Cookoff DJ for Carribean Cookers 2013

By | September 27, 2013

DJ Forrest was the Cookoff DJ performing for the Carribean cookers this evening at the 2013 Pasadena Cookoff. He will perform both Thursday and Friday nights and is looking forward to working with this veteran team to have a great party.

Thursday the music is open season, and Friday the crowd will prefer a primary mix of both older and newer country music. Friday night is the Bushwackers reunion night, and I am happy to perform this as I used to go there every once in a while when I was just out of high school 🙂

Cookoff DJIf you are looking for the right DJ to make your Cookoff amazing, give Xceptional DJ’s a call. We are perfect for these events due to our diverse music library, and overall sense for fun. We can go old or new country, top 40, and even change it up to the most modern music on the radio today.

In my opinion, the best cookoffs involve the most elaborate tents and nicest hosts. A good bar is a must, and one of the top things to splurge in the Texas heat is certainly a great AC system and tent! Of course no cook off is amazing without a great DJ or band to run the show and regulate the musical mood.

We know how to keep it fun, while keeping it classy, even at a cookoff due to the fact that we handle lots of corporate cookoffs that are intended to cultivate new and existing client relationships! Call us today