7 Minor Details

By | February 3, 2011
Anyone can buy some great equipment, download some music, and launch a DJ company! Heck there may be 10,000 other competitors for all I know… just in Houston!! That is great (and I am all about the “American Dream”) but the fact of the matter is that it simply takes SEVERAL years and dozens of events performed to perfect the minor details that make or break events. Here are 7 small items that Xceptional DJ’s does that can make all the difference in a professional DJ!…

1. We are not “stuck” behind the DJ booth. We make sure the event flows so you can just relax as we take care of the details such as timeline management for you.
2. We typically play our songs in small sets of 2 or 3 for weddings because ages and ethic groups are typically diverse. This allows everyone to get involved and gets the maximum number of people dancing as possible.
3. We play clean, edited versions of songs. You never have to worry about an inappropriate song played at your
event! Should go without saying!
4. We are easy to work with because we provide everything. All we ask is that you have the event staff place a skirted
table exactly where you want us to set up.
5. We carry liability insurance to protect you and ourselves if someone happens to get hurt.
6. You won’t hear us talking in that dreadful “DJ voice.” We make all wedding announcements professionally and tastefully in
our normal tone!
7. We keep your guests involved by updating them throughout the night to give a sense of structure and control. 
Oh by the way!… Here is a bonus 8th detail! Over 90% of our bookings are referrals from either venues, schools, or friends/family so there is always a level of comfort with familiarity!

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