DJ Forrest performs at the Balmorhea

By | January 16, 2016

Tonight DJ Forrest performs at the Balmorhea venue in Montgomery, TX. The venue has only been open around a year and a half, but is already starting to get rave reviews in the industry. I’m impressed 🙂 – DJ Forrest

Balmerhea with DJ Forrest


Want to know more about the venue? Here is some info from Just a short distance down the road from the town of Balmorhea, in the beautiful Balmorhea State Park, lies the San Solomon Springs, a sacred place to Native Americans and a source of fresh water for travelers for hundreds of years. One day, while traveling through the Big Bend Country, the Carswell family stumbled upon a small stream of crystal clear water flowing gently alongside the road they were traveling. Overcome by its beauty, they followed this unique and unexpected sight to find its source, the San Soloman Springs nestled there in Balmorhea.

The name Balmorhea is both unique and beautiful. We designed our venue to capture both the beauty and the unique experience the Carswell family experienced that day. We trust your visit here will leave you wrapped in that same experience.