DJ in Spring at Ashton Gardens

By | June 7, 2013

Need a DJ in Spring at Ashton Gardens?…


Tonight, we performed for Josh and Lauren at Ashton Gardens. A professional wedding DJ in Spring like Xceptional DJ’s is the perfect choice to have a fun, classy Thursday night event. We couldn’t be more excited that more and more events are taking place on days other than the typical Saturday wedding, which enables us to work more events per week while saving money for our customers.

The music was primarily Top 40 and Hip Hop, as the younger crowd danced the night away even though it was a weekday and many have work early the next morning. The children were the stars of the show (second of course to our bride and groom) as they had the energy high with funny dance moves that kept the energy high in the room.

When you need an entertainer to make your event special, call Xceptional DJ’s today because for over 14 years, we have provided top notch wedding entertainment for brides and grooms all around Houston 🙂

DJ in Spring, Ashton Gardens

DJ in Spring, Ashton Gardens