: Thomas L Bronson

Between men and women, it’s the women who are more inclined to planning and paying attention even to minute details to ensure smooth completion of a task. If you are a bride, it is very much expected of you to get involved in the wedding planning. Yes, it is grueling at most times but it could also be fun and exciting. Knowing that it was you who made the preparations is a sort of assurance that there is a very little chance of a mess up.

Planning a wedding in its entirety is very complicated with all the details that you have to remember. We could divide the planning into two parts so have a detailed view of the aspects that you have to attend to. The first part is the wedding ceremony planning and the second part is the wedding reception planning. For practical reasons, some couples tend to hold the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in a single venue-less hassle for the people involved and less cost for all the decorations.

Wedding Ceremony Planning

The Venue and Time

Choosing the wedding ceremony venue is one of the first things that you have to determine. Will it be an indoor or outdoor wedding? Will it be in the city or in the province? If it’s indoor, will it be in a hotel function room or in the church? If it’s outdoor, will it be at the beach or in an abundant garden? Is the venue accessible to your guests? What time will the wedding be, morning, noon or evening? In deciding where the venue is and when the ceremony will take place, consider your guests- the availability of the majority and the accessibility of the place.

Venue Decorations

A wedding is incomplete without decors. No matter where you decide to have the wedding, you should dress the venue appropriately for a wedding. Flower arrangement is without a doubt is first priority. You can go for daisies, roses, calla lilies and tulips. It is also important for the flowers to look fresh and alive throughout the event. Fresh flowers are great but if you have constraint in budget, go for silk flowers instead. Aisle runner is also great as it will add style to your walk down the aisle. If you plan to keep it simple, you should not forget the wedding arch as not only is it significant in your union as a couple, it is also great for the wedding photos later. Having the wedding in a church, there might not be much you can do for the chairs or church pews but you can enhance their look by decorating them with ribbons, tulle and bows.

Wedding Ceremony Accessories

Wedding unity candles, ring pillow, guest book and flower girl basket are examples of wedding accessories. Wedding unity candles are a must among some couples. However, there are couples who do not wish to have the lighting of candles as part of their ceremony. There is a significant meaning behind this tradition and it actually signifies the couples giving light to each other’s lives as well as the beginning of a life shared together. This wedding accessory can be personalized according to the theme of the wedding.

Visitors and Invitations

As mentioned before, your guests are one of the most important element in your wedding. You need to decide beforehand the size of your crowd. Will it be a big wedding with a long invitation list or will it be an intimate one consisting of family and close friends? This all depends on your budget, and taking your guests into consideration means that you spare them of the food shortage. Having your guests leaving the ceremony unhappy of the food is also something you want to avoid. Once you’ve decided on the number of people attending, send out the wedding invitations that that is adorn with your chosen theme.

Wedding Reception Planning

The next phase of the event after the ceremony is of course the reception. This is when your guests and you will get to celebrate and enjoy the event. You must plan it well so that it turns in fantastic event and a welcoming one so your guests can enjoy themselves while chatting and catching up with acquaintances.

Food and Drinks

Great food will keep your guest happy and satisfied. Discuss thoroughly with your caterer on the kind of food suitable for your wedding theme. You might also want to do food testing before you hire the caterer. Drinks served during the event should also be enough to last to the end and make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Just as well, you should also have vegetarian food to cater for your vegetarian guests should you have any.


What kind of music suits a wedding? Well, there is no universal music for wedding but with that said, make a point to keep your entire guest happy with different choices of music. You and your partner might love Jazz but think of your other guests. They might prefer pop or rock. So don’t bore your guests during this big event!

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake will be the center of attention. Impress your guest with something out of the ordinary. Go for monogram cake topper rather than the traditional porcelain figurines. You can also have your initials on top of the cake by using acrylic.

These are just some of the wedding details you have to pay attention to. There’s more but don’t fret. Take your time and just enjoy the planning because everything will be all right.

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