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DJ Forrest Houston LIVE On Air with Pierr – April 3rd, 2019

Had a wonderful time on the show today with host, Pierr Castillo. We talked about my background, some industry DJ and wedding secrets, and revealed details of my new book Mobile Dj Handbook! – www.mobiledjhandbook.com Follow Pierr on Facebook to catch his weekly broadcast Wednesdays at 11 AM! He said I am the best Houston […]

We were just chosen as a Top 10 Business on Fash.com!

Fash.com uses a proprietary research and selection process that identifies the top service professionals in over 100 business categories across 1000 cities. To date, we’ve vetted over 1M businesses and have generated $100M in revenue for the local small businesses we feature on our site. This year, we hand selected your business as one of […]

Houston DJ- Sunday Night

Last evening we performed at Ashton Gardens once again for a Sunday Night wedding  and we are always happy to be the Houston DJ there! We provided both the ceremony and reception music, and the wedding went flawlessly. In case you are unfamiliar with Ashton Gardens, they have a chapel next door to hold the wedding […]

The Bell Tower on 34th

This venue is quickly becoming one of our favorite. This stunning place  has everything you could hope for from class to fun. Friendly and attentive staff makes the life of a so DJ much easier! When you invest in a place like this, it just makes sense to also invest in a great entertainer as […]

Sergio and Laura- DJ Forrest

Performed a fun wedding for Sergio and Laura last weekend. Could not have asked for a better group as we had a fun and classy event that played lots of top 40, salsa, mergengue, cumbias, and hip hop! When you need a Houston Dj, call DJ Forrest of Xceptional Dj’s for a great job!

11-11-11 Arnold wedding- Houston DJ

We performed the Arnold wedding on one of the busiest days of the year– 11-11-11. It was my pleasure to DJ because this fun group danced and packed the dancefloor to nearly every song! If you are in Houston and need a top DJ, give Forrest and Xceptional DJ’s a call! We are the top […]

Lisa and Kelly wedding- Carriage House Cafe in DJ Houston TX

We performed for Lisa and Kelly this weekend at the Carriage House Cafe! As our first time performing here, we were stunned at the old-time ambiance and had a great time at this timeless venue. Even though Lisa and Kelly had an afternoon wedding, the guests still had a fantastic time and everyone danced throughout […]

Donell and Dave Wedding!

Yesterday we performed the music for Dave and Donell! They had a beautiful event at a huge farm house and we split the music duties with a blues band. The family cooked lots of crawfish, and a great time was had by all! We kept the music light and upbeat and played music all over […]

Public Cruise

We performed a short 2 hour cruise in May on Star Fleet Yachts! The music was lots of “old school” greatness with some “Wanna Be A Baller” mixed in with lots of similar hits. We are known to accommodate all age groups and can take you back to the old and yet we can play […]

Houston DJ

A typical Houston DJ must have a vast skill set to perform the wide range of music required. As I mention regularly when talking with brides, it requires a special kind of DJ for a wedding as opposed to a club, school, or other types. You must be able to accommodate old, new, fast, slow, […]