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DJ Forrest Houston – Release feat. Jaycee goes LIVE!

DJ Forrest Houston – Release feat. Jaycee – June 21st, 2019

DJ Forrest Houston – Release Lyrics: Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no DJ F-Forrest Houston

Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Do you wanna go glide Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Do you wanna go glide (let’s go) Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo Nuh Nuh Nuh Nooo I don’t really wanna let go I don’t really wanna let go Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no Nah no no no no, nah nah nah na no no no, no no no DJ F-Forrest Houston

DJ Forrest Houston – Release featuring Jaycee set for June 21st launch

On June 21st, 2019 DJ Forrest Houston’s dream will finally become a reality as his debut single “Release” feat. Jaycee will launch on (Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and more)

The track is has chill, positive vibes of producer Ace Devine with intentions to take you on an vibrant, emotional journey of your mind’s creation. We hope you love it!

Here is a teaser…

Facebook Live video from Travis and Katie’s Reception

We had a blast performing for Travis and Katie’s wedding reception last weekend as the DJ at Station 3 in the Heights TX! DJ Forrest captured this Facebook live video also…

Ever wanted to consider an event at an old Fire Station near downtown?!

From the Heights Fire Station official website:

Station 3 is centrally located directly outside of downtown Houston, on Houston Avenue.  We are so close to downtown that most downtown hotel shuttles will drive your guests to our venue at no charge!


Station 3 is a 5,800 square foot, two story building with high, fourteen ft. ceilings.  Both levels have an open floor plan concept . Station 3 offers a variety of venue rental packages to meet your individual event needs. Our pricing is based on the day of the week and the number of hours you rent the venue. The building is also available for rental for photo shoots (Bridals, Engagement, etc.) and film projects. Contact us to explore the wonderful possibilities for your unique rental needs. Station 3 is recognized by both the city and state as a historic landmark!


  • Automated loading and unloading zone for vendors
  • Four commercial restrooms and one handicap accessible restroom with baby changing station
  • Wheel chair and freight lift to second floor
  • Outdoor courtyard area
  • Small bridal lounge area with comfortable seating, full length mirror, wet bar, and everything necessary to make a bride feel at home
  • Private catering area with refrigeration, sink, and prepping area

VIDEO: Kayla and Will Wedding Highlights from College Station – DJ Forrest Houston with white uplights

DJ Forrest Houston travels to College Station, TX in June of 2019 to perform Kayla and Wills wedding reception with uplights. With 500+ guests in attendance, we had to be on our A game and we were!

The crowd stayed on their feet the entire night with a combination of top 40, hip hop, texas country, polka (including the Grand march) and more to create an epic wedding Dj celebration that Kayla and Will will never forget!

Enjoy the wedding highlights! Longer version of the video here:

VIDEO – Highlights from Nottingham Elementary End of School Dance! DJ Forrest, neon lights, and photobooth

Summer is here!! These kids were balls of energy and had a great time at the end of school awards dance hosted by Principal Roy Moore of Nottingham Elementary 2019. We had DJ Forrest Houston on the tunes with lights and neon uplights, while Will worked the photobooth –

VIDEO – Jon and Brandi’s Wedding Dancefloor Highlights at Hochzeit Hall- DJ Forrest Houston, Pink uplights, Photobooth

DJ Forrest Houston performed the wedding ceremony and reception sound for Jon and Brandi’s big day @ the Hochzeit Hall in Old Town Spring on May 26th, 2019.

The setup included a second outdoor system with lapel mic for outdoor ceremony, pale pink uplighting, and an upstairs photobooth in the beautiful Hochzeit reception hall. We really enjoyed working with this group and put together a highlight video featuring some dancefloor moments below 🙂

Wedding DJ and Photobooth @ Ouisie’s Table, Houston, TX 77027 with Photobooth

Best rated DJ Forrest Houston had the honor of performing the tunes for the wedding ceremony and reception of Sean and Kayla at Ousie’s Table in Houston, TX 77027 on April 21st, 2019.

The weather was flawless for the outdoor ceremony, and the reception moved indoors where everyone dancec all night long and had a great time at the photobooth.

We enjoyed the classy venue with great food and wish our bride and groom a great life and hope to see them at a wedding or special event soon!

About Ousies:

(VIDEO) Best TX High School Homecoming and Prom DJ – DJ Forrest Houston – April 2019

First prom of 2019 is in the books! DJ Forrest Houston performed the first prom of April 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Houston, TX downtown in the main ballroom 3rd floor. Genres played were hip hop, salsa, country, pop, top 40, raeggaton, cumbia, techno, edm, dance, and rhythm and blues. Epic night.

If you are having a school dance, prom, homecoming, or need a DJ or photobooth for your teen or student affair, contact us today!

Performing DJ services in Brookshire TX for the first ever wedding @ The Cotton Gin 116 – April 6th, 2019 – Uplights

David and Margaret tied the knot the evening at the newly opened Cotton Gin 116 @ Brookshire, TX and we had the honor to DJ the ceremony and reception, as well as provide the uplighting. Such a great way to launch weddings here at The Cotton Gin 116!

DJ Forrest Houston LIVE On Air with Pierr – April 3rd, 2019

Had a wonderful time on the show today with host, Pierr Castillo. We talked about my background, some industry DJ and wedding secrets, and revealed details of my new book Mobile Dj Handbook! –

Follow Pierr on Facebook to catch his weekly broadcast Wednesdays at 11 AM! He said I am the best Houston DJ so he gets my vote for best host 🙂

DJ Forrest performs wedding with soft white uplights @ The Gallery March 30th, 2019

DJ Forrest Houston had the privilege and honor to perform Dave and Lydia’s wedding ceremony (with lapel for officiant) and reception March 30th, 2019 at The Gallery!

The vibe was fun all night and the crowd danced all night long to top 40, country, hip hop, and classic rock. The soft white uplights added a beautiful, airy feel to the space. We love our brides and grooms and love when we are the DJ chosen to perform @ The Gallery!

DJ Forrest performs the TxDLA Annual Conference in Galveston @ Moody Gardens 3-27-19

For the second time, DJ Forrest performed in Galveston at Moody Gardens outdoor stage and pool for the 2019 TxDLA Annual Conference. The vibe was great and these teachers partied all night long, and even enjoyed the photobooth! Hope to get back in front of this group very soon. They are SUPER fun 🙂

DJ Forrest Houston performs Rob and Kaitlyn’s Wedding Ceremony and Reception @ Asia Society Texas Center: March 16th, 2019

That unpredictable Texas weather whipped into flawless shape for this evening’s outdoor wedding ceremony and indoor wedding reception at Asia Texas Society Center in Houston. DJ Forrest provided the tunes and Will provided the photobooth fun and everyone is having a lovely and festive time this evening! Feeling blessed for sure 🙂

Need one of the best wedding DJ’s in Houston? Give Xceptional DJs a call today to check pricing and availability!

Performing the Deloitte Technology SAP Summit March 1st, 2019- Bollywood and Punjabi DJ

DJ Forrest performed the Deloitte Houston 2019 SAP Technology Summit and explored new genres by playing the tunes as the Bollywood and Punjabi DJ. Even though he was a little out of his musical comfort zone, the crowd danced all night and raved about how much fun they had as lots of compliments were given and the night was such a huge success!

If you are looking for a Bollywood DJ or Punjabi DJ, give us a call! We are not experts on the genres but are getting better and will rock the party nonetheless with a little guidance, and we will research to do the best job possible. Contact us today for a fun company party experience!

We were just chosen as a Top 10 Business on! uses a proprietary research and selection process that identifies the top service professionals in over 100 business categories across 1000 cities. To date, we’ve vetted over 1M businesses and have generated $100M in revenue for the local small businesses we feature on our site. This year, we hand selected your business as one of the best in your area because it exceeded our standards of excellence for consumers.

DJ Forrest Article on Yahoo! Finance

DJ Forrest Houston News Press 2019


DJ Forrest Houston Shines the Spotlight on Hidden Challenges of Wedding DJs and Dancefloors

DJ Forrest Houston is in the recent spotlight after being one of those awarded the title “3 Best Rated DJs in Houston” again in 2019. He talks industry challenges and offers advice to aspiring deejays.

Regarding what sets him apart, DJ Forrest’s answers were unexpected. He doesn’t mention expensive pro audio gear or a limitless music library. Instead, DJ Forrest says success means staying (properly) engaged with your audience, a challenging task thanks to the stigma surrounding DJs caused by two thorns: the same over played hits, and surprisingly, line dancing!

He says, “Overplayed songs can be just as annoying for us as DJs as they are for others. A talented DJ smoothly mixes standard music selections in while still maintaining a hip vibe.”

The same goes with the heavy reliance on line dancing. Anyone who’s been to a events like weddings and company parties know that line dances like the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha slide are industry staples. In DJ Forrest’s opinion, however, it can easily become a hindering crutch to both experienced and rookie performers.

He adds: “I play them (line dances) as little as possible and use them only as a tool to engage the crowd in appropriate moments. They’re great when used at the right time with the right crowd. Used correctly, they can both fill and rotate a dance floor, while attracting people to the floor who wouldn’t otherwise get up. My goal at times is to burn the house down while, at other times, I am providing romantic moments. Line dances used incorrectly will make the entire event feel cheesy.”

His message to new-comers: “Don’t avoid line dances and overplayed songs all together; just recognize when and how to use them. There is no shortcut; you must DJ 50 plus events to even scratch the surface of managing a proper dancefloor, so be patient!”

DJ Forrest founded Xceptional DJs + Photobooths, an A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited company specializing in high-end, high-profile events back in 1999. For the latest news and updates, follow DJ Forrest on Facebook and Instagram @djforresthouston

50th Birthday Party @ Royal Oaks Country Club in Houston (DJ + Photobooth in 77082) January 26th, 2019

Guest arriving in 15 minutes!

Classy setting to help Mark celebrate his 50th birthday tonight! We had the honor of performing the DJ and Photobooth services at Royal Oaks Country Club in 77082.

We love this venue, and have performed music for both indoor and outdoor weddings, company parties, and company functions here over several years and each time it is a great experience. Saturday January 26th, 2019

George Strait ticket giveaway: DJ Forrest is giving away 2 (sold out) tickets to see The King at the Houston rodeo!

George Strait DJ Forrest ticket giveaway
King George ticket giveway!


In case you haven’t checked our Facebook page in a while, we are giving out a pair of SOLD out George Strait tickets to the rodeo! DJ Forrest and Chris Bradford Insurance Agency, are doing a drawing on Facebook Live on Valentine’s day! Enter for free now. See video below 🙂


DJ Forrest Article on Fox News Lubbock – Jan 2019

Well crafted article published on Fox News Lubbock in January 2019:

We live in an age where any crafty individual with a laptop, a YouTube/Spotify playlist and an expensive pair of headphones can proclaim themselves a DJ. However, the pros view the profession as an art form.

DJ Forrest, an entertainer who was chosen among the 2018/2019 “3 Best-Rated DJs in Houston” recently spoke on the state of the industry, and expressed how a quality DJ will elevate the average event to another level.

“In 2019, a DJ is not just a DJ,” said DJ Forrest. “A DJ is energy! He or she must have the skills, experience, and intuition to transform a mundane wedding reception, night at the bar; club, or school dance into an emotional, memorable experience that takes guests on an unforgettable journey!”

He continued, “A DJ must display class for upscale events, and yet be personable, energetic, and fun for nightlife shows. A DJ must handle both a particular bride and casual bride with class, elegance, and flexibility. The DJ must promote bar sales and length of stay at nightlife events while maintaining crowd control, coordinating with other vendors, and keeping guests happy, fulfilled, and entertained.”

DJ Forrest founded Xceptional Djs + Photobooths, an A+ rated Better Business Bureau company specializing in high-end, high-profile events back in 1999, performing nightlife, weddings, corporate events, high school proms and other school dances, themed events, private parties, and more. The team of DJs and Photobooth operators are among the most highly reviewed in the business, and Forrest handles the bulk of scheduling and front-end details for each event.

“A DJ is not just a DJ. A DJ is an experience!” said DJ Forrest in closing.

New Sugar Land DJ Review came in today – January 6th, 2019 (Sweetwater Country Club)

From the official website of Sweetwater Country Club

Sweetwater Country Club, Sugar Land’s premier Ceremony & Reception facility, offers you and your guests elegance, prestige and exceptional service. Our breathtaking views and exquisite facilities make for a truly romantic reception that you and your guests will always remember.

Sweetwater will make your vision of the perfect wedding day a reality. Select from our elegant wedding packages or we can customize a package especially for you. At Sweetwater, we design weddings with your needs in mind. Our wedding packages include valet parking, full open bar, butlered hors d’oeuvres, seated gourmet meal or bridal buffet, and so much more. Every detail matters and no request is too small or large. It is your day and we want it to be perfect!

VIDEO: Performing Wedding DJ and Photobooth for Olvidio and Priscilla @ River Oaks Garden Club in Houston, TX 77098 – December 29th, 2018

For our last wedding DJ and Photobooth event of 2018, we had the honor of performing Ovidio and Priscilla’s wedding ceremony and reception with photobooth and red uplighting at River Oaks Garden Club in Houston, TX 77098. It was chilly but Any Occasion Party Rentals provided an enclosed tent along with indoor heater so it was quite cozy. Although a smaller event with around 60 guests, everyone commented how great of a time they had! Happy New Year friends and thank you for another great year! 🙂

Exciting announcement! We retained our status as one of the 3 Best Rated DJ Businesses in Houston, TX for 2019

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we retained our status as one of the 3 Best Rated DJ Businesses in Houston, TX for 2019!


According to the official website, below is the criteria for the 50-point inspection used to develop the criteria:

Three Best Rated® 50-Point Inspection

Our 50-Point Inspection includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. If you are looking for full list of our 50-Point Inspection, the following list will give you a clear picture. Few items may not be applicable to all businesses.


    1. Experience

      Master of their craft, based on years of quality experience and education

    2. Online History

      Keeping track of sites and pages about the businesses

    3. Ownership History

      Types of business ownership and history of ownership (Family, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship and corporation)


    1. Exact Services

      Specific specialization of their unique services

    2. Special Features

      Extra complimentary services to the customers

    3. Service Diversification

      Additional related but wide variety of services offered


    1. Business Images

      Authentic business images (interior, exterior, owner, vehicles and office) which help customers to learn about the business before visiting

    2. Fake Images

      Original images only – Strictly no fake business images

    3. Ownership Proof

      Proofs/Documents/License/Permit copy of the business ownership

Operating Hours

    1. Business Hours

      Maximum working hours benefiting visitors

    2. Less Operating Hours

Social Media

    1. Social Media Presence

      Reputation on Social Media Networks

    2. Page Maintenance

      Regular announcement and update of their social network page to make it as unique and brand-worthy

    3. Followers Ratio

      Accounts with credible high follower/following ratio with high engagements


    1. Complete Info

      Complete and detailed information on the business website

    2. Online Chat

      Real-time transmission of text messages from source to customer/clients online (preferably on their business website)

    3. Online Appointment

      Scheduling appointment through online platform (must include appointment confirmation)

    4. Website Standard

      Perform all the necessary tasks to keep a website up to date (updating stale information)

    5. Emblem

      The Distinctive logo of the business

    6. Contact Info

      Accurate Address/Map/Email ID/Phone numbers

    7. Copyright & License

      Up to date copyrights and proper license maintenance (Active License and Trademarks)

    8. Acknowledgments

      Recognition of the businesses through other standard websites in their area of business


    1. Awards History

      Consecutive award winners in their specialization

    2. Multiple Awards

      Legitimate Awards from different sources

    3. Achievements

      Endorsement and Honors List


    1. ThreeBestRated Complaints
    2. Response from Owner
    3. Fake Complaints
    4. Lawsuit


    1. Legitimate Ratings

      Legitimate ratings and reviews from customers (Strictly no fake reviews)

    2. Current Evaluation

      Up to date recent reviews from customers

    3. Fake Reviews
    4. Reviewer’s Info

      Reliable reviewers identity and history

    5. Reviews Study

      Legitimate Reviews should be spread across operating years (no sporadic reviews)

    6. Responsiveness

      The quality of reacting quickly and positively to customers feedback

    7. Negative Reviews
    8. Review Analysis

      Detailed actual reviews from customers about their real experience (both positive and negative reviews)

    9. Reviews Accuracy

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  1. Real Discounts

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  2. Price Comparison

    Fair price for the best service

  3. Location Proximity

    Within the city limits hence near for the customers

  4. Specialization

    Unique service offered by the business

  5. Gift Vouchers

    Authorized original gift cards/Certificates

  6. Multiple Branches

    More than 1 location within the city (more popular)

  7. Videos

    Trustworthy Videos about the business (both customer reviews and business information videos)

  8. Call Inspection

    Responsiveness quality on phone, so customers never feel ignored

  9. Insurance Acceptance

    Covers major and most insurance

  10. Address Validation

    Physical location verification

  11. Website Source

    Reliability of the business website (complete website)

  12. Our Review Team Overall Satisfaction

VIDEO: DJ Forrest performs Wedding in Memorial Houston 77024 with Photobooth, Uplights – December 22nd, 2018

We performed our last wedding of 2018 as the DJ and Photobooth provider with uplighting for Sal and Haley in a lovely home in Memorial. The dancefloor was packed all night long and the mood was fun, energetic, and festive all night long. Such a lovely couple and great event!

Memorial Houston Christmas Party 2018

Wanted to give a special shoutout to Jeff from Jeff Varga Fashion Photography for sending this pic from the Memorial Houston Christmas Party. Jeff is a talented artist and you should consider his services at your next special event!

Wedding with soft white upights @ Olde Dobbin DJ in Montgomery TX

On December 14th, 2018 DJ Forrest performs as the DJ Ole Dobbin Station in Montgomery to celebration the union of Lindsey and Austin. Great venue, and fun group of friends and family.

December 12th, 2018 DJ and Photobooth @ The Parador for Holiday Party DJ

Tonight we host a company party with DJ and photobooth for the Christmas party on December 12th, 2018 at The Parador in Houston. Always love performing The

Just in from! DJ Forrest Review – performed @ The Bell Tower


DJ Forrest went above and beyond for our wedding. Our initial phone call with Forrest went very well and he was very receptive to our requests. He played almost every song we submitted to him during our pre-wedding consultation, including some untypical songs. He was very detailed oriented and made no missteps with our procession songs. The dance floor was packed the whole night! We even saw some of our guests that never dance out on the dance floor. We also liked the fact that he did not talk excessively on the microphone. We did hear from some guests that they had trouble hearing us during the ceremony and the toasts during reception, but most had no trouble, so it wasn’t a big problem. From attending past weddings, the two things people remember the most is the music and the food. With DJ Forrest you can at least cross music off the list.

Christine and Andrew at The Woodlands Resort with DJ Forrest, November 3rd, 2018

To kick off November, we had the honor of performing ceremony (microphones) and reception in the upstairs ballroom as the DJ at The beautiful Woodlands Resort upstairs ballroom. Such a fun, elegant evening! Congratulations to the bride and groom 🙂

We recommend having a wedding here at The Woodlands Resort for an amazing, unique experience!

From their official website:

The Woodlands Resort is nestled in the picturesque forest of The Woodlands just north of Houston, Texas. This enchanting location – combined with exquisite cuisine, professional planning, gracious service and attention to detail – makes The Woodlands Resort the area’s favorite location for hosting unforgettable wedding celebrations and events.

Woodlands Online: Best Place for a Woodlands Wedding

5 Advantages of Open Air Photobooths


Image source:

Good morning, my love! Photo booths are an exceptional way to give companies a perceptible memento of your wedding ceremony or occasion. Whether you’ll be partying inside or out, contemplate an open-air picture booth rather than a conventionally sealed cubicle set-up. This malleable preparation comprises of a background for imageries along with a counter that has a camera and copier.

When you have a photo booth at your occasion, you’re taking the liking of enthusiasm and reminiscences to the forefront. By considering at the lower stated benefits and gains, you will certainly get dual catalyst in your occasion. Whether you want to have a crowd photograph, an unaccompanied photo, photographs displaying lots of activities, leaping snaps, all this can be prepared through picture booths.

When you’re hunting for bash favors, ponder these fun reimbursements to open-air picture booths!

  1. Customizable and Stress-free to Share

The technology of open-air picture stands delivers a variety of filters and special effects that visitors can use to modify their complete pictures. The photographs can also be saved and posted on social media at the click of a button.

This sort of cubicle also has a printer so that you can provide people with an instant souvenir, just like its old-style equivalent. This technology is an outstanding choice for product inaugurations and other extraordinary happenings where you need to make certain visitants are partaking the fun they have to spread the word about your industry. For even more entertainment, take a look at the top props to complement your hired picture booth.

You can create your picture strips match your occasion palette. To brand your occasion more unforgettable for visitants you can put a badge on the photo strip. In that manner, you can provide your occasion more prominence.

  1. Flexible Picture Choices

An open-air picture booth permits for informal group snaps as a lot of individuals can fit on the background than in a little cubicle. This planning also permits invitees to take parallel and perpendicular pictures. The absence of size limitations provides more flexibility when it comes to amusing postures than an ordered booth, and the pictures are digital, so visitors can take as countless photographs as they desire. Look into this advice on boosting visitors to use the photo booth.

  1. Chic set-up

An open-air photo booth really adds an extra element to your occasion. Its smooth design is permanently appealing and will promptly intrigue visitors’ inquisitiveness. Our expert illumination and camera are contemporary in their look, keeping things shiny and supplementing your decoration, rather than conflicting with it. Also, set up and bringing down is fairly easy, so you’ll barely even register we’re there.

  1. Extra Cosiness in Warm Climate

When you’re having a get-together during the summertime, visitors might not wish to horde into the limitations of an old-style photograph booth. With an open-air choice, everybody can remain stress-free and calm, generating more striking photographs in which each invitee looks his or her finest – deprived of enflamed faces and melting makeup.

  1. Picture Booths Open Chances For Interacting

Many of your attendees won’t recognize each other, and getting to identify somebody accommodated at a discussion table is not an easy entity. Nevertheless, when individuals meet in line at the picture booth, the obstacles to communication collapse since there is an opening for unforeseen entertainment. Discussions humbly drift more effortlessly when partaking in a communal experience, and unintentional chances for chitchat at a corporate occasion open doors. Occasion organizers who wish to get the informal ball rolling discover that picture booths are modest methods to aid their guests to intermingle positively.

Over time, occasion planners have learned that victory arises when individuals are self-focused. Picture booths fit into that class very soundly, as they are planned to be used at will. Your invitees have the chance to rave to the music, test your food, and pop into the cubicle to take a swift photograph with a new associate. The booths are unpretentious to set up and can be borrowed for a set amount of hours or the whole day or evening, conditional upon your predilection.

With an open-air picture booth, you’re certain to produce eternal recollections for yourself and your treasured ones. They’ll adore the liberty and uniqueness that serves into an open-air booth, and odds are, you’ll like looking at the portraits! By carrying in one of our cutting-edge open-air booths, your guests are certain to make lifelong memoirs.

Author Bio.

Umer Ishfaq is a Search Engine and Content Marketing expert at Techvando. A writer by day and reader by night, his passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.

“It was everything we dreamed of and more!” New DJ Forrest Review to start the week

Love getting notes like these in the mail. Much appreciated! 🙂

“Dear Forrest, Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day better than we ever imagined! You are an amaing DJ and we are so happy that we chose you! Thank you for keeping our wedding fun and for being a great MC! It was everything we dreamed of and more! We hope to see you at another wedding soon!” 

Wedding DJ for Josh and Erica at The Historic Heights Fire Station – October 6th, 2018

DJ Forrest was the wedding DJ for Josh and Erica’s big day at the Historic Heights Fire Station on October 6th, 2018 in Houston.

Downstairs, we set up a small system to play music for appetizers and cocktail hour, while the main party took place upstairs where we had a second main sound system set up for the dance party. Such a fun group and we are honored to work with the bride and groom!



Interested in learning more about booking this cool venue, check out their official site:

(VIDEO) National Night out- October 2nd, 2018 – DJ Forrest emcees tug of war HPD vs. Harris County Sherrifs

National Night out 2018 North Houston was a huge success! DJ Forrest provided the tunes and emcee duties, while media, sponsors, and the public enjoyed the fun, including an epic showdown of tug or war between Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Department! Here is a link from Fox 26 Coverage-


DJ Forrest Performs for Twitter @ Warehouse Live! #GHCandbeyond 9-28-18

Another epic event is in the books! DJ Forrest performed for Twitter at Warehouse Live Houston September 27th, 2018. Below are a few pics from the show. A few of the party organizers mentioned how happy they were, and how the music was AMAZING and PERFECT! We agree, this party was absolutely crazy in a good way from start to finish!! We got word that the hashtage #ghcandbeyond was trending on Twitter at #14 🙂

Burlington Store Excellence Awards with Company Party DJ Forrest 9-24-18

Tonight (September 24th, 2018) DJ Forrest performs for Burlington’s Houston Excellence awards. We have shopped here for years and are honored to work with them this year and hopefully many more in the future! Christmas is coming EARLY this year and we couldn’t be happier!

Need a top level company party DJ? Call Xceptional DJs today!

Another (SUPER) Successful Event! September 15th, 2018 Big Sky Barn

We had the great fortune to perform for Vivian and Hayden this evening at the Big Sky Barn in Montgomery! We had a smooth experience from ceremony to reception, and many of the guests were “blown away” by how amazing the music was. We just love fun crowds and nice bride and grooms. Each and every time we perform at Big Sky Barn, we love it a little more.

If you need a great wedding, special event, or private party DJ, contact us today!

First time performing at The Meekermark in Montgomery, TX: 9-2-18 with white uplights (uplighting)

September 8th, 2018

DJ Forrest has the honor of performing the wedding ceremony and reception for Megan and Michael at The Meekermark in Montgomery, TX. Beautiful venue that is interestingly built and designed by award winning wedding photographers! Pictured below is a shot of the ceremony. The original plan was to have the ceremony outdoors, but with the rain we moved everything inside. No worries, we didn’t skip a beat!


DJ Forrest w/Uplights (blush color) at The Bell Tower on 34th: August 31st, 2018

To close out our last event of August of 2018, DJ Forrest performs a wedding reception for Sid and Jocelyn at the Chandelier Room at The Bell Tower on 34th.

Pictured below is the First Dance with blush uplights, then below the room all setup from the DJ and guest perspective with guests set to arrive in five minutes. The elected to add uplighting, which really sets off the room. Keep in mind we are a preferred vendor of The Bell Tower, so we offer special incentives. Call for details!

Notice below, when the lights are up the blush uplights appear more purple in the image. True eye color is above in the first dance picture with house lighting dimmed significantly 🙂

DJ and photobooth at Cotton Ranch Events: August 18th, 2018

Pictured below is DJ Forrest with Will performing at Cotton Ranch Events in Katy TX, wearing the new Thuglife glasses photobooth prop 🙂 8-18-18

About the venue (from their official Cotton Ranch events website) :


Our deep industry experience allows us to effectively utilize your space with quality and efficiency​. A rustic venue for corporate events, special occasions, weddings, meetings & more located in Katy, Texas. Cotton Ranch Events has a full kitchen on-site and catering provided exclusively by Cotton Culinary. We combine our beautiful scenery, world-class catering, and friendly staff to make your event memorable.

New DJ Forrest review!!

New DJ Forrest review came today from a mother of the bride 🙂 See below the picture…


“Hello Forrest, Thank you so much for your superb, professional service at Julia and Rob’s wedding last Saturday, July 28th.   Your coordination in the direction of events, along with your artistic, personal touch, helped provide for a perfect mix of music!  We are so thankful we hired your service and are so pleased and happy with all you did!  Thank you for your excellent service! “

A few pictures from our DJ performance from Jacky and John’s wedding!

This event was performed by DJ Forrest with Will on the photobooth… and took place at the Farmhouse in Montgomery. Congratulations Jacky and John, we loved working with you and your family!

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Briscoe Manor with uplights

Wanted to share a quick photo of uplights at Briscoe Manor. There are certain venues such as Briscoe Manor that benefit tremendously from adding wall accents. See photo below…

DJ in Sugar Land for 20th wedding anniversary! July 14th, 2018

Tonight we took our talents to DJ in Sugar Land tonight at the Houston Museum of Natural Science- Sugar Land! The occasion is to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of Hugo and Esther. We are honored because they originally were going to wait until 25 years, but decided to celebrate at 20, which was music to our ears! There is something cool about jamming out with a huge dinosaur to enhance the view 🙂 -DJ Forrest

Are you having a wedding, private party, or school function that needs a DJ in Sugar Land? Contact us today, we will do a great job for you!

Classic Photobooths

Our philosophy is classy fun for your event. Whether we are doing a wedding, birthday, company party, or private event, our classic photobooths are designed to maximize the fun! We prefer the classic, open format with backdrop, party props, and an engaging specialist to help your guests pose and get up to 10 in a picture. We value quality, and upload all the images to an online gallery where guests can share, order, and download all their pictures for free, in addition to the printed custom strip the will get at the party! Need a classic photobooth that will be the life of the party? Consider Xceptional DJs+ Photobooths and we will maximize the fun… GUARANTEED!

Four Tips for Hiring Wedding Transportation

As a DJ and photobooth wedding specialist, we appreciate quality wedding transportation! Below is an article featuring some tips!

Article By: Houston Party Bus Service

Four Tips for Hiring Wedding Transportation

Shopping around for luxury transportation for your wedding can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done it before. There are seemingly unlimited companies in the area to choose from, so it can be hard to know who to trust or what steps to take to find the right company. Here are four helpful tips you can follow to ensure you’re hiring the best possible transportation source for your wedding needs. For more information, head over to El Lago Party Bus.

Look at their website carefully

You can learn a lot about a company by the quality of their website. It should be a red flag if a transportation company has a website that’s extremely outdated. When a business doesn’t recognize the importance of providing a quality web experience for customers, you can surely bet that their vehicles will reflect the same sub par standards. Ideally, a website should be easily accessible with all of the pertinent information you need to consider their services. However, be aware that some transportation companies aren’t able to list their prices online because they depend on a few different factors.

Ask if they offer wedding packages

Wedding packages are a fitting option for couples who only need a few hours of service for their Houston wedding. However, if you’re looking for a shuttle service for guests throughout the night, this probably isn’t the best option for you. Wedding packages allow you to save money and fine tune the experience to your needs. Some companies also have additional options like decorations on the vehicle and champagne toasts, so be sure to ask exactly what is included when you’re inquiring.

Double check the contract for extra fees

It’s pretty common for transportation companies to sneak in extra charges in a contract. So, if a price seems unnaturally low or too good to be true, be sure to look over that contract carefully. Reputable companies are totally transparent about all potential fees so you’re never surprised with a charge for tip to your driver, mileage, or refueling the vehicle.

Consider visiting them in person

There are a lot of awful stories out there about professional transportation showing up with a vehicle that’s unhygienic, or a totally different model than what you were expecting. The best way to protect yourself from these situations is to ask about coming to their garage to view the vehicle that you’re aiming to reserve. This way, you can be totally sure of the quality of the vehicle and ask the company any questions you might have about the service.

Wedding DJ for John and Katelyn at Briscoe Manor: 6-8-18

Last night we performed the music and emcee for wedding ceremony and reception for John and Katelyn as the DJ at Briscoe Manor!

We had an emotional, fun, energetic, and classy crowd and they danced all night and had fun filled introductions with DJ Forrest in the mix! Below are a few pictures we captured. Congratulations Katelyn and John, we were honored to be involved 🙂

New DJ Forrest Review came in today- April 30th, 2018

Fantastic way to start the week!! April 30th, 2018:

“DJ Forrest was wonderful! He was so helpful during all parts of the wedding planning process and made the big day absolutely perfect. He was professional, nice, and very prompt in responding to our questions. During our final planning call, I was undecided on a few things and he helped me to pick the perfect songs. He was energetic the whole night and the dance floor ws never empty. We used the photo booth as well and the attendant was awesome- very happy and engaging. I would highly recommend DJ Forrest for your big day- absoltely exceptional :)”

Westfield Fire Department Spring Fling 2018: DJ, Facade, Photobooth

April 7th, 2018: Today we have the honor of performing the DJ and photobooth for Westfield Fire Department’s Spring Fling 2018. Such a fun group 🙂 -DJ Forrest



Afternoon wedding for Oscar and Christy!

Guests are coming in right now for our afternoon wedding today at The Bell Tower Candela Room. Beautiful venue, lively crowd, and fun, classy atmosphere. This is one of our favorite places to DJ, and we are fortunate to be a part of their preferred vendor program 🙂

If you are having at event and need a DJ at The Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, mention our preferred vendor program and receive a pricing incentive!

DJ Forrest on AM 1070 coming in April 2018!

Coming this April, DJ Forrest will co-host the Texas Business Review weekend radio show on AM 1070!  Pictured below, DJ Forrest is in the studio recording the demo. Stay tuned for dates and details 🙂

January 2018 DJ Review!

Today, we received a nice January, 2018 DJ review to conclude a great week!

We are always so thankful when you take time to share your experience, so you can help others that have never worked with us before to ease their mind! -DJ Forrest

Top 10 signs you have the Best Wedding DJ on the Planet!

Top 10 Signs you have the Best Wedding DJ on the Planet! By: Xceptional DJs + Photobooths!

According to a recent survey, there are approximately one million people in just the United States of America alone that call themselves a “DJ.” For that very reason, we typically do not even refer to ourselves as simply DJs, because there is so much more to it! There is never a shortage of stories about underwhelming performances by a friend, family member, or unseasoned entertainer. Let’s be honest… you want the BEST WEDDING DJ! As if we need to remind you, we are talking about one of the biggest days in your life here.

As you may recognize, your entertainment will truly make or break your wedding, the flow, and the mental image your guests remember. Our opinion is that your DJ is the most important factor in determining your wedding’s overall success.

“The Best wedding DJ is not only super talented in a variety of skills, but also knows how to read the crowd, energy, mood, situation, and timing of friends, family, and vendors.”  Says DJ Forrest, President of Xceptional DJ’s + Photobooths in Houston, TX, one of the most highly-reviewed DJ and photo booth wedding providers.  “One must do whatever it takes, which routinely includes thinking outside the box, and making the perfect adjustments at just the right time.”

Below, DJ Forrest offers the top 10 signs that you have the best wedding DJ on the planet:

     1. The Best DJ must understand the gravity of the situation

Your wedding is likely the most important day in your entire life. You cannot have a hobbyist or rookie with this type of responsibility, and you cannot simply teach someone this principle. The gravity of the situation must be understood through personal values. The most important friends and family from your ENTIRE LIFE will be there, so you have to ensure your DJ understands this, and the best wedding DJs always do from their heart!

     2. The Best DJ understands how to avoid being cheesy

Five years from now, your guests will not remember every song played, the food you served, or the color of the flowers. They WILL remember if they had fun or not, or how your wedding ceremony or reception made them feel. If your DJ comes off as cheesy in any way such as by having an annoying voice, or by playing way too many line dances and silly games, YOUR wedding will be the standard of how people want their wedding NOT to be.

    3. A top DJ pronounces all the names right!

The embarrassment of a mispronounced name can linger throughout the night and beyond, so the Best wedding DJs will go out of their way to phonetically spell a name and recite it to you prior to wedding day. Sometimes, practice is even needed, and a true professional understands the importance of this!

     4. Knows when to push and when to pull

This is a rare skill that only the best wedding DJs will understand. There are different moments, moods, times, and places that gravitational situations happen at your wedding. Sometimes, the crowd needs a push with a little fun interaction, and other times your weddings guests need a breather and a slower BPM (beats per minute) song, like after a long dance set.

     5. A DJ superstar is a master at rotating the dancefloor

This skill takes confidence, mastery, and years of experience to perform successfully. Rotating the dancefloor is important, because not everyone at your wedding will all love the same genre and subsets of music. Also, by not rotating your dancefloor, your event will get stale, and will alienate certain members of your group, family or friends. A properly rotated dancefloor can have ALL your guests dancing at the same time, creating the ultimate experience!

     6. A top DJ works well with other vendors

As a former catering and banquet hall worker, not all DJs play well with others! DJs have a really tough job to do, and without a professional personality, this can be a challenge. The best wedding DJ on the planet will discuss the event with the coordinator, caterer, photographer, and venue to ensure everyone is on the same page. In addition, if your DJ doesn’t work well or understand the importance of working with other vendors, you could find your event in chaos with a confused crowd, and a photographer and/or videographer missing key shots. Some DJs do not allow videographers to plug into their sound as one example, so working well with all vendors is critical.

     7. Understands the importance of backup gear

As a DJ, things go wrong, even when they own the best gear money can buy. Equipment sometimes fails, setup locations vary by venue, and more. Countless gear, load-in, and electricity situations must all go just right in order us for us to perform at our peak. Because of this, the best wedding DJs have backup gear. Superstars could simultaneously perform two full events at one time in two different rooms if needed. This cannot be understated… back up speakers, microphones, cables, chords, lights, and more must be ready in the event of downtime!

     8. The Best DJs work from a timeline

The best wedding DJs all work from some sort of timeline or wedding planner sheet. This enables us to keep things somewhat organized, and on time. Within a typical four hour wedding, there is only 1.5 hours of actual dancetime, and without a timeline or organizer, you can easily find that your wedding has run out of time to boogie! In addition, timeline management is also crucial because formalities such as cake cutting and toasts get advanced and pushed back, so the best know how to roll with the punches and adjust on the fly to make up time or stall effectively as needed.

     9. Wedding DJs will pay attention to the “little things”

The “little things” dramatically separate the best from the rest, and are not little at all to the best wedding DJ on the planet. For example, does the photographer know the first dance is coming in five minutes so they can change lenses? Have they informed the staff to begin serving champagne because toast is coming soon? Did the DJ remind the bride and groom to walk the room? Did your DJ inform the guests to be seated prior to introductions? Did the DJ arrive early enough in case of traffic or equipment failure of some kind? Does your DJ have the skills to adjust the equalizer to the specific room you are playing in? Did the DJ remind everyone there is a photobooth? Did your DJ announce for everyone to sign the guest book?” Did the DJ make sure dad is ready before announcing the father daughter dance? The list goes on and on, and all these “little” things add up to greatness.

    10. Realizes every wedding and crowd is different

This may seem obvious, but the same sets of music played in the same order and time will not work the same for every event. The best realize that every wedding is custom, and will adjust his music mixing and selections accordingly to fit the situation. There are nuances from crowd to crowd, and even the exact same crowd will respond differently based on climate, social situations, hot songs at the moment, and a variety of countless other factors that the best wedding DJ on the planet will pick up on!

Hope you enjoyed and have hired the best, if you need this type of entertainment for your wedding, contact us today!!






January 2018 Bridal show promotion: 10% off through January 19th

Good morning, we are extending our January 2018 bridal show discount through January 19th due to popular demand! Any bookings made from today, through January 19th receive a 10% bridal show discount. Simpy mention this booking promotion and we will apply to your account:)

Need a top quality DJ or photobooth to make your wedding spectacular. We recommend choosing a top rate pro like Xceptional DJs to ensure quality, professionalism, and fun.

We go the extra mile and are the top wedding bridal show DJ for well over a decade, with the top reviews and client feedback in the industry. We take you by the hand to help plan, organize, and implement the top strategies for having the best wedding reception possible!!


DJ in Seabrook, TX at Di Amici Upscale Events

On Saturday, December 30th we were the DJ in Seabrook for the Amanda and Mitchell wedding at Di Amici Upscale events. It was a beautiful, emotional day, and we are glad you had an amazing, memorable, and sacred wedding day. Congratulations and best wishes 🙂

Do you need a DJ in Seabrook for your wedding, school, or private party? Call Xceptional Djs today for a great price and service. We have serviced Houston and surrounding areas, including weddings in Searbrook for over 15 years and we get better each and every day!

Houston Swim Club Christmas Party 2017

On December 21st, we performed for the Houston Swim Club Christmas party at the Marriott Energy Corridor in Katy, TX. This is always a fun group each year, and each year the Houston Swim Club grows stronger and better 🙂


Need a DJ in Katy for your wedding, company party, or private event? Call today and we will be thrilled to help make your next event a success!

Christmas company party DJ for Wendy’s

On December 20th we were company party DJ for Wendy’s and Haza Foods at the Aquarium in downtown Houston. The night went flawlessly with dinner, background tunes, great awards including a car giveaway, and tons of dancing! See you all next year, we’ll be rrrrrrrrrrrready! -DJ Forrest

Need a company party DJ for your next event? Give us a call. We work with both large corporations and smaller operations to provide fun, classy entertainment and quality emcee and PA systems for awards and raffle. Give us a shout today!!

First Christmas party for the luxurious Hotel Alessandra downtown! DJ in downtown Houston

Tonight, DJ Forrest performs at the luxurious Hotel Alessandra in Downtown Houston! This is their first EVER Christmas party hosted, so we feel honored. Look for this venue to do huge things moving forward in 2018 and beyond!

DJ in downtown Houston

Need a DJ in downtown Houston? Give Xceptional DJs a call today 🙂

Company Christmas party at the Doubletree Hilton December 2017

Several events are happening this evening for Xceptional DJs! Tonight, pictured below, we have DJ Forrest performing at the Doubletree Hilton for Texas Bay Area Credit Union. They have an abundance of gifts, prizes, and even casino tables for all the guests to have a blast. If you need a top level entertainment DJ for your Christmas Company party, call us today. We will make sure you and your guests have a super fun, yet classy event 🙂

December 2017

DJ Forrest at The Bell Tower on 34th

On this flawless Thanksgiving weekend, DJ Forrest performed for Breana and Davis’s wedding ceremony and reception at the Bell Tower on 34th. This is one of our preferred venues and you will always have an amazing, classy, and aesthetic event when you are here. Hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend with friends and family! By far, our favorite time of year! -DJ Forrest


Lung Love walk supporting the Lung Cancer Alliance

We kick off November, 2017 with an early morning performance as the Lung Cancer Alliance’s DJ for the Lung Love Walk. We are honored to play our small part to support the cause. Picture below is the setting at Buffalo Bayou Park and DJ Forrest pictured with celebrity MC Kelly Ryan from 107.5 The Eagle!

DJ Forrest and Kelly Ryan on KPRC 11 in the background during an interview of the star guest Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family!

Great day for a walk!

Westfield Fire Department Halloween Awards Banquet 2017

We love getting the opportunity to work with special groups like this that serve the community in such meaningful ways. Westfield Fire Department was such a fun group, and we had a great time providing their 2017 DJ and Photobooth 🙂 Hope to work together with them for many years to come.

Looking for a Halloween party Dj or photobooth? It is never too early to reserve your Xceptional Entertainer today!

Our first event at Magnolia Bells!

Last night on October 14th, 2017, we had the pleasure of performing for Chris and Jessica’s big day! This was our first event to DJ at Magnolia Bells and we enjoyed working with Sheila, who helped pick up the slack to help things go smoothly. We played a variety of music from Country to top 40 and more and everyone had a blast. The photobooth was a huge hit as well! Congrats to the new Pettis family 🙂 -DJ Forrest

We were featured in a recent article from Houston Party Ride!

Professional Wedding DJ Advice

It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Houston Party Ride asked some of Houston’s top wedding DJ’s their advice to making your reception one to remember!

“As a DJ, you are literally the life of the wedding reception. Sometimes, people are hesitant to let loose. What are some tips and tricks to packing the dance floor?”

To pack the dance floor you have to speak TO the crowd, not AT them. The DJ provides the energy and once the energy is in the atmosphere, the DJ directs the energy into the crowd and lets them know that it is OK to release their inhibitions! That is the spark that ignites the flame and then BOOM…The party is on! My motto is “Don’t be nervous, I am at your service.” “If you can dance at your seat, then you can dance on your feet.”
–Houston’s Premier DJ’s

Well, any good DJ will tell you, the best way to liven up a crowd is to find that person that is wanting to ‘let loose’. Find out what song will trigger them…. could be a line dance, or just ask them. Once everyone else sees them having a good time, they’ll want to be a part of it!
–Good Time Music

At DJ Norro Events our ultimate goal to insure client along with their guests have a great time. Before the dance floor opens it’s important to observe the crowd and also be mindful of the playlist your client has put together along with their requests. Every time before the Dance floor opens I always ask myself this question. How can I get everyone moving? Here’s some tips that work out for me:
A. Observe your crowd (Age, Gender, Culture) – Based on your observation helps determine what music you could open the dance floor with.
B. Select popular icebreakers (Line dances, etc) – A lot of these songs are known to get your crowd warmed up
C. Interact with your Crowd – This is normally the fun part. Getting your crowd involved with the songs you play, it’s always great to choose songs that gets your to crowd to interact back with you by allowing them to sing, jump, first pump, etc.
It’s always great to motivate your crowd and remind them that their celebrating a special day, and creating memories with that special couple.
-Noris Albert, DJ Norro Events

The main way to get people on the dance floor is to play what THEY want to hear, not what the DJ wants to play. At some events, like a wedding, you’re hired to cater to their requests; it’s their personal event. Sometimes people hire me to do the Def Jam Blaster show where I play what I want, sometimes they hire me to do their personalized requests. A professional DJ knows the difference.
-William Ross, Def Jam Blaster

To answer your first question, there are many tips and tricks to getting people to let loose and have fun on the dance floor! For starters, aside from great song selections, a great timeline is very important. What I mean by that is you want to build energy throughout the night and the best way to do that is to place activities that help you build momentum is a sequential order that flows! For example you do not want to have toasts and speech after you have opened up the dance floor! Also, some of the best activities to transition from dinner to dancing is the anniversary dance!
Also, have your bride and groom out on the dance floor for the first song is great as well because you can sort of guilt trip folks into come out to join them on the dance floor! ‘Ladies and gentlemen, if you REALLY love our newly weds…. we need you join them out on the dance floor!!
-David Settle, DJS Entertainment

I usually try and take as many requests as I can to make it an enjoyable experience for all. Even those that may be nervous about dancing usually get on the dance floor if it is a song they like. I try and make it as personalized as possible that way everyone gets into a dancing mood. I always try and play upbeat songs and mix the classics with today’s hits. I try my best to make it a fun, party type atmosphere for all.
-John Papasideris, JPAPA Productions

Sometimes when a party is dead I try to play some line dances. I might play the most popular current dance or depending on the crowd I might play an older one that everyone knows the moves too. I also try to remind the guest that this is a celebration and we owe it to people that invited us to party. If I do play song and I see people moving in their seats but scared to get on the floor. I might walk over and try to get them to step out on the floor and shake they groove thing. If none of that works I might remind the crowd I am taking requests but you are required to dance if you request a song and I play it. Alcohol always helps too. After the drinks kick in people tend to loosen up a bit.
-D.J.’s “R” US

I use the current mood and energy in the room to dictate how I pack the dance floor. If the crowd is already in a party mood, I will hit them right away with a fun, high energy song but if everyone is more laid back and reserved, a smarter approach may be to start with a slower song or line dance. Another ice breakers strategy is to do an anniversary dance, which gets all the married couples out on the dance floor.
There are really no tricks to getting the dance floor full but once the crowd knows the DJ is a professional, it gives people permission subconsciously to let loose because they trust they will be taken care of when they are out there dancing!
–Xceptional DJ’s

Being hired as a DJ for any event, you are the main entertainment for the night. I always get a playlist from the bride of songs she wants played. And usually she will ask friends and family for help getting the list together. So once I have that list, I make sure I have every song on that list, and I use that as a reference on how to plan my night. I will play a few songs from a particular artist on that list during the dinner and I will read the crowd and see how they react to the music. Then when the dance floor is open for dancing, I will have a good idea of what will get people moving and having fun. I use my experience and knowledge of music to insure that the event is fun and enjoyable for all ages.
–DJ Rio

Well as this may seem like an easy question to answer….it truly is not.
First off I start reading my crowd as soon as the cocktail hour begins.
What is the age range of the crowd, are they drinking a lot already are they not drinking a lot. Are the being conservative are they laughing and joking. These are my ways of telling how the night may go once we open the dance floor. If the bride and groom choose to do a money dance or Anniversary dance I always do it right before we open the dance floor. I am basically forcing people to come out and dance. Then once we open the dance floor usually they are like..well we were already out there lets go
Then there is the opening song…This is where age comes in play. If there is a lot of an older crowd I usually open with something they can dance to..Eart Wind and Fire September is a good one. And with that song i have come to realize that it doesn’t matter how old you are…usually everyone gets up and Dances. Now if it is predominantly younger age range, then it can be a bit more tricky…this is everyone likes different things..but there is always a few songs that will get the dance floor packed. The Big hit songs that just make you wanna get up and dance. 24k by Bruno Mars is a great example…then you go into a line dance right after (the wobble, cupid shuffle etc..).
And that’s how it works for me anyways you get people on the dance floor for 2-3 songs back to back and they will keep coming back. Once you switch from that style and if people start dwindling down then you know to switch it back to whatever was keeping them dancing.
–Re-Spin Entertainment

The first thing I teach my team is to create a comfortable environment so guest feel that it is ok to relax and have some fun. We work hard at removing early tension like what do I do, where do I go, where can I sit, do I help myself to food and drinks? It is important for guest to feel like it is safe environment before they let their hair down so to speak.
Next we warm the audience up by playing music during dinner which we call our toe tapping set. During this time we are identify personalities and types of music that get the most responses essentially we are reading the room.
Then we like event that are designed to give guest a big toe test like the anniversary dance where all the married guest get up and dance for short time as we count up to fine the couple that has been married the longest.
Once we get them out once it is easier to get them to come a second time. Now for the tricks:
1. We use a stir step music format. Which means we play 2 similar songs and then jump up in beat. So we are constantly picking up the pace and then starting over with the styles the host as requested. The 2 songs sets give guest more time out on the floor and again to build their comfort on the dance floor. Nothing worse than watching sally drag uncle bob out to her favorite George Strait song and loosing 2/3 of the song to convincing uncle bob to come out and then 60 sec later changing it to party rock and watching uncle run back to the safe zone of his table.
2. Go back to those personalities you identified earlier and get them to bring their tables out.
3. Play line dances and we actually start them this way you don’t have that awkward 30 sec of “ok, who is going to start this off?”
4. Do call outs like this next song is dedicated to all the brides cousins this help gets groups out.
5. Props yes party props you can give a grown adult a party prop and it like a license to be silly. Have you heard of a Hora Locca?
Now that you have some groups working the floor now is the time to play songs so you can merge smaller groups in to one big group. Nothing like watching grandma do the “dougie” and do it better than the groomsmen. The key is to know your audience and that is done early at the event then know what your host wants and then make it happen no matter what!!!!
–JPL Entertainment

First, after I know what type of event I am doing; age group, any steps I need to follow and so on, I play the most popular and familiar songs first then announce that I’m taking requests. And that’s pretty much the ice beaker there.
Line dancing for group sessions is always a “go to” win situation. As a DJ when you get a good read from the crowd then these steps should never fail. A few jokes on the mic are good too.
–DJ Ray Young

Compiled by Houston Party Ride

DJ Forrest at Di Amici Upscale Events, Seabrook

Tonight, DJ Forrest performs for Janet and Ally’s big day at Di Amici’s Upscale Events in Seabrook Texas on August 5th, 2017. We love performing at this venue, and we are a preferred vendor here as well. This is one of the nicest venues in the Seabrook, Nassau Bay Area, and the staff here is wonderful, organized, and pleasant to deal with.


Want to know more about Di Amici? Below is an article from Bay Area Houston Magazine, February 2012 Issue:


Di Amici Upscale Events

Seabrook, Texas

Some of the best creations are a result of someone’s dreams, talents, and hard work. All three were combined to create Di Amici Upscale Events, which was the vision of Paula Holland, lifelong Bay Area resident.

Opened in December 2011, they are booking everything from weddings and receptions to school and corporate events.  If you are planning a gathering, and want a full service venue, complete with an event planner, catering and bar services, valet and security, then Di Amici Upscale Events will knock your designer socks off.

Di Amici Upscale Events is 8,000 square feet of warm, Tuscan-inspired elegance. Co–owner and Event Planner, Paula Holland, has 14 years experience in Interior Design and loves making people’s dreams come true.

“Now I have the opportunity to decorate one place, design for individual events, and still work with people. I don’t want to sit at a desk,” says Holland.

Cohesiveness is evident throughout Di Amici, from the teamwork spirit to the design and flow of the rooms and décor.   With the hand painted murals and balcony, to the chandeliers and matching wall sconces, this venue is breathtaking. And what bride would not feel like a princess in the multi – crystal accented bridal suite?  What great vision to have a “man cave” for the groom and his attendants, complete with a flat screen TV, shuffleboard, and fooseball.  Later, Holland told me the man cave idea was inspired when her sons told her,

“Do something for the guys!”

They provide exceptional cuisine, tailored to the client, presented with class and efficiency by uniformed wait staff. The name, Di Amici, was inspired by the Italian word “friends” and is applicable to how Holland treats her vendors and clients alike. Yes, it is a business, but there is a personal flavor that permeates her dealings.

For weddings, clients can book the whole property, complete with the outside terrace, family room, bridal suite, man cave, and formal areas for the wedding and reception. The location is convenient for a weekend wedding where guests can enjoy the local sites such as the Kemah Boardwalk, Nasa, and Galveston.

Additionally, Di Amici Upscale Events is the perfect venue for corporate events, school events and proms, graduations, and retirement celebrations. Whatever event you have in mind, they can design a party, and deliver it with class.

– Bertha Merit,

Bay Area Houston Magazine,

February 2012 Issue


How to Become a DJ: The Ultimate Guide

We get several calls each year from aspiring DJs looking for a jumpstart! Here is an interesting article from Jess Miller that I am sure you will find interesting and informative 🙂 Original article link here:


How to Become a DJ: The Ultimate Guide

by: Jess Miller

In times gone by a DJ was the guy who played the records at your party, or the local discotheque. That’s about all he did, really. Popped on one seven single after another, saved the slow ones for the end of the evening, packed up his stack of records and went home. What a change from then till now! Obviously styles of music have changed drastically, and so have DJs. These days a DJ has to be ‘in the know’ about not only new and upcoming artists, but also supremely knowledgeable about how to get – and keep – people on the dance floor. These days, it is entirely possible to have a career as a DJ, something our parents would have violently objected to back then! But times change and so do tastes – and DJs!

The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. I also love to educate people on music they have never heard. Chelsea Leyland

What is a DJ?
I’m a DJ. I get the party started. -Avicii

The word DJ means disc jockey, also abbreviated to D.J. or deejay. This is the name of the person who plays all that lovely music at parties, wedding, get togethers and discos. In the ‘olden days’ the DJ used to do this by means of records. Remember them? After records came cassettes, and then CD’s, followed soon after by digital audio files which are now on a laptop.

A good DJ can supply mixes of any type of music you want for whatever occasion you have in mind. With enough notice, he can create a special blend of tunes for any given event. Typically, a DJ will perform in front of a live audience. If he is very happy with the mix of music that he has compiled for that occasion, he may record the mix and sell it on afterwards.
Nowadays, a DJ will be familiar with multiple methods of recording and will normally have at least two sources of music working together. This will allow him to mix and match, so to speak. He will be able to record endless, uninterrupted music and thereby develop his own unique song mixes. You will often find that he does this by choosing music with the same type of beat so that they can transition smoothly from one song to the next. All DJ’s will have their own set of headphones so that they can review their selections and make any adjustments before playing it live to an audience. Previewing the music will ensure that he is able to cue up the next track in time so that it all mixes in well.

Pros and cons
With any career there are pros and cons, and this is no different. There are advantages and disadvantages which you should consider before following this choice of career. Below we take a look at some of them, although there are possibly many more which you can add.

The truth is that being a DJ is in fact a very hard job, not only mentally but physically, because you will do most of your work at night and early mornings, and your preparation at other times. Mental-ly you will need to be ready to adjust and meet any problems that happen immediately, so you will need to be able to think on your feet at times, even when you may be tired.

The Pros:

Share the music: Sam Walker of Walker & Royce stated accurately that being a DJ meant that travelling and meeting people from around the world who had a common interest in music. A very true statement. Most DJ’s would agree with this statement, that everyone they met had the same common interest in music.
Share the party: Not only share the party, but you get paid for it! More than likely you would have gone out on a Friday night to party, except as a DJ you get to still enjoy the night, and return home with cash in your pockets. How much cash depends on the agreement you’ve made, but you get to have fun and earn at the same time. Nothing better than doing the job you love and making money from it!
Free stuff: If you’re nearby, then most likely you will find yourself the recipient of free t-shirts, drinks and various other party favours. A good DJ will place himself in a strategic position so as to be in line for these many handouts. While they don’t actually pay your rent, they do make nice touches for a DJ.
DJ’s are sexy: Everyone loves the DJ! You don’t even have to do the chasing here because girls will vie to catch the eye of the DJ. This is a true fact! Enjoy it!
Dress as you please: No dress code here! You get to wear whatever you want! People love to see how the DJ dresses, you may even get to dress up to add to a theme party. Often this will be expected so you get to let your hair down as well as supply the music Dress as you please: No dress code here! You get to wear whatever you want! People love to see how the DJ dresses, you may even get to dress up to add to a theme party. Often this will be expected so you get to let your hair down as well as supply the music.
You never need to dance: Many people who love music actually hate dancing! Who really wants to do the Mashed Potato? This way, you get to enjoy the music without having to join in the dance.
Being with your friends: It’s a great evening when you get to be with your friends. Even at an organised event, the people are mostly happy because of the music, and you get to be part of the kindred spirit. No matter what the occasion is, they are all together to have a good time, and you are included!
You call the shots: The crowd will respond to your groove, you are the pied piper who leads them a merry dance. International Tech House DJ Derek Marin says that the best part of being a DJ is “The moment you have the crowds’ full attention and trust. When you’re in the zone and they’ve fully committed – you can take them anywhere and it’s magical. During that time, I feel like I’m cheating death in the same way that Hemingway describes making love.”
Job for life: It’s there if you want it. There will always be a party who need a DJ, a wedding who wants live music, or friends who want to dance the night away. DJ’s are not in any danger of disappearing!
The Cons:
An article from Hive Society gives some graphic ideas of things that irritate DJs. We’ve added a few here.

Harms your health: there is a very definite chance that this may harm your health. Many hours spent breathing in dance floor dust, while staring at a computer screen until your eyes are red and sore, or even hurting your back while heaving equipment up and down steps, in and out of cars and then dismantling it all at the end. Not to mention driving many hours to get there and then driving back when you are over tired
Collecting is expensive: Collecting music can seriously take a toll on your finances. Not only that, but you may soon find that your once neat and tidy abode is now filled to the brim with collections of things that you never had before. Collecting is addictive – as you will find out, even when doing this job!
Odd requests: After all the time you spent researching the music for the night, compiling it and making it flow smoothly, you will invariably get someone who asks for a song you have never heard of!
High competition, low pay: Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of DJ’s about, seems like every man and his brother wants to get in on the game here. Invariably, the wages will be lower with every bar taking their cut. The job of a DJ is to fill the bar, and should this not happen, then you are likely to be booted out so they can try the next DJ. It’s a tough world to be successful in
The big ego: A bit of fame will certainly go a long way here! Many DJ’s are very big headed, making them definitely not the humblest of people
Flying: Many a DJ hates the thought of airports. They conjure up thoughts of crowds, delayed flights and narrow seats. Booking cancelled because the DJ is late, no payment…and the list goes on
Keep smiling: Even though the DJ has spent hours and hours getting his special mix all ready, he will then be forced to pander to the people who still want the old stuff. Just when you thought that you could introduce some new stuff because it’s a great take on another style, there will be people who will want other stuff. No matter how many songs you have in your collection for the event, you will most certainly get someone who is just not happy with your collection. This is a part of the job, everyone has different tastes, even for the same songs
Holding attention: you will need to be on your toes every second of the time. As soon as the audience is bored with you, you are forgotten. You have to keep their attention all the time. The crowd is fickle and they will desert you in a heartbeat if you relax for one single minute Holding attention: you will need to be on your toes every second of the time. As soon as the audience is bored with you, you are forgotten. You have to keep their attention all the time. The crowd is fickle and they will desert you in a heartbeat if you relax for one single minute

Getting started
Seeing bored-looking fans staring at you while you DJ is about as horrible as it gets. Boy George
Getting started is really not difficult. What is difficult is how you get yourself to stand out and be noticed, and become an exceptional DJ. That’s the hard part! Learning how to become a DJ is not just about matching beats, but tailoring your own musical expression with those of the audience. A good DJ needs to be empathetic and observant.

Possibly the one quality that every good DJ has – and cannot do without out – is passion for music and a desire to learn. Being a successful DJ is more than just mixing one song into the next.

In an article from Martin Garrix he advises a new DJ to “spend as much time as he can in the studio working on trying to get better, trying to improve your sound, trying to find your own sound.”

You should be prepared to practice, practice and practice again. You will be training your brain to hear music in a different way and you will only manage to do this through practice and patience. When you feel you have practised enough, then do some more! With this job you should be 100% committed to learning otherwise you will fall behind other DJ’s who are constantly striving for bet-ter and more knowledge.

Even before you start this new career, you should be familiar with any equipment you plan to use. You can find out all you need to know by doing your research online. The internet is a wonderful source of information! If you know another professional DJ , then pick his brains! Ask as many ques-tions as you can and find out where he gets his equipment from, where he gets his leads and where you start. A good DJ will be ready to share a few tip with you.

Basic skills
Use a midi controller: Records – or vinyl as they used to be known – are things of the past. Possibly the best addition to your new equipment is a midi controller. Learn how to use it with your eyes closed. A good, versatile DJ needs the ability to create dynamic remixes for each occasion.
Learn networking online: Make use of Facebook, SoundCloud and Google to sell yourself. With all the technology available online, a clever DJ will take advantage of this to not only share his work, but also build up a fan base.
Learn to remix and mash up: A DJ today needs to know a whole lot more than DJs some years back. Now it is essential that you are well versed with mashing up and remixing. Any DJ can play a song right through, but if you are to stand out from the crowd, you need to be inventive and differ-ent. This is a job which, while it is fun, must also be taken seriously otherwise you will not do well at it
Learn about other types of equipment: It’s okay to be comfortable and familiar with your own equipment but you should always strive to learn about other pieces and diversify your knowledge. When you understand all about the different types out there you will have the knowledge to try new, and maybe better ideas. This is just what you will need to give your job a head start on others
Perform the music, don’t just play it: A good DJ plays music. An exceptional DJ performs the music. There is a difference. The exceptional DJ does not just stand there and play a song, he gets involved with the music. The fans will know the difference between the two DJs
In an article from the Huffington Post a good comment is made about the art of DJing mimicking the art of life.

The best way to learn the skills you are going to need is undoubtedly finding an experienced DJ who is prepared to take you under his wing and show you the ropes. There are also schools you can go to, but these tend to be on the expensive side. You will find that most professional DJs have learned on their own, from making mistakes and correcting them. Most of these DJs will tell you that this is the only way to learn the trade.

Now, you should know that there is nothing wrong with paying for classes. It is all a matter of finances and how much money you have available after you have set aside for your equipment. Les-sons do not come cheaply and you may decide to go for online lessons instead. These will still cost you money, but a whole lot less than going to classes. The added bonus is that you can take online classes in your own time instead of at set times, which may not work for you.
Should you choose to teach yourself, you will find that you are actually far better off than DJs who started years ago, simply because there is so much available knowledge online now. Back then they had to find things out the hard way. There is a huge amount of information and many good re-sources online that you can access for free if you look around.

What equipment do I need
Without proper equipment, you will never manage to be a DJ. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but it is sadly true that some DJ’s feel they can manage with inferior equipment. They then wonder why they are not in demand. Unfortunately, good equipment is expensive, so this is where you should spend a lot of time doing your research.

You can’t be a DJ without the proper equipment. Unfortunately, that equipment is expensive, which is why I recommend you hold off on purchasing anything until you absolutely have to. Before you actually set out, don’t buy anything at all. If you can borrow equipment to practice on, take ad-vantage of that.

Many aspiring DJs will run out and spend a ton of money on expensive equipment, only to find some weeks later that the job is really not for them. They usually end up selling this off for far more than they paid for it. Again, research this, ask other DJs for advice and check everything out online. Pay attention to reviews of the products you like. Be prepared to change things if you find bad re-views.

The very least you are going to need is two turntables or CD decks, a DJ mixer, a set of headphones along with a good sound system. These can run up as high as you can spend, or you can buy a good middle of the range set up. This depends on just how much ready cash you have and are prepared to part with. Quality and cost do not always go hand in hand, so it may not be essential to get the most expensive gear right at the beginning. Learn everything you can about the equipment you select. Basically, anything that allows you to mix two tracks together is what you need.

It is a really good idea to also look for used equipment as this will save you a decent amount of money. There are some good online forums that advertise equipment for sale and here you may be able to get your hands on stuff from retiring DJs selling off cheap.

There is a certain amount of free mixing software available, such as Virtual DJ, and you should take advantage of this if you can.

CD deck: You may want to invest – or certainly have a look at – a CD deck that has MP3 com-patibility. This will allow you to plug in your USB stick instead of carrying a pile of CDs with you. It’s a great way to travel light, and even if you are a person who swears by vinyl, it may be good to be familiar with these as many clubs use them in preference to turntables
DJ mixer: It is a well-known statement that a DJ is only as good as his mixer. Whether you pre-fer a compact DJ mixer with switchable inputs or an effects mixer with digital effects and matrix input system, you would do well to look online, read the reviews and try to listen to it before buying it. It is a vital piece of your equipment and you should be completely happy with it
Headphones: Whatever your style of DJ is, a decent pair of headphones is a vital addition to ensure that your mixes are all t the right volume and cued up at the right time. Headphones range in price from bargain bins (avoid these) to mid- range and ‘over the top’ expensive. Try to aim for a model that offers the best sound quality along with function ability for the best price
Sound system: If you are a mobile DJ then you will possibly want an all-inclusive package to make transporting easier. Not all speakers are built the same way. The speakers in your car – while they sound great inside – are just not suitable for other purposes. Buying speakers can be tricky. You should take into consideration the gigs that you plan to play. For example, if you regularly play for groups between 70 and 500 people then you can work with a system of 1200 watts. You should also be very wary of those ‘no name’ brands which offer you ‘cheap deals’, in the end you really do get what you pay for. Better to pay more and not compromise your audience’s opinion and possibly your career

Setup suggestions
All in one controllers: These days if you buy a controller, you will have everything you need to mix an entire set, and this will even include a built-in sound card. Many of the controllers available today, while being in the mid-range class, are almost as good as professional grade. Using this hardware is probably the easiest way to learn how to become a DJ. Some of them use jog wheels although others use touch strips instead. This is by far the cheapest and most affordable way to start your career, especially if you already have a laptop
Modular controllers: Geeky people seem to go for this type of gadgety controller. A modular control setup can be pieced together from a number of smaller versions. Having done that you need to make sure that you have a good sound card to handle all the audio signals. You can find modular controls which come with a sound card built in. While a modular setup is probably the most flexible, it is also one of the most complex
CD turntable and mixer: In order to get the same effect as a laptop with comprehensive soft-ware, you really have to outlay a fairly hefty sum of money. Added to that, you need to then buy a decent mixer. All of a sudden the price has gone up and you are spending more than you budgeted for. Make sure that you are actually going to use all those extra features. Pioneer is considered to be the industry standard and they have products which will not break your bank, so it is well worth looking into them
Vinyl and mixer: These days, vinyl is the most expensive way to buy music, so ask yourself why you want to follow this path? Records are harder to mix than any other option. For many peo-ple it’s still a lot of fun. They love the feel of moving a record and it is still the best way for the pure scratch DJ. It may be a fun way, but it is very expensive, and far more difficult to transport
Hybrid setup: some DJs are of the opinion that this type of setup gives you the best of both worlds. You have the feel of mixing records combined with the convenience of smaller sized equipment. Can however, be mildly annoying to have to set it up in a club, although it does feel like the best of both worlds. Do you really need to turn your turntable into an expensive controller?

Types of DJ
‘My musical influence is really from my father. He was a DJ in college. My parents met at New York University. So he listened to, you know, Motown, and he listened to Bob Dylan. He listened to Grate-ful Dead and Rolling Stones, but he also listened to reggae music. And he collected vinyl’ Talib Kweli

When you start on this new career, you should spend some time deciding which type of DJ you want to be. Each type is different and one type may suit your personality, while another may not work for you.

Possibly one trait that you will need for whichever style of DJ you choose, is that you must like people – or rather, you must like most people. A complete recluse will never make a DJ of any sort. You need to an outgoing, ‘do things by yourself’ personality. Most of the time you will be arranging gigs yourself, getting yourself there and back on your own, and generally doing things without much help. You need to be able to work to deadlines – no good showing up late. You should be flexible, and probably have a strong sense of humour to carry you through any awkward situations.

Resident DJ: A resident DJ has a regular gig at a local bar or night club. The job here is to keep people on the dance floor, dancing, for as long as possible. Clubs will vary in the clientele and also in their expectations of music choice. You may find yourself doing long blends of music to keep people dancing. The ideal situation here is where the DJ knows when to ramp the music up and down and keep a good balance between a dancing floor and a drinking bar
Performer DJ: As the name indicates, these DJs are popular because of their skills with cutting, scratching and other turntable tricks. People go to specifically see them and what they can come up with behind the decks. These DJs have built up their own reputations and normally a strong follow-ing of clientele
Wedding DJ:
This type of DJ is completely different from any other. It is probably going to require more mobility due to different venues where wedding receptions take place. Typically, this is the type of DJ that makes the most money. You should be comfortable taking requests because that’s what happens at weddings. Speaking into a microphone must come naturally for you and you must have invested in your own sound equipment. The style of music here will be completely different from what you would record for the local disco so it is essential that you are well prepared for that. A point to re-member here is that this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ day for two people and you had better not be the one to ruin it because you are not prepared!
Radio DJ:
This is where the original DJs made their reputations – on the radio. Their jobs were many and var-ied, ranging from reading weather forecasts between songs, to discussing events of the day at that time. Back then the DJ would have been able to select his own music for the show, although these days you might have to toe the line and work with a director on the choice
‘I’m of the opinion that as a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what’s ‘trendy’ be-cause true passion always eclipses what’s fashionable. Quality is always fashionable.’ Boy George

Getting your gig
Well, so here you are with your new equipment and you have learned all about it. You’ve done the right thing and spent hours and hours practising, even played at your niece’s birthday party – apologies to the magician, but they loved you more! Well done, you!’

Now what? To date that is the highlight of your up and coming career, and this is the time to move on to bigger things, especially if you want to pay the rent at the end of the month!

Your next step is to start marketing yourself. There is really no other way to get the word out that you are the ‘new kid on the block’. You need to start some serious networking. A good way to advertise is to build – or have one built – your own personal website. Here you can showcase and sell yourself. In the long run you will probably spend more time marketing yourself then actually playing. That is the way it is. Not many DJs enjoy this part, but it is the way to get yourself out there and known.

Another way to get the word out is through social media. Make your presence known through Facebook and Twitter. These are easy things to do and maintain.

One thing is certain with this new job, you must be make yourself known if you want to make money!

Growing your new career
Right, so you’ve done your homework and accepted a first gig. You handled the nerves and they loved you! Just when you thought the hard work was over…well, it has only just begun! The key word here is market, market and market again.
This is the part that most DJs would prefer not to do, but it is vitally important to keep ahead of the game and get regular work. You need to sell yourself. You know you are a good DJ, others need to know this as well. This means advertising wherever you can. Any attention, in this case, is good attention. Anything (good) that will get people to look at what you do will come back and reward you with contacts for work.

A good tip is to always have some of your music readily available on a CD. You just never know when someone will ask for a demo. Be sure to always have one or two at hand and be sure that your contact details are included.
You should start in a small way at first – perhaps Djing for a neighbor’s party for free? Local pubs may want the odd evening at short notice and if they have your details, you could pick up some work there. People will talk and tell others about you.

Design a really good flyer, or ask a friend who is good at graphics. Drop it off at every pub you can get to, along with contact details on a business card, which can be referred to when the flyer gets wet, falls of the wall or is thrown away.
Taking out a small advert in something like the local business guide may well bring you some enquiries. Don’t opt for the smallest advert, neither do you need to pay for the largest one, a mid-sized one will do just fine, if you can keep it there for longer. Carry your business cards with you all the time. You may be able to leave some in a restaurant, or put one up on a noticeboard somewhere. They are good value for money as you normally get a lot for a relatively small amount of outlay.

Make sure you are always friendly and ready to talk about your job because you just never know who is listening. That person may be the one who offers you your next gig, so keep that in mind when you meet people. You just never know…

There is no doubt about it that Djing is a lot of work, especially when keeping up your knowledge of technology. Add to this the fact that you must market yourself all the time to get more work and constantly keep in touch with music trends. That being said, if you have decided that this is the job for you, and you put your time and effort into it, and have the right attitude – which is positive – this is a career which can change your life forever in the very best way!

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Need a top notch DJ in League city or anywhere in Houston area to help with your special event, wedding, or school. Give Xceptional DJs a call today!

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Xceptional DJ’s saved the day! Our family member, who was going to DJ for us, got called into work just days before our wedding. As luck would have it, Xceptional DJ’s had an opening and we booked them right away. I don’t know what I would have done without them. DJ Rolland was amazing, and really helped us stick to our timeline. He read the room very well and picked music that the crowd loved. He kept everyone on the dance floor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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DJ Forrest provided the ceremony and reception music for Stacey and Estevan’s wedding, while Will ran the photobooth and set up the uplights to perfection. The event took place in the Lodge at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond, TX and everything could not have gone better 🙂 Such a great venue!

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Safari Texas Ranch, the Texas Ballroom, and Events by Safari. We are a full-service business specializing in weddings, ceremonies, galas, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, corporate meetings, company picnics, and holiday parties. We offer over 10 on-site venues at the central location and many off-site locations. With over 30+ years of experience in the food and beverage, hospitality, and special events industry, our team of full-service event professionals will guide you through all the steps necessary to make your dream event come true. The Safari Texas Group is different because it is dedicated to full-service- offering many of the facets of an event beyond just venue and food. Experience the full-service Safari experience: Custom events No a la carte pricing Seating for 50-1200 guests Over 10 private events facilities Menus designed by you Dedicated events coordinators Team of executive chefs Specialty linens Custom china and flatware Full liquor license Complimentary cake cutting Event security Complete waitstaff Complete barstaff Complete setup and cleanup Over 30 years of experience Perfect for any event!.

Houston Texans for a cause! Charitabulls and DJ Forrest in May 2017

We had the honor of performing the DJ and photo booth for the 3rd annual Charitabulls Partee event at Top Golf Katy that benefits the Salvation Army this week! Lots of Houston Texans players and cheerleaders had tons of fun in the booth while enjoying the tunes from DJ Forrest 🙂 We are honored to perform each year to help such a great cause.

About the CharitaBulls (from their official website

Mission Statement

The Mission of CharitaBulls is to support area nonprofit organizations in fulfilling their own missions by building community awareness, sharing resources, and providing a role of Philanthropy.  Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to support the work of new and existing nonprofit organizations in the Houston community.   There is strength in numbers, and working together improves the lives of all involved.

Impact Statement

Since 2013, with the help of dedicated volunteers and the support of local sports fans, CharitaBulls has helped raise more than $100,000 for local nonprofit organizations. CharitaBulls partners with former and current Professional athletes, local media personalities, and business professionals to provide exciting sports related fundraising events in the community. This partnership is instrumental in bringing awareness to both the communities impact in fundraising efforts and the needs of local nonprofits.  CharitaBulls provides local nonprofits support through monetary donations, social media support and volunteerism.

Children’s party DJ for birthday!

We officially did our first children’s pool party DJ show of 2017. Woohoo!! Pool party season always makes us happy because this is the official signal that summer is here! Pictured below, we perform for Ryan’s surprise birthday party at his home!

If you are having a kids party and need a top notch DJ, give Xceptional DJs and photobooths a call. We stay up to date with clean version of today’s hits, and our goal is the make sure your kids have a fun, classy event they can be proud of!

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Xceptional DJs and Photo Booth Brings The Fun Every Time

Real Estate Guide
By Jake Levin

As his name would suggest, DJ Forrest knows the secret to being the best DJ possible for a wedding. The owner of Xceptional DJs and Photo Booth in Houston, Texas, has a full service approach to entertainment, but said that the company acts as much more than just a DJ.

A former catering company and banquet hall worker, Forrest has been on the front lines for quite some time.

“We entertain, make all announcements and help plan your timeline,” Forrest said, adding that he and his DJs will assume the role of day-of coordinator in instances where one isn’t present.

Forrest said that Xceptional is far more responsive and accessible than most of his contemporaries, with a policy of 24-7 phone access.

Of course, not all weddings are created, or planned, equal. It’s a detail Forrest and his staff is very cognizant of, as all five of Xceptional’s DJs have been with the company for a decade or more.

“We have different DJs for different types of crowds,” Forrest said.

The most important attention to detail Xceptional pays attention to is how to ensure the enjoyment of the entire reception, while making sure the bride and groom remain at the center of attention.

Forrest said that this is the secret to great weddings, along with making the crowd feel like they have permission to dance because they will be taken care of.

Photo booths are another great touch Xceptional provides for weddings, with both open and enclosed options. Forrest recommends the open choice, which can accommodate up to 10 people at a time.

“The photo booth is one of the most fun, memorable and interactive things you can do to enhance the fun,” he said. “It gives your guests a keepsake to take home, and also helps get your people moving around, which enhance the overall energy in the room.”

More details about what Forrest offers are available on the company’s website,

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Are you looking for an affordable, fun, classy DJ to perform at your special event, wedding, private party, or fundraiser. Give us a call! If you love what we do, kindly give us an Xceptional DJs review like the one above and it helps us tremendously. Have a great day! – DJ Forrest

Bryan and Christina’s Wedding! Dj and Photobooth at Big Sky Barn

We had the honor of performing for a lifelong friend last weekend! DJ Forrest provided the music, while Will worked the photobooth at Big Sky Barn for Bryan and Christina. Below are a few pictures we snapped along the way 🙂

DJ and Photobooth in Galveston for TxDLA Annual Conference Party 2017!

ON this flawless March 30th, 2017 evening, we provided the DJ and Photobooth in Galveston at Moody Gardens for the TxDLA Annual Conference Party 2017!

Those teachers sure know how to have a great time 🙂

Shimano Fishing Event feat. YouTube sensation Jon B- Fishing the Midwest

Tonight we make our way to Jackson Street BBQ next to Minute Maid Park to work with Shimano fishing. They are a popular company supplying “captivating products” to help promote the bicycle and sports fishing cultures.

Youtube sensation Jon B- Fishing in the midwest was also a part of the action!

To see more pictures of the event:

Maroney Auto Sales 20 year Anniversary

Today we kicked off our Saturday to help Maroney Auto Sales Celebrate 20 great years in business. We had the DJ system and photobooth set up and it was a great day for all! Mentioned this Facebook post, ask for Rick Maroney (owner) tell them DJ Forrest sent you, and get special pricing 🙂

Big Sky Barn Ceremony and wedding DJ

We had the honor of performing a Thursday night event for Katelynn and Dylan at the Big Sky Barn. Pictured below, we set up a small system to run ceremony sound. Of course we were also the wedding DJ for the reception as well! The house had a system that we used for the mic, but we ultimately used our system for sound due to the location. Worked out great!

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Sheep and Goat Committee

Each year we have the honor of running the photobooth for the Sheep and Goat Committee with Houston Livestock show and Rodeo! On Monday and Saturday this week on March 6th, 2017 and March 11th, 2017 we will be helping with the photo booth fun. Pictured below are a few of our favorites from Monday’s show 🙂

ATTENTION: DJ Forrest on Friday nights at The Thirsty Coyote Saloon!

DJ Forrest recently agreed to a 90 day contract to perform Friday nights in Crosby at the Thirsty Coyote Saloon. Two weeks ago DJ Forrest performed and the staff mentioned that it was one of the most fun and energetic evenings ever!

If you are reading this… you are welcome to stop in and say hello anytime between 9 PM- close! The staff is friendly and attentive, and ownership walks around greeting everyone. Music is Country, Hiphop, top 40, disco, and oldies 🙂

OMNOVA Company Party DJ

For our first first event in February 2017, we are proud to be the company party DJ for the OMNOVA Customer appreciation lunch.  This is the first such event that OMNOVA has attempted, and it was a huge success with a great turnout! As a bonus, the weather cleared just in time for some sunshine during the entire event 🙂

Wedding in Katy as the DJ at Beckendorff Farms in Katy, TX

On January 20th, 2017, we had the honor of performing for Marial and John as the DJ at Beckendorff Farms in Katy, TX. The weather started off rough, but the sun came out just in time for the ceremony start to make for a flawless occasion. If you have never seen Beckendorff Farms. I would check it out 🙂 – DJ Forrest

Here is some information from the official Beckendorff Farms website:

Weddings and Receptions

Beckendorff Farms will make your event special, drawing on our history and your dreams.

Whether your vision is to have a black tie celebration for 300, a more intimate county chic gathering or a holiday party, our historical magic will captivate you and your guests.

Historic Barn with crystal chandeliers
Timber framed mezzanine overlooking barn
Soaring vaulted ceilings
Patio with lakeside views
Lakeside ceremony area
Indoor ceremony area
Caterer’s kitchen
Bridal party dressing area
Easy on-site parking

Beckendorff Farms knows how to host your special occasion, whether it is for your business, a wedding anniversary, fund-raising event, awards banquet or a special photo session.

We are also ready for educational field trips on farming practices, farmers’ markets, tours and seasonal activities.

Whatever you are celebrating, when your

New DJ Forrest Weddingwire Review came in today to close out 2016

So thankful for today’s new review to close out 2016!!

From our Weddingwire page…

Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0

laura9939 said…
“Forrest is hands-down the best DJ I’ve ever encountered – you absolutely won’t be disappointed! He was great with consulting us on how he usually flows with his music and recommendations on what would be the best order of events for our wedding reception. It’s evident that he knows his stuff and he has an impeccable sense of what the dance crowd will like (and won’t like). His DJ-ing during our wedding reception was phenomenal and better than anything I could’ve ever imagined. I’m still receiving compliments on how awesome the music and the dancing were at our wedding! Forrest truly went above and beyond our expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went during our wedding. I highly recommend Xceptional DJs for your next DJ at any event!”

DJ at Big Sky Barn in Montgomery

Yesterday evening DJ Forrest performed as the DJ at Big Sky Barn in Montgomery for Meagan and Jordan.

Everything went smoothly as usual, and their was even a surprise as the wedding dance music took a primarily country turn that surprised even the bride! We are totally cool with that because we play to the crowd and will roll with any situation to make sure our guests and your guests are happy and having a great time 🙂



About the Big Sky Barn(from their official website)

eception Barn

The Grand Barn is 6,400 square feet and able to comfortably accommodate 300 guests including dance floor, bar, and food and beverage set up.  The building is composed of large timber beams and oak, hemlock and pine boards all reclaimed and brought down from the Northeastern United States.  Mixed in with the wood are 112+ year old steel windows and tin roofing repurposed from a Carnegie Steel Building built locally in 1903.  The result is a beautiful eclectic mix of old world warmth and charm mixed with modern luxury and style.

It also features a double sided 36′ tall stone fireplace, indoor and outdoor bar, ADA restrooms, a dedicated Caterer’s Kitchen and a 1,200 square foot covered deck overlooking one of our outdoor entertainment areas.  Tables and Chairs are included at Big Sky Barn.  Within the Grand Barn, the Chiavari chair is our standard.  We offer eight 10′ site built custom wood rectangular tables and one 16′ that weighs over 800 lbs!  In addition, we have many 60″ circular tables and 8′ rectangular tables to provide a mixed look to your seating.


The Chapel Barn really makes Big Sky Barn the perfect venue for year-round Weddings and Events.  With 3,250 square feet of climate controlled space, there is no need to make alternate plans for weather or have guests “grab a chair” so that a single space can be used for ceremony and reception.  Antique white washed, solid oak wood planks make up the walls of the Chapel and are capped with solid wood timber trusses.  The backdrop for the ceremony is a 26′ tall wall of antique windows framed with 12″ thick solid wood beams.  Seating is compliments of Hand Carved Church Pews dated to 1884 along with cross back individual chairs.  The chapel is also home to our Groom’s quarters (nicknamed “The Last Stand Room”) and the now famous Big Sky Barn bridal suite.  Some things can’t be described in words…you’ll have to see it for yourself!

Principal’s Awards as School Dance DJ for Notingham Elementary! Mannequin Challenge

Each year we have the honor of performing the tunes as the School Dance DJ for the Principal’s Awards for Mr. Moore at Notingham Elementary. It is such a blast as each grade gets 30 minutes with DJ Forrest or some of our other disc jockeys. Love to do this each year! Puts a smile on our face like no other 🙂 Below the students competed in the mannequin challenge for fun…

If you are looking for a school dance DJ, Xceptional Djs is the best in the business. We perform lots of school districts, banquets, proms, homecomings, and more each year. High School, Junior High, and Elementary school parties remains a staple of our business for over 15 years.

“Hands-down the best DJ I’ve ever encountered”

Laura reviewed us on our official Facebook page today and it couldn’t be better 🙂 “Best DJ I’ve ever encountered!”

best dj Forrest
Best DJ



“Forrest is hands down the best DJ I’ve ever encountered. You absolutely won’t be disappointed! He was great with consulting us on how he usually flows with his music and recommendations on what would be the best order of events for our wedding reception. It’s evident that he knows his stuff and he has an impeccable sense of what the dance crowd will like (and won’t like). His DJ-ing during wedding reception was phenomenal and better than anything I could’ve ever imagined. I’m still receiving compliments on how awesome the music and the dancing were at our wedding! Forrest truly went above and beyond our expections, and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went during our wedding. I highly recommend Xceptional DJs for your next DJ at any event!

New DJ Forrest review to start the week!

Just received notification that a bride just left a review for us. Great way to start our last week of November, 2016!


We always love when brides write a review. We put so much effort and energy into making sure we do the best possible job so it means the world 🙂 – DJ Forrest

Rebecca and Tony @ Houston Museum of Natural Science

We had the honor of performing the wedding ceremony and reception music October 1st, 2016 for the marriage of Rebecca and Tony! Such a wonderful group of friends and family, great atmosphere, top notch catering, and classy vendors. Pictured below are a few photos from the gathering 🙂

Run Against Human Trafficking 2016

DJ Forrest had the great honor of performing the entertainment for the Run Against Human Traffic 2016. This run took place at the Marriot Woodlands Waterway to help raise awareness of the huge problem human this is.

Pictured below are the runners a few minutes before the race start 🙂

Run Against Human Traffick

Michelle and Jim’s Wedding and Reception

We are always thankful to see wedding photos from our events 🙂 A few months back Dj Forrest performed DJing for ceremony and reception while Paul ran the photobooth! Here are a few of our favorite pics…

DJ Forrest Houston

New 5 star review came in today!

Below is a new review we received this morning! Love these more than words 🙂

DJ Forrest review with photobooth

“We recently used Xceptional DJs for our daughter’s wedding. The music was flawless and fun, photobooht was a hit, and the lighting looked fantastic. We had DJ Forest and Paul ran the photobooth. I recommend because they worked us through the entire process from timeline to announcements. We didn’t have a wedding planner and Forrest took charge and everything ran very smoothly and we get lots of compliments on how fun it was. Thank you again guys!”

Sunday fun with DJ Forrest with The Pathway Church 2016

A little rain didn’t slow down Dj Forrest and The Pathway Church today (August 21st, 2016). It was  a cookoff to celebrate the new school year and was a huge success and turnout even though it rained like crazy both before, during, and after the event in Mont Belvieu. Any chance we get to work DJ Forrest with The Pathway Church it’s a great day 🙂


DJ Forrest with The Pathway Church

About The Pathway Church in Mont Belvieu (from their official website):



“To connect people together for dependence on Christ and following His lead.”

Jesus said His purpose for coming to this world was so that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).  When we allow Him to navigate our lives, things begin to fall into place accordingly. We truly do experience an abundant life. Life has a great purpose, and the path we choose really does matter! Jesus called people to follow Him. What does this really mean? In the scriptures, He draws a picture with the life He lives and the path He follows. As we study Jesus through the Gospels, we can see what it looks like to follow Him with our lives very clearly. The Pathway church believes that the picture of a real Jesus’ follower can be summed up in three words: Abide, Connect, Give. We ABIDE in Him, while building meaningful relationships with others (CONNECT), and then GIVE generously to help others experience this abundant life in the same manner.


  • God Dependence
  • Relentless Love
  • Lifestyle Service
  • Contagious Generosity
  • Meaningful Relationships





DJ Forrest with Houston Zoo Crew 2016

Each year DJ Forrest performs for the Houston Zoo Crew! This is such a fun group of kids who volunteer their time to gain real world experience 🙂

This year, Sadie the Owl made a guest appearance!

DJ Forrest

A few of our favorite Galveston photobooth pics from Kathy and Roger’s reception

Wanted to share a few of our favorite Galveston photobooth pictures from Kathy and Roger’s wedding reception! Full gallery here-

If you are looking for a DJ or Galveston Photobooth, give us a call. For over 15 years, we have worked Galveston and surrounding cities to bring you the finest top notch entertainment available. Contact us today!

Pokemon Go Challenge tonight at Da Stadium

Yes this Pokemon Go is out of control. We realize this! It is also kind of fun and is officially the most active mobile game EVER in the United States and has only been out a little over a week!

Tonight DJ Forrest performs at Da Stadium and after 9 PM, if you catch a Pokemon inside of Da Stadium, you win a bomb. Kind of a fun promo if you ask me. Download the Pokemon Go app today and come join the fun tonight! 🙂

Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go you ask? From Wikipedia

The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices. Although the game is free-to-play, it supports in-app purchases of additional gameplay items. An optional companion Bluetooth wearable device, the Pokémon Go Plus, is planned for future release and will alert users when Pokémon are nearby.

The game received mixed critical reception. It was praised by some medical professionals for potentially improving the mental and physical health of players, but attracted some controversy due to reports of causing accidents and being a public nuisance to some locations. It was one of the most downloaded smartphone apps upon its release, and was a boon to the stock value of Nintendo, which owns a part of The Pokémon Company. Within a week of release, it became the most active mobile game ever in the United States with more than 21 million players.

WeddingWire Rated badge 2016

🙂 Our Xceptional DJs Weddingwire badge…

Xceptional DJs weddingwire

What does it mean to be WeddingWire Rated?…

WeddingWire Rated is a badge program for wedding professionals to celebrate local businesses that achieved a certain number of newlywed reviews.

To be WeddingWire Rated, a wedding pro must have:
At least 3 valid reviews
At least 1 valid review within the last 12 months

If you are a WeddingWire Rated vendor, you can place the WeddingWire Rated logo on your own business website.

To see if you are WeddingWire Rated, please visit the ‘Reviews’ tab in your account!

Performing at the stunning Chateau Coromar

DJ Forrest was fortunate to perform on July 2nd, 2016for Aimeng and Patrick at the stunning Chateau Cocomar. The setting was beautiful and classy, while the atmosphere was fun, upbeat, and positive 🙂 Flawless event and great time had by all.



Why DJ Forrest?

A question we often get from those who have never worked with us before is why DJ Forrest package? All DJs are not created equal! Here are a few differentiation factors:

1. Music is mixed- An overwhelming amount of DJs do not mix, they simply fade the music in and out as a song ends. While this can still be effective, DJ Forrest will wow the crowd with smooth remixes and mixes are achieved live to take you on a journey!

2. Attire is suit and tie (when appropriate)- Suit and tie allows him to present a more professional image when performing the biggest day of your life. He will look the part.

3. He previously ran a catering company/banquet hall- This experience gives him invaluable insights into many other nuances of your event besides music. He coordinates all activities and announcements with all vendors. Your event will go smooth.

4. Equipment- A huge differentiation factor between Forrest and many other company is equipment. He features tops and subs of the highest quality. He doesn’t use typical mobile DJ speakers… he uses touring speakers used by musicians that sound better and cost up to 4 times the cost of the HIGHEST end mobile DJ gear. He also has a lighted facade at no additional charge when possible.

5. Promptness and never cancelling- He arrives around 1.5 hours before start time to ensure everything is always set up and ready to go with plenty of time.

6. Music up to date with edited or unedited options- Forrest invests 6-8 hours per week going through hundreds of tracks as they come out or even before they hit the airwaves. He also has both the clean and explicit versions labeled. While he will NEVER play curse words at a formal event, corporate party, or wedding, he does have appropriate music when performing clubs or sports bars.

7. Wedding planner friendly- This cannot be overstated because many local DJs are at odds with event planners. He embraces working with them and even assumes total responsibility for event management if no planner is present. Your announcements and timeline will be executed to give you piece of mind.

8. Hundred of reviews- Why take a chance? He is one of the most highly rated in Houston and is even Better Business Bureau A+ rated. Hear from others before making this important decision-

9. Insured- Most venues and hotels require insurance for both your protection and the venues. He is up to $2,000,000 of coverage in case the unthinkable happens

10. Experienced at most venues- He has played at most venues in Houston area several times and in several locations within the venue. He can offer custom suggestions depending on your need.

11. Wifi- DJ Forrest always has WiFi at events to be able to download even the most hard to find songs.

12. Helper included for no cost most events- Forrest brings an assistant or helper on nearly 90% of his shows. This allows him to really handle additional details flawlessly.

13. Wireless mic included and backup gear- DJ Forrest never charges extra for wireless mic, and he also has doubles of ever piece of gear, wiring, and lighting at each event in case of gear failure.

14. All event type and genre types- DJ Forrest has been building his music library since 1999 and has performed every type of event imaginable! This is invaluable in a diverse city like Houston.

It’s never too early!

Hey guys as a reminder, it is never too early to reserve your DJ. Right now, with summer kicking off, the phone typically slows down for us over the next few weeks. That is OK because while the phones are seasonal, the event season is not because our business is weddings primarily!

Once reason people love to work with Xceptional DJ’s is you never run the risk of your event being cancelled if you do book well in advance. We have several great DJs on staff so if an emergency situation occurs, we have backups. For that reason it is perfectly Ok to book well in advance. In fact, it is greatly encouraged because our prime October and December Saturday dates are already almost completely filled with a few exceptions.

Don’t wait, call Xceptional DJ’s today 🙂 281-206-2670

Nassau Bay Hilton DJ

This rainy Saturday, June 4th, 2016, DJ Forrest and Xceptional DJs performed the music, photobooth, and uplighting for Dr. and Mrs. Skoog. Lots of visually stunning decor helped to make for a beautiful setting. We always love performing as the Nassau Bay Hilton DJ… great venue!

DJ Forrest dropping a golden oldies set to a roarin' wedding crowd! 6-4-16 from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Nassau Bay Hilton DJ Nassau Bay Hilton DJ Nassau Bay Hilton DJ Nassau Bay Hilton DJ


From the Nassau Bay Hilton Official site-


Our Lobby & Conference Meeting rooms offer many options for meetings and special events at Houston’s only waterfront hotel. The theme of Space throughout the new area challenges us to take a look at ourselves from a distance and helps us see where we are and where we’re going. To find our place in the universe and discover how we can have the most positive impact during our time here. We are confident our distinct meeting facilities and our service will make your event memorable.

Floor Plan (PDF)

Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake hotel, Houston TX - Boardroom


Small meetings mean big business at the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake. We feature multiple small meeting room configurations and a team of sales managers dedicated to making your planning process as smooth as possible while our in-house staff provides video conferencing and any A/V services you may need.

Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake hotel, Houston TX - Meetings - Classroom Set Up


With almost 15,000 sq. ft. of flexible event space, no function is too large at the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake. Expertly designed meeting space provides easy access for conferences, workshops and special events, many featuring spectacular lake views.

Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake hotel, Houston TX - Bride Overlooking Waterfront


Book your wedding at Houston’s only waterfront hotel. Multiple options are available for an intimate wedding or extravagant reception. Customize your menu with the help of our dedicated staff. We also offer packages that include up-lighting and draped ceilings and walls, flowers and cake. Contact us today to secure one of the finest wedding venues in Houston.

Weddings at Our Hotel

Shipley Do-Nut’s Dash 2016

DJ Forrest performed the music and emceed the 2nd annual Shipley Do-Nut’s Dash 2016 to help support Kid’s Meals Inc. The event was a huge success with perfect weather, over 1000 participants, and lots of family friendly fun in the sun. We are excited to be a part of this amazing occasion, and are can’t wait to see this event grow bigger each year!

About Shipley
Do-Nuts Dash

On Saturday, May 14th, 2016, Shipley Do-Nuts will host the 2nd Annual Shipley Do-Nuts Dash.

This is an exciting, family friendly fun run, to raise money to benefit Kids’ Meals Houston. Run, walk or crawl, just come out and join us for the fun! Want to win free donuts for a year? Show us what you’ve got by dressing up as you favorite donut and enter our contest for your chance to win.  Registration includes a ticket to a Houston Dynamo game. Do-Nut miss out on the sweetest fun run in town!

The History

The inaugural Shipley Do-Nuts Dash was held on March 1, 2015. Through the generous support of our Dashers and Sponsors, we were able to present Kids’ Meals with a check for $10,000, to help fight poverty among underprivileged children in the Houston area. We are thrilled to partner with Kids’ Meals again and continue to help bring awareness to their mission.

About Kids’ Meals

Kids’ Meals is a 501(c)3 non profit, community based organization, serving healthy lunches to over 1,700 hungry pre-school aged children, living in poverty. They provide and deliver nutritious meals, free of cost to the families, Monday through Friday, year-round.

2nd Annual Charitabulls DJ event 2016

DJ Forrest was honored to be back again perform as the Charitabulls DJ for the 2nd annual ParTee event 2016 at Top Golf in Katy. Many local celebrities and Houston Texans current and former players showed support, and the event was another huge success once again 🙂


What is the Charitabulls? This is from their Official website

During the summer of 2013 two die-hard Houston Texans fans connected on twitter with an idea that soon turned into more than they could have imagined. Co-Founders Shanan Malone and Hollie Fulsom were often tweeting back and forth about the Texans when Shanan approached Hollie with an idea. The idea was to put together a fundraising effort that would bring together fans and raise money for a community non-profit.  Within days, the “SuperFan” calendar benefiting the Justin J. Watt Foundation was born.  Soon after, the photographer,  the sponsors and “SuperFans” were all lining up to support our cause.  In November of 2013 the “SuperFan” calendars were printed and ready to grace the walls of 1,000 supporters.  Just one month later, CharitaBulls was able to make a$20,000 donation to the Justin J. Watt Foundation.

Neither of the ladies expected the initial project would turn into what is today; however, after getting into the process, it was clear the path they were on.  They filed for a 501(c)(3) and CharitaBulls was formed.

CharitaBulls is currently made up of the co-founders, Shanan Malone and Hollie Fulsom, along with Board Members, Lisa Hospedales, and Cheeto Musquiz. Together we are making a positive impact in the Houston Community by supporting and bringing awareness to local nonprofits.

In 2015, CharitaBulls will be forming a “Task Force” committee. This committee will be operated by a team of volunteers that care passionately about our community and are focused on fostering relationships among our area nonprofits – Progress through unity.  Check back for updates.

Brian and Rikki with DJ Forrest at San Luis Resort, Galveston

Last weekend was a busy one and all events were fantastic, including the below photo with DJ Forrest at San Luis Resort, Galveston! This outdoor ceremony by the seawall was beautiful with a small setup with wireless, and DJ Forrest capped off his Saturday night on the 2nd floor Mainsail Salon ballroom with a DJ/Photobooth/Uplights/Gobo event at San Luis Resort. All the guests had an amazing time and complimented the music 🙂 Success!!

DJ Forrest at San Luis Resort

From the official website of San Luis Resort..


A Picture Perfect Beach Venue

We offer an array of picture-perfect venues with beautiful views of the Gulf that will enhance the beauty of your special event. We offer venues that work for many special occasions including the elegant Grand Ballroom, which accommodates up to 500 guests, and the Mainsail Salon for more intimate receptions. As part of our wedding reception packages, breathtaking fresh-air ceremonies are held in our Gulf-view Gazebo – a truly magical backdrop for your lifetime commitment.

Our award-winning culinary team will work with you to customize a menu that reflects your taste and accommodates the needs of your guests. For your wedding day elegance, Spa San Luis provides professional make-up artistry and coiffures.

Allow our management and associates to ensure flawless execution of service and personalized attention to detail for your Galveston beach wedding or other special occasion. At The San Luis Resort, no celebration is less than spectacular!

Please contact us for more information about our picturesque Island reception location.

Helping Barefoot Wine Launch their new 2016 Spritzer Line

DJ Forrest visited Minute Maid Park to help Barefoot Wine launch their new 2016 Spritzer Line! It tastes like wine… only better! What a great time!

Sunday Wedding at Olde Dobbin Station

Today, Sunday April 17th, 2016, DJ Forrest performed the music and announcements while Paul rocked the photobooth at Olde Dobbin Station. The crowd had a blast and the photobooth was quite the hit 🙂

DJ Forrest performs at Olde Dobbin Station

DJ Forrest at Olde Dobbin Station

Olde Dobbin Station

From the Olde Dobbin Station Old Dobbin Station official website

“Olde Dobbin Station” will provide a unique experience for its clients through the use of old structures built in the early 1900’s, restored to their original look and feel, while adding a vintage touch. The buildings were initially used by oil companies as a “pumping station” and later became a famous place of fellowship for those in the community due to its Artesian Water Well. It became the community “swimming hole” according to many of the locals and remains a historical marker for the community and its residents.

The McCoy’s are excited to breathe life back into these old buildings.

VIDEO: Jeremy and Laura talking about working with Forrest as the DJ at Oak Tree Manor

We had the good fortune to perform for Jeremy and Laura’s event as the DJ at Oak Tree Manor in March of 2016!

Forrest was the DJ at Oak Tree Manor in March 2016 for Jeremy and Laura

Forrest was the DJ at Oak Tree Manor in March 2016 for Jeremy and Laura

From the Oak Tree Manor Website

This now one-hundred and forty-year old home was built in 1876 by German immigrants during the time of horse drawn carriages, railroad tracks and old saloons. The original homesteaders were the famous Wunsche Brothers of Old Town Spring.

The house sits on its original site on Spring Stuebner Road and is surrounded by century-old oak trees, some more than two hundred years old. One Live Oak on the grounds has qualified to appear in the Harris Country Tree Registry. [Download .pdf file], and one Willow Oak has been recognized as a country-wide champion in its category.

Through the years, the only major additions have been a living room and a master bedroom. Wherever possible, the original wood has been preserved. Most recently, a Gazebo, swimming pool, outside patio and grill area have been added.

From generation to generation, countless weddings have been performed under the shade of the two-hundred year old oak tree. Local folklore has it that weddings under this tree will be blessed with happiness, children and, of course, beautiful love.

50th Anniversary at Grand Palace

This morning we hasd the honor of performing for Mary and Charlie to celebrate 50 years of marriage at the Grand Palace in Spring. We take our duties as a wedding anniversary DJ with great pride as we realize how important this day is to the couple and their families 🙂

Anniversary DJ for 50th 12802801_10208648816878496_9220834592724652177_n

Updated Yelp Review

“Used this company again this week for rodeo receptions. Exceptional doesn’t begin to describe the professional service provided. I would recommend exceptional djs and DJ Forrest for any event. I’ve personally used the photo booths for several rodeo functions but I have also attended weddings … ”

DJ Yelp Review

A note from the Jamie at Briscoe Manor

We love getting thoughtful reviews from brides, but take a special fondness when a wedding coordinator or staff from a well established venue takes time to write. Here is an awesome email we received early this week 🙂 …

Review DJ Forrest

New Facebook review

A new DJ Forrest review arrived on Facebook today from another one of our happy clients. We love it when you take time out of your busy day to share your experience with us!


Thank you note from the weekend!

We finished up another huge weekend and everything went flawlessly! Great events, great couples, great venues. Here is a note we received at the end of our Saturday show (it always makes our night)…

DJ Forrest thank you note





New DJ Forrest Review came today!!

So thankful when we get an email like this!! Thank you to James and Monika for helping to make my week 🙂 – DJ Forrest…

“Forrest, you somehow lived up to all the expectations we had! Of all our vendors, you were the easiest to deal with and get ahold of, and you rocked our wedding! Thank you again for being such a pro even when things seemed like they were going off track. You kept us calm and that’s not easy to do. James and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing so great. We are getting compliments left and right about the music and announcements :)”

Performing for Oracle Cloud Day #cloudday

We had the great fortune of performing the Oracle Cloud day to cap off a great event for the company! DJ Forrest played fun, upbeat music to enhance the energy and mood at the JW Marriot Westheimer.

IMG_20160211_153833660 IMG_20160211_161520628

DJ Forrest @ Chandelier Grove

On Saturday February 6th, Josh and Caroline had DJ Forrest at Chandelier Grove to perform the music for the ceremony, reception, and uplights. Even though is was our first time at this beautiful, newer venue in Tomball, we had the perfect affair with a beautiful ceremony featuring live performances from friends, along with her father officiating. After the ceremony, we moved into the barn and after a wonderful dinner service, the crowd danced all evening to a variety of songs, remixes, and oldies.

Many guests including the bride mentioned that Forrest did one of the best jobs ever! That always makes me feel fantastic 🙂 – DJ Forrest

DJ Forrest at Chandelier Grove


The Carriage House

We performed our first event at The Carriage House on January 23rd, 2016. The venue has only been open about a year but we like the way it lays out with the country feel and classy interior. We performed DJ, photobooth and uplighting, and outdoor ceremony with the house system and everything went smoothly and everyone had a blast 🙂

The Carriage House


Da Stadium Thursday League

We were thankful to partially sponsor the Thursday in House league shirts at Da Stadium in Pasadena, TX. Love the way they turned out guys! Shout out to Gabe 🙂 – DJ Forrest

Da Stadium league shirts with DJ Forrest Da Stadium with DJ Forrest Pasadena TX

DJ Forrest performs at the Balmorhea

Tonight DJ Forrest performs at the Balmorhea venue in Montgomery, TX. The venue has only been open around a year and a half, but is already starting to get rave reviews in the industry. I’m impressed 🙂 – DJ Forrest

Balmerhea with DJ Forrest


Want to know more about the venue? Here is some info from Just a short distance down the road from the town of Balmorhea, in the beautiful Balmorhea State Park, lies the San Solomon Springs, a sacred place to Native Americans and a source of fresh water for travelers for hundreds of years. One day, while traveling through the Big Bend Country, the Carswell family stumbled upon a small stream of crystal clear water flowing gently alongside the road they were traveling. Overcome by its beauty, they followed this unique and unexpected sight to find its source, the San Soloman Springs nestled there in Balmorhea.

The name Balmorhea is both unique and beautiful. We designed our venue to capture both the beauty and the unique experience the Carswell family experienced that day. We trust your visit here will leave you wrapped in that same experience.

Tori and Brice at Sam Houston Hotel!

Last weekend we had the honor to perform for Victoria and Brice at the Sam Houston Hotel for our first 2016 wedding in downtown. We also worked with our favorite planner Candace with Glitter+Whiskey Events and everything went as smoothly as possible. Dancefloor was packed all night and the guests loved the photobooth. Below there are a few pictures of my favorites. If you need a trendy, central, and fun place to have an event, you should contract Sam Houston Hotel, and have DJ Forrest and/or Xceptional DJs help with your photo booth and music needs 🙂

Pictured below is the bride Victoria and her SUPER proud dad! -DJ Forrest

Tori with dad

Tori with dad

Ashton Gardens West

Tonight we were fortunate to perform at the new Ashton Gardens west for the Wes and Lulu wedding and reception. Here is the website-

This is a very impressive venue if you are in the market. I give the ambiance and staff 5 stars 🙂 -DJ Forrest

Ashton Gardens West


From their official website…



We’ve created the most exclusive setting for you to exchange your vows in our distinctive glass enclosed chapel. In our reception ballroom, celebrate your wedding in style among stunning views of the surrounding trees, lush greenery and fountained courtyards. Ashton Gardens has been voted among the best wedding venues by Brides at the Knot, Wedding Wire and Weddings in Houston. Our experienced event coordinators will assist in planning every detail of your ceremony and wedding reception while our award-winning culinary team creates all of your menu options from scratch using only the highest quality and freshest products available.

To learn more about the most unique wedding venues in west Houston contact Ashton Gardens today.

Holiday season in full swing. We DJ at Crowne Plaza River Oaks this evening!


Tonight we have the honor to be the Dj at Crowne Plaza River Oaks for Fugro. We have worked with this company for several years and are blessed to be back again 🙂DJ at Crowne Plaza River Oaks

From The Crowne Plaza website…

Meetings and Events are special at Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks
An excellent choice for Houston meetings, conferences, banquets, or special social events, the Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks features over 12,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, accommodating up to 700 guests.  Ideal for your family reunion, wedding reception, Quincineras or company party, our beautiful ballrooms accommodate up to 350 guests and we offer catering services featuring delicious menu choices for any type of meeting or event.

Our dedicated Crowne Meetings Director guides you through the process from conception to event, ensuring a successful and enjoyable meeting or event.   We specialize in meeting planning and are centrally located close to many great restaurants, nightlife, and culture

Business Meeting

Offering 18 meeting rooms and flexible space for presentations or exhibitions, Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks in Houston, Texas accommodates a wide variety of corporate events or meetings.

Our sales and meeting professionals are on location to help you choose the equipment you will need, the room configuration, and the menu.

We’re here to provide all the equipment you will need from audio/visual to white boards, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our on-site catering staff makes breaks delicious. We serve breakfast, buffet, dinner, lunch, and offer themed meals including our Mexican celebration and antipasto display.

Click here to view our meeting room floor diagram and capacity chart.

The Meeting Success® Program

At the Crowne Plaza Houston River Oaks Hotel we know that in the downtown Houston event market, we must go further to surpass other Houston hotels. That’s why we developed our Meeting Success® Program. Enjoy three unrivaled features:

  • Our 2-Hour Response Guarantee:  contact us and we’ll return your initial inquiry within 2 hours, guaranteed, and provide a proposal by the next business day
  • Our Crowne Meetings Director, providing expert advice and hands-on help
  • Daily Meeting Debrief, where you receive a complete itemization of that day’s expenditures

The Windsor Ballroom is the perfect location for the unforgettable wedding reception of your dreams.  Decorated to your specifications and theme, up to 350 guests will enjoy the celebration in this beautiful expansive room that also features a 1312 sq. ft. foyer.  For smaller weddings, the lovely Churchill ballroom provides an intimate setting for up to 120 guests.

Our ballrooms are decorated in warm, comforting tones with modern chandeliers giving the rooms a romantic glow. Our on-site catering staff works with you, planning the menu and perfect dining experience for your wedding in Houston, Texas.

Whether you’re planning a company gathering, a family reunion, or an unforgettable wedding reception, allow us to make your vision a reality.

For availability and price quotes, please contact Hotel Sales at 713-523.8448
or fax: 713-523.3689.

13th birthday party- Photobooth pics

DJ Forrest provided the hits while Paul provided the photobooth. We brought out a fogger, laser light show, and a ton of fun props to help the kids have the time of their lives. Here are a few fun pictures from the photobooth 🙂 Full gallery here-

Lone Star College Rally Photobooths

We were honored to perform the photo booths for Lonestar Colleges 3 locations this month. The Superhero theme was a HUGE hit for the registration rally!! Here are a few pics…

It’s never too late!!

Wanted to share a kind email we received today from another happy bride. The event took place at the Heights Firestation a few weeks ago 🙂 -DJ Forrest


6 Essentials for DJing at a Wedding

I found this article online by Michael M.  Hughes and thought I would share. These are some essential qualities needed for DJ success. I agree with most of this 🙂 -Forrest

6 Essentials For DJing At Weddings
Wedding DJing
Get the mix of skills right and there’s money to be made from DJing at weddings. Pic: Mixing Maryland
In my last installment, I discussed why you might want to consider being a wedding DJ. But in order to do the job well, you need to possess some important qualities.
Luckily they’re all things you probably already have, or could have with a bit of effort (or money). Being aware of what’s expected of you makes it easier for you to go and fill in the gaps relatively easily, and to do the job more confidently.
1. Broad musical knowledge
Sure, you love your EDM. You love flawless mixing, sampling, beat-juggling, and creating new sounds out of old songs. But in order to be a good wedding DJ, you need to understand and appreciate (if not like) every genre of music. Yes, that unfortunately includes horrible “new country”, the cheesiest pop fluff hits, mind-numbing line dances, and love ballads so saccharine they can put you in a diabetic coma.
You’ll also need to know some classical pieces, especially those associated with weddings (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Pachelbel’s Canon, and the various wedding precessionals/recessionals). Dinner music is especially important, allowing you to please some of the older folks and those who won’t be dancing later on.
Luckily for you, it’s easy to find out about all of that material online – a little bit of homework and a few greatest hits collections and you can be ready to DJ for all tastes.
2. A likeable persona
From your initial meeting with the bride-and-groom-to-be, you need to be responsive and attentive to their wishes, but also take charge. The couple will lay out their ideal music mix and structure of the event. Unfortunately, their ideas will sometimes be unrealistic and unwise (“We only want heavy metal all night” or “No Macarena, no matter who requests it”).
If you’re scared of using the microphone, it’s something you should practise, because you’re going to need to use it when DJing weddings.
You need to reassure them that they are in control while also explaining to them the dynamics of pleasing a crowd and the requirements for a successful evening of dancing. You’re both an employee and an educator. You’re also an MC. You need to get comfortable with a mic. You will be called on to introduce people, to make announcements, and to help choreograph the action.
You need to be likeable, high energy, and fun – but not cheesy (like the previously mentioned bad-tux guy). It’s a delicate balance that comes with practice. If your persona comes across as blase or uninterested, why should they even hire you instead of just plugging an iPod into the existing sound system? You need to add enthusiasm and energy in just the right measure, not just play the right tunes.

3. Organisation skills
Weddings can be complicated affairs. Most involve the introduction of the couple and the wedding party (by you), but also include prayers, toasts, special requests, traditional rituals (garter toss, apron dance) and other things you’ll need to know how to choreograph and narrate.
Frequently, the bride and groom will lose track of time, and you’ll need to remind them (or the caterer/event manager) to stay on track. You are a manager of the scheduled activities and not just the music, so you need to focus on both and not get too caught up worrying about your next track.
4. Foolproof gear with backup
This is a lesson you’ll only need to learn once – always have a backup plan for any possible emergency.
Having a backup system is essential for the wedding DJ.
Having a backup system is essential for the wedding DJ.
When a mobile DJ company sent me to a ritzy wedding gig with bad cables, I discovered the sound coming from the speakers was the equivalent of an old transistor AM radio. I almost fled the scene. There’s nothing more excruciating than realising that you – and only you – are responsible for turning someone’s wedding into a colossal mess-up.
Amazingly, I managed to get people dancing until an emergency guy could show up with new cables (thanks to a very saintly and understanding couple and their guests) but I never DJ a wedding any more without a complete backup plan. It only takes one time. Believe me.
Thankfully, it’s not hard to handle most emergencies (see Pro DJ Secrets For When Everything Goes Dead…). An iPod or iPad can keep the party going until you fix your computer, or even replace it in the worst-case scenario when you laptop turns into a smouldering ruin.
5. The ability to market yourself
Wedding gigs generate future wedding gigs. You’re likely to be approached by other couples looking for a fantastic DJ like you for their upcoming wedding. Or someone planning a private or corporate party. Sometimes the event manager at the venue is looking for a high quality and dependable DJ they can recommend (I landed a regular gig that way).
You’ll be asked for your business card – so make sure you always have plenty of them. And here’s the great part – you’ve already auditioned by playing a terrific four-hour set and packing the dancefloor, so the selling part is over. Handing over your card usually seals the deal. It’s the easiest sales job in the world.
6. Adaptability
Every wedding presents its own challenges. The drunk guy who keeps demanding “Wonderful Tonight” so he and his wife can slow dance despite the fact that you’ve got a seriously packed, grooving dance floor. The elderly woman complaining about the volume being too loud and the younger folks asking you to turn it up, and room acoustics turning your sound into an echoing mush.
Wedding DJing
You need to be flexible and adaptable to keep a wedding dancefloor happy. Pic: Wedding Window
Because wedding venues and wedding guests are diverse and unpredictable, you need to be flexible and adaptable, making quick decisions on the fly.
And no matter what happens, you need to keep smiling. You need to look like you’re having fun even if the event turns chaotic, when the Best Man fractures his arm trying to breakdance, and the bride is in hysterics because someone spilled red wine all over her dress. A good DJ can save a wedding, lifting the vibe and keeping the crowd focused on the primary goal: having fun.
And when Donna Summer belts out the final “Hey hey yeah!” of “Last Dance” and everyone starts applauding for you, it’s a damn good feeling. You’ve taken one of the biggest nights of their lives – maybe the biggest – and made it a resounding success.
• Michael M. Hughes is a DJ, writer, and performer. He’s currently the resident DJ at the Baltimore Get Down and has played more than a hundred weddings and numerous private and corporate events. He’s compiling his hard-won wisdom in an upcoming guide for digital wedding DJs, which will be available from Digital DJ Tips.
Have you seen wedding DJs who demonstrate the above skills well (or badly)? Would you consider DJing at weddings – and if not, why not? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

VIDEO: “It was such a GREAT night!” DJ Forrest at The Grove 10-9-15

Tiffany and Garrett tied the knot Friday, 10-9-15 at The Grove Discovery Green downtown. DJ Forrest had the good fortune of performing the ceremony and reception for this classy and fun group!!

From The Grove website:
We appreciate your interest in The Grove to host your event!
Welcome your guests to a truly unique dining experience amidst Downtown’s lush Discovery Green Park.
With crisp architecture and beautiful interior design, The Grove offers two enclosed private rooms and one
outdoor deck & indoor combined space overlooking Downtown. Our spaces accommodate a variety of
events: from an intimate cocktail reception to a seated dinner for 240 guests, the possibilities are only
limited by your imagination. The Grove is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows which provide an
incredibly stunning view of Discovery Green Park and the downtown skyline, the perfect compliment to your
very special and elegant event.
The Grove is owned and operated by the Schiller-Del Grande Restaurant Group which has proudly been
serving the city for over 30 years. World-renowned Chef/Partner Robert Del Grande & The Grove Team
have crafted an exquisite Rustic American menu that features rotisserie and grilled meats and proudly
supports local farmers by serving a variety of fresh local produce. Our Catering Manager and Beverage
Manager will help you create a custom menu from our superb wine list and extraordinary menu.
Our gracious staff will provide service with precision and style. This personalized service combined with
The Grove’s phenomenal setting will ensure your event will be memorable, stunning and thoroughly
Please take your time to review our Catering Package and feel free to contact the catering department if
you have any questions or comments

VIDEO: The “only room happenning” was the DJ Forrest room at SPE Conference @ Hilton Americas

The “only room happening at the end of the night” was the DJ Forrest room at SPE Conference @ Hilton Americas Downtown with Candanian Universities on Monday September 28th, 2015!

We had red uplights and played a combination of fun classy tunes to raise the energy in the room. The engineers in the room stayed until the end and everyone seemed thrilled at the overall turnout 🙂


From the Hilton Americas website:


The Hilton Americas – Houston hotel in downtown Houston is directly connected via two covered sky bridges to the George R. Brown Convention Center. Stay at this Green Seal-certified hotel and benefit from its efforts to lower the building’s carbon footprint. This downtown hotel provides 1,200 guest rooms and 91,500 sq. ft. of technologically advanced meeting space. Plan an event in the city’s largest column-free ballrooms.

After a long day, whet your appetite with a refreshing drink at the Lobby Bar. 1600 Bar + Grille, brings farm-fresh ingredients to the menu for a just-picked flavor. Enjoy locally sourced seasonal fresh produce, plus Certified Angus Beef and Gulf seafood dishes prepared from scratch to guarantee farm-to-fork freshness. Savor the south-of-the-border flavors of Pappasitos Cantina, serving traditional Tex-Mex favorites including sizzling fajitas and hand-crafted margaritas. Relish Starbucks® coffee, sandwiches, fresh pastries, and healthy snacks from Java Jive@1600, located on the lobby level. Our hotel in downtown Houston also offers 24-hour room service.

Relax at the Skyline Spa & Health Club on the 23rd floor. The health club is equipped with modern workout machines and a panoramic view. Rejuvenate with an array of spa services or just relax at the Olympic-size infinity pool. Retire to the finest accommodations.

River Oaks Garden Club

This weekend we had a full schedule with three photobooths and four other DJ shows including two weddings and even a grand opening. Pictured below are pictures from DJ Forrest’s Saturday event at River Oaks Garden Club. This is a beautiful, unique venue that captures the beauty of outdoor life, while being positioned in a prominent location. This wedding event featured background music only for a classy feel that the bride and groom were going for.

From the River Oaks Garden Club website:

The historic Forum of Civics building and gardens are available for special functions and wedding receptions. Please call 713.523.2483 or send anemail for information.

Built in 1910 and owned by the River Oaks Garden Club since 1942, the Forum of Civics building is of recognized historical significance and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Its gardens provide valuable green space in the heart of the city and are open to the public free of charge.

Initially built for use as a county school, the building was remodeled in 1927 by John F Staub as headquarters for the Forum of Civics founded by Will Hogg. Hogg, who chaired the Houston Planning Commission, organized the Forum of Civics to develop a comprehensive plan for Houston’s public spaces and, in his words, “to stimulate civic pride and to combine forces for the betterment and beautification of Houston.” One of the Forum’s projects was the citywide planting of crepe myrtles, roses, and shade trees, all of which were donated by Will Hogg.

The Hogg estate bequeathed the building to the University of Texas in 1939 with the stipulation that it continue to be used for educational purposes. When the River Oaks Garden Club purchased the Forum of Civics building, the UT Board of Regents stipulated that the Club “carry on the educational work directed primarily to stimulating knowledge and love of gardening, aiding in the protection of native plants and birds, and encouraging civic planting and planning.”

In the ensuing years, the River Oaks Garden Club has carried out this charge. The Forum building has been home to horticultural workshops, flower shows, and in conjunction with the annual Azalea Trail, educational exhibits. The Club has also established model gardens on the Forum grounds for demonstration purposes. The first such garden, a Victory Garden, was planted during World War II to encourage Houstonians to grow their own vegetables. In 1955, three formal gardens designed by J. Allen Myers, Jr. and Herbert Skogland were installed. The club later installed two additional, more informal gardens: one of native Texas plants, and another of seasonal plantings.

DJ Forrest Promo Video!

I’m excited to launch the DJ Forrest promotional video today! West Absher with Houston Area Productions did a fantastic job sifting through gigs and gigs of videos from years of events to put this together. I couldn’t be more thankful and will happily refer his services in the future “) #djforrest

Fun with the Houston Zoo Crew

On Saturday, DJ Forrest worked the annual Zoo Crew appreciation party! This is such a fun group and we only get them for 2 hours so we hit em’ hard with the most popular hits. This group loves oldies but goodies, line dances, top 40, country, pop, and silly songs that are animal and zoo themed. Always a great time!

Need a great DJ in Houston for your event? We’re here for you 🙂

Honoring a commitment we made 2.5 years ago!

Our bride had previously paid us in full and had to unexpectedly cancel her wedding just a few weeks out… OVER 2.5 YEARS AGO! We finally were able to honor our contract last weekend in College Station! Here is what mom (mother of the bride) had to say!! 🙂

Dozier Design Photography

Our friends at Dozier Design Photography were kind enough to send over a few candid shots of DJ Forrest at a recent wedding! I am impressed with the way they turned out and in such a low lighting setting. Devin and Donna were really kind and great to work with and we recommend them 🙂

From their official website:

A Little About Us…

Devin & Donna Dozier started DozierDesign back in 2013 and we are excited at how our business has grown! We began doing family, maternity and newborn sessions, but since then have moved into the wedding scene. We take pride in our ability to capture beautiful photos, while providing a friendly and helpful hand to ensure your wedding day is everything you wanted and more. Donna and I would love to meet you and discuss how we can help capture those unforgettable moments for you and your family.

CharitaBulls UnFOREgettable Party!

DJ Forrest performed as the CharitaBulls DJ with The Slags at to help promote the Wade Smith Foundation. The event took place Monday July 13th at Top Golf in Katy and was a huge success with a sold out lineup and massive raffle and silent auction. We were happy to be involved in such a great cause:)

Here is the click2Houston link-




The Mission of CharitaBulls is to support other area non-profit organizations in fulfilling their own missions by building community awareness, sharing resources, and providing a role of Philanthropy.  Through our fundraising efforts, we are able to support the work of new and existing non-profit organizations in the Houston community.   There is strength in numbers, and working together improves the lives of all involved.



Double Bayou Bash Photobooth

We had a great time and a successful outing for the 4th of July 2015 Double Bayou Bash photobooth event. It was windy and we had to tape down our backdrop, but we were able to make it happen and they LOVED it. Happy 4th friends!

A DJ Forrest Review from the weekend

DJ Forrest review

A great DJ Forrest review always makes my day better 🙂 Hard work does pay off.

From the letter…

“Forrest, Thank you so much for playing such a huge role in our special day. You were awesome and have been so great to work with! I will absolutely recommend Xceptional DJs to our friends and family.” Joe & Sarah

Amber Springs… before the wedding!

This evening #djforrest is all set up to perform the Lehman wedding for Sarah and Joseph. Although the rain prevented the outdoor ceremony, the staff moved all the festivities indoors. Forrest’s helper Paul was there to take a (rare) selfie! Happy Saturday 🙂


Photobooth pictures are not ALWAYS silly :)

Although our photobooth sessions are a TON of fun, we don’t always recommend taking silly picture using props EVERY single time. Sometimes it’s classy and just makes sense to take a serious “framer” from time to time as our images are all hi-res with professional flash and lighting for a studio quality look!


Pool Party Dj season has arrived!

Pool party DJ season has arrived! We specialize in tasteful apartment complex and private pool parties. Special pricing incentives for private parties and apartment complexes during off-peak times! -DJ Forrest

pool party DJ

pool party DJ

DJ Forrest review just came in from a March wedding

This DJ Forrest review came in from a wedding we did at the Heights Villa. I have a distinct recollection of this event because this was a very skeptical bride who was very concerned about the quality of music at her event. She had another DJ booked, but he cancelled at the very last minute due to not being able to meet the venue requirements of Heights Villa, which left her in a huge bind with just a few weeks to go. Luckily, DJ Forrest was available that evening on short notice. You can find the review below from our page on DJ Forrest review


DJ Forrest Review

From the Heights Villa website regarding the ballroom:

“The ballroom can host up to 220 guests. Adjoining the ballroom is a beautiful lanai with slate floors and rich stained ceilings. The building also has a bridal suite, a groom’s room with pool table and flat screen television, a bar and lounge , with a total square footage of over 8,000”

9 Tricks to Keep the Dance Floor Packed at Your Wedding by Elizabeth Mitchell

Every so often we come across a great article that we love to share! We agree with most of what is in the article below 🙂 Enjoy- DJ Forrest

9 Tricks to Keep the Dance Floor Packed at Your Wedding by Elizabeth Mitchell


There’s no bigger buzz kill at a wedding than an empty dance floor. Ideally, you want your guests to be up and on their feet and grooving to the sound of the music all night long. So how do you get the party started and keep it going then (which is the hard part, of course)? We asked a few wedding insiders to break it down for us.

1. Listen to your DJ
While asking your guests for song requests and giving your DJ some general guidance is great, please don’t turn him or her into a human iPod by listing out every single jam under the sun you’d like played, says Ashish Patel, owner of Volcanik Entertainment. “An experienced DJ will already have the know how to read the crowd and play the type of music they’re enjoying.”

2. Create a floor plan conducive to dancing
“Couples are often worried that their dance floor will be too small, but it’s equally important to make sure that the dance floor isn’t too big,” warns Jaclyn Fisher, owner of Two Little Birds Planning. Otherwise, it’ll look empty no matter how many people you have out there cutting a rug.

3. Start the night off on a high note
Wedding Photographer Michelle Girard has definitely seen her fair share of dance parties. According to her, getting people onto the floor is half the battle. “Once your friends and family are already out there though, they’ll likely stay for a few songs. At many Jewish weddings you’ll see this happen with the tradition of the Hora and that energy really compounds,” she notes. Another smart move is to have your DJ invite other couples to join you midway through your first dance, then transition into an upbeat song immediately afterward to keep guests grooving.

See More: And the Most Popular First Dance Song Is…

4. Mix up the music
And don’t forget to blast popular picks from a variety of generations! “Some musicians would rather play songs they prefer, but if you stick to the big hits, you’re guaranteed to get (and keep) your guests on the dance floor,” assures Jerry Wise, co-founder and vocalist of Austin-based national wedding band, the Matchmaker Band.

5. Make sure there’s a bar nearby
Because cocktails always encourage guests to let loose, duh! “The bar should be near or in the same room as the dance floor,” advises Wise. “If it’s in another room, you’re going to be quick to lose dancers.”

6. Engage the audience
To revive a dead dance floor, have your MC get a bit more interactive, suggests Girard. “I’ve seen band members move out into the crowd while singing, even dancing with grandma! DJs can orchestrate some fun competitions or games.”

7. Remember: Timing is everything
“For example, you don’t want to clear the dance floor in the middle of a great party to do your cake cutting because it may not fill up again,” cautions Boston-based award winning photographer Kristin Griffin. “Consider cutting your cake in between dinner courses before the dancing officially kicks off.”

See More: The Best Wedding Songs of 2014

8. Provide free flats or flip-flops for female guests
No need to let a little sore feet kill the vibe! If you have room in your budget to spare, Girard recommends providing comfy “dancing shoes” for female guests. “I’ve seen flip-flops, flats and colorful socks offered up at receptions for this purpose. It’s safer than bare feet and shows how much you want everyone to dance.”

9. Make sure you and your groom are busting a move
Last but certainly not least, make sure you’re out there and at the center of it all, says Griffin. No one can resist a smiling bride and groom on the dance floor,.

Keywords: Wedding Music

An awesome email we received today

“Hey Forrest,

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we had a great time at the wedding reception on Saturday. DJ Gary was awesome and got everyone on the dance floor. The lighting looked beautiful as well. Thanks for your work and please pass on our comments to Gary as well!”

Best Wishes,

CharitaBulls Event with DJ Forrest: Monday July 13th, 2015

DJForrest with logo and web

Thank you to Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths DJ Forrest for being a sponsor of our UnFOREgettaBULL PAR-TEE on July 13! We are excited to partee on the patio with you!

Posted by CharitaBulls on Thursday, May 7, 2015

FULL DJ Forrest wedding video: Hotel Galvez DJ (with announcements and captions)

We recently picked up a new GoPro and are excited to post our first video as the Hotel Galvez DJ 🙂 I think you will enjoy this because it give an accurate representation of a DJ Forrest wedding and you even get the opportunity to hear some of the announcements and song selections. Most importantly… notice how much FUN everyone is having!!!

DJ Forrest Wedding GOPRO @ Hotel Galvez: FULL W/ ANNOUNCEMENTS, CAPTIONS, GOBO, AND UPLIGHTS from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

From the official Hotel Galvez DJ Website:

A Historic Beachfront Galveston, TX Hotel
A Historic Beachfront at Hotel Galvez and Spa, Texas
For more than 100 years, Hotel Galvez & Spa has been pleasing guests from around the world with elegant décor, luxurious service, scenic Gulf Coast event space, and a majestic location across from the water. Old world style and grace embody every detail, with upscale modern amenities to please today’s most discerning travelers. In fact, our AAA 4-Diamond property is the only historic beachfront hotel on the Texas Gulf Coast and renowned as one of the finest Galveston hotels on the beach.

Comfortable rooms with inspiring views, a tranquil saline pool, swim-up bar, onsite day spa, and restaurant also earned the “Queen of the Gulf” a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. Spend a day swimming and sipping cocktails, enjoy a massage, then savor a fresh seafood dinner at Galvez Bar & Grill. When it’s time to explore, hop aboard our courtesy shuttle to The Strand Historic District and Pier 21, or take a courtesy bicycle to chart your own course across the island.

Mark your calendar for the Annual Historic Homes Tour (May 2-3 & May 9-10) and Galveston Island Beach Revue (May15-16). Check our special offers for weekend packages for our upcoming Wedding Vow Renewal on June 13. And, make your reservation for Sunday Brunch. Galvez Bar & Grill at Hotel Galvez was named one of the 2015 Top 100 Brunch Restaurants in America by OpenTable diners.


Looking for a great Hotel Galvez Dj that understands the venue, as well as how to make guests happy, contact us today!

Overlooking the seawall!

Overlooking the seawall!

Small wedding miracle for Eric and Corina :)

The weekend of April 18, 2015 had historically bad weather and flooding. This was especially troubling for Eric and Corina, who had a beautiful outdoor patio wedding planned with DJ Forrest at Villa Capri in Seabook. For the first hour the weather was rainy, windy, and dark and the bride was nearly in tears as her guests were getting rained on outside until suddenly… this small miracle happened!

Small wedding miracle at Villa Capri! from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Prom photobooth 2015

On April 11th, 2015 we had our first prom of 2015 at Di Amici Upscale events in Seabrook, TX! The high school had a fun Great Gatsby theme and our prom photobooth got compliments all night long.

DJ Forrest played all the greatest tunes while Paul helped everyone have a blast in the photobooth with an open air setting. We love the open air format when there is room because you can get more people in the picture. More people usually means more FUN!

Many more proms to come in the next few months and we will do everything possible to make sure that each one of them is as amazing as this one 🙂 DJ Forrest-

Prom photobooth


Here is what the official website says about school events…

Di Amici is an gorgeous event venue located just minutes from the Kemah Boardwalk in Seabrook Texas.  For school events, we offer our grand ballroom, private banquet room, and outdoor terrace.  We are a FULL SERVICE venue, taking care of everything your school needs, from catering to event planning.

Exquisite Grand Ballroom

In-House Event Planner

Outdoor Terrace w/Fountain

Over-Sized Granite Bar

Multiple 70″ Flat Screen TV’s

Podium and Microphone

Elegant Room and Table Decor

In-House Table Linnens

Thumpin’ Thursdays!

Thursdays at Da Pub are always a blast when Dj Forrest is in the house! Here is a pic from a friend:

VIDEO: Quinceanera at The Gallery

DJ Forrest and Paul performed the DJ and photobooth for Miranda’s quinceanera this past weekend. The party was a huge success and the guests loved and raved about the photobooth!! Here are a few photobooth pics from the party, as well as a quick video with a few highlights of the dance portion of the evening,  in which they packed the dancefloor and photobooth all evening long:)


Quinceanera at The Gallery Houston from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Graduation party DJ booking time is NOW!!

Are you looking to have the ULTIMATE graduation party dj that will be talked about for a lifetime?!

Graduation Party @ 5226 Elm with #DJForrest with Uplights from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

As a seasoned company with over 15 years of experience, and as you can see from the video above, your graduation party DJ can be the difference between a “regular” event, or an epic bash that will be talked about for years!

We have the latest and greatest sound, music, and lighting designed to rock the house! Contact us today for your graduation party…

graduation party dj

VIDEO highlights: Michelle and Kellan 8:31

Last weekend, DJ Forrest had the honor of performing for Michelle and Kellan (#michellan) wedding and reception at The Prairie in Round Top Texas with Glitter + Whiskey Events. It couldn’t have been a more perfect engagement from the amazing venue, to the fantastic food, to the top notch vendors involved. It was truly a thrill to leave the big city behind and share the country and this day with these two truly special people and their fun, tight-knit group of friends and family (see video below) 🙂

Michelle and Kellan’s Wedding Reception @ The Prairie By Rachel Ashwood from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Gina and Darin Photobooth pics 2-28-15: Tuscan Courtyard DJ

We were honored to perform the ceremony and reception entertainment services for some old friends last weekend. DJ Forrest performed while Paul worked the photobooth for Gina and Darin as the Tuscan Courtyard DJ. Below are some of our favorite pics from the photobooth. It was a huge hit and everyone had a blast with the open format. Another great wedding in the books 🙂

Need a Tuscan Courtyard DJ?!

Below from



  • All-Inclusive Packages
  • Professional Event Planner/Coordinator
  • Award-winning Catering Services
  • Professional Wait-Staff and Servers
  • Boutique Cake Bakery
  • Award-winning DJ Entertainment
  • Floor Length Table Linens and Chair Sashes
  • Bar Services and Packages
Veronika Open house buffet table service


  • Exclusive use of our 10 acre property
  • Only 1 event per day is held at Tuscan Courtyard
  • The Ballroom accommodates receptions of up to 250 guests indoors
  • Catering kitchen for preparation
  • Two outdoor ceremony sites near water
  • Two ponds with waterfalls
  • Miniature putting green
  • Bridal Suite equipped with vanity stations and a salon chair
  • Groom’s Quarter’s with private patio, foosball table, and X-Box Game System
  • Parking lot adjacent to The Ballroom

 The Ballroom

Amy & Vonn First Dance

At nearly 5,000 square feet, Tuscan Courtyard’s beautiful ballroom is the perfect place to host your grand event.

The Ballroom features high ceilings with wooden beams and a crystal chandelier that contributes to the timeless elegance and spaciousness of the facility. Large windows and glass doors in the front and back of The Ballroom allow lots of natural light into the building. A hardwood dance floor, bridal dressing room, custom wood buffet table and bar, and caterer’s kitchen provide you with everything you need for a fantastic event. There is also a stairwell that leads to a decorative balcony, which provides wonderful picture opportunities with your wedding party. The neutral, earthy tones of the facility allow you to decorate with virtually any color palate you desire, and transform The Ballroom into the event you’ve always imagined!

The Ballroom has direct access to The Courtyard via a charming connecting bridge walkway. A wrap-around porch outlined with lovely landscaping and stone accents provide guests with plenty of room to mingle and admire the grounds while still remaining close to the party. There is also a round-a-bout driveway in the front of The Ballroom for convenient guest drop off and pick up.

The Ballroom can accommodate up to 250 guests for an indoor reception or event. In the event of inclement weather wherein the covered outdoor patio is not a desirable option, The Ballroom can be utilized to hold both the ceremony and the reception indoors.

Dinner KissBallroom Sunset
Ballroom DanceSparkler Exit 2
Ballroom DanceSparkler Exit 2
Sparkler DanceSparkler Exit 2

Apartment Grand Opening in The Woodlands 2-25-15

Tonight DJ Forrest and Paul will provide DJ and photobooth services for the grand opening of The Millineum Six Pines. Public is welcome so please come say hello if you are in the area 🙂

Chateau Polonez Wedding DJ

Last Sunday, we performed for Kyle and Brooke as the Chateau Polonez Wedding DJ. The event was a huge success from the initial ceremony, to the final song. Below, I wanted to share a few pictures from the event to visually illustrate just how much fun the guests had. There is no substitute for quality entertainment in a stunning venue!

Here is information about Chateau Polonez from their official website:

Chateau Polonez first opened its doors in 2005 and has been honored to host numerous weddings, birthdays, galas, holiday parties, corporate functions, and more throughout the years. Located on five acres in Northwest Houston, Chateau Polonez, is an event venue like no other. With its European inspired architecture and lush landscaping secluded from busy streets, the venue gives way to a calm and serene environment.
Our focus at Chateau Polonez is for every event to get our full attention. For this reason, we only host one event per day, so you will not be constrained by any other functions on your special day. Our experienced staff will help in planning all the details of your event, customizing each event to your needs. Below is some basic information on our venue and services:
We can accommodate 20-350 guests in our grand ballroom
Our ceremony capacity is 200-350 guests depending on the location
Indoor Features
Dramatic foyer with double staircase topped by a domed ceiling and chandelier
Intricate wrought iron balustrade work throughout building
Ballroom with vaulted ceilings and chandeliers
Wall of tall windows framing the built in stage, the focal point of the Grand Ballroom
Separate room for a buffet set up
Full service built-in cozy bar and parlor area, with fireplace
Spacious dressing chambers for both the Bride and Groom, complete with private full bathrooms
Outdoor Features
Private, gated property with parking lot to accommodate even our largest event
5 acres of naturally wooded and landscaped grounds
Dramatic circle drive entrance with porte-cochère
Intimate wooded fireplace courtyard surrounded by lush landscaping
Gazebo overlooking pond and grounds
Spacious back terrace area perfect for a cocktail hour
Included in all our Rentals
Assistance of a banquet manager the day of your event
Two security officers during event times
Use of our tables and custom wooden upholstered dining chairs
Choice of white or ivory custom linens to the floor
Custom floor plan tailored to the details of your event
All porcelain dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and linen napkins for guest tables and food stations
Glassware, stemware, cocktail napkins, and garnishes provided at the bar
Setup and clean up of all our services
Extensive menu options and service staff provided by our exclusive in house caterer, Glorious Cuisine
Variety of different bar packages

We were thrilled to be the Chateau Polonez Wedding DJ, and look forward to coming many more times in the near future 🙂

Sam Houston Hotel: Lauren and Garrett

Last weekend, DJ Forrest performed at the Sam Houston Hotel in downtown Houston. In addition to providing the music, we also provide some salmon colored uplights to really accentuate the room.
The mood was fantastic as DJ Forrest provided a wide range of music that appealed to both the younger and older high class audience. Watch our video highlights below:

Lauren and Garrett Wedding: Sam Houston Hotel from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Lauren, the bride, provide a 5 song playlist and let Forrest do his magic. She was rewarded with a packed dancefloor all evening, and a bunch of fun, smiling guests. Special thanks for our good friends at Glitter and Whiskey events for referring us!

When you require the best for your event at Sam Houston Hotel, or anywhere in Houston or surrounding cities, give Xceptional Djs a call today!

From the hotel website

Meeting Services at The Sam
A clean, comfortable Houston meeting space isn’t all you get when you plan a meeting at The Sam Houston Hotel. Our Downtown Houston meeting services make it easy to host an efficient gathering, whether you are planning a business meeting, luncheon or celebration.

Meeting Services:
Private Houston venues with individual climate control and natural lighting
AV equipment with in-house setup
Facsimile / printing / photocopying services
Complimentary high-speed wireless Internet
Pre-arranged shipping and receiving services
Private catering by our award-winning restaurant, *17
Personal meeting planning assistance
Valet parking

DJ Forrest & Harlem Globetrotters

On Monday, January 26th, DJ Forrest performed for the Harlem Globetrotters and Greyhound. Today was an amazing day where a special group of youngsters got to see the Globetrotters perform, as well as a meet and greet along with autographs. We were honored to be a part of such a special day!

Below you will see DJ Forrest pictured with the Globetrotters! Below the picture is a quick highlight video from the event. Happy Monday friends!Forrest Globetrotters

DJ Forrest performs the Harlem Globetrotters Greyhound Show 1-26-15 from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Lonestar College Neon Party DJ 80s night!

We were delighted to perform several events and weddings last weekend, but Thursday we were fortunate to have Paul take some video of our Lonestar College Neon Party DJ night! Everyone danced all night and the room was looking amazing with all the blacklights. Here is the email from the staff member who booked with us…

“Hello Forrest, WOW! Thank you so much for everything. The emails are flooding in about the DJ from last night!! We would like to invite you back out to the Student Life Awards Banquet if you are available”

That always makes my day!! -DJ Forrest

Lonestar College 80s Neon Party DJ Forrest from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Neon party DJ

Bridal show DJ 2015

Hi, if you are still looking for your bridal show DJ, we are offering a 5% off special if you book in the month of January! This offer can sometimes be mixed with other offers and promotions so contact us today for details and simply mention “bridal show” for your promtional discount!


Hurry you have about two weeks left 🙂 -DJ Forrest


7 Important things to know about your wedding DJ


    By: DJ Mike “MadMike” Willis

    Okay, so your significant other POPPED THE QUESTION!! You’ve found the perfect venue, and now it’s time to start booking your vendors. Flowers and catering are just as important, but booking a qualified DJ will make your special day a perfect event that your friends and family will remember for years and years!

    DJs have developed and evolved tremendously over the past 10 years, so it is important you know what style, age, and quality you are choosing in a DJ. I have personally seen weddings ruined by couples hiring a friend of the family or an amateur DJ to execute their wedding (but that’s a different story). As a career DJ, I know the pitfalls and triumphs you will face in determining the right DJ for your wedding day. Knowing this, I put together the following list to help you on your way.

    You want a professional that listens to you so your reception will come off with the tone you want to set and the quality and artistry you would find at the best dance party.

    As one of the most respected career DJs in the area, I can help you put together a great reception with a professional so you can party on.

    Here are some things I have learned over the years to ease your decision:

    1. Age/style:

    About 20 years ago, wedding DJs had a much different style than today. They were usually corny older men with hoola hoops and glitter, who would get out on the dance floor and teach your grandma how to do the chicken dance while he egged-on your groom to throw cake in your face. The ability to mix music was a developing artform that and had not worked itself into weddings. It wasn’t until the mid 2000s that young nightclub-style mixing DJs began focusing on weddings. Prior to this, weddings were lots of fun for the older folks, but certainly not the energy or atmosphere most of todays couples want at their once in a lifetime event. Young DJs were raised with the state-of-the-art equipment and are extremely comfortable with all the techniques you find in the fine clubs. . . from my experience, most older DJs don’t have a fresh style or attitude and their skills and equipment aren’t up to what I would expect and want for my fresh, fun, and modern wedding.


    This brings me nicely to my next topic, which is –

    1. Mixing Ability:

    Back in the late 1970s, DJs began learning how to mix two different songs of the same speeds together by matching up their beats per minute (BPMs). DJs could now create seamless transitions between songs, preventing any “dead air” (silent space while the DJ transitions to the next song). This skill quickly became popular among all different types of DJs – except for some reason, most wedding DJs did not pick up on this technique. You would be surprised how many DJs we run into who STILL don’t mix songs but just fade them in and out. You really need a skilled DJ with great mixing talent to build a high-energy dance set and keep the party moving!

    1. Equipment/knowledge:

    You need to make sure your DJ uses decent equipment, and just as importantly, they know how to use it!  I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard someone complain “The Dj at my friends’ wedding played the music so loud during dinner, I couldn’t hear anyone talk,” or “The microphone kept squealing through the speeches.”  The education and training on equipment, cables, microphone frequency, and everything else that goes into making a great DJ is virtually always lacking in your cousin who knows how to hook his iPod up to a speaker. With all the sophisticated equipment that goes into making great sound, sometimes things go wrong. A professional DJ with high-quality equipment and the knowledge to use it will quickly get everything back on track.  Letting you and your friends keep dancing is far superior to an apology from an amateur with cheap equipment that he can’t operate!

    Another important factor in the modern age is the source of the music your DJ uses. While there are still a few DJs who refuse to live in the 21st Century and continue to use their CD collections, here are my pros for using a computer:

    – I can download any song at any time

    – I can use multiple playback devices

    – I have much faster song changing capability

    – I can access various control surfaces for mixing

    CD DJs will tell you all kinds of stories about how computer DJs have problems, and what if the computer crashes, and blah, blah, blah, but with current technology and sturdy, dependable software, a crash is extremely rare – my ratio is 1 crash in almost 500 gigs.  When you consider that any DJ worth his salt will have multiple forms of backup (e.g. iPad/iPod, back-up vinyl , or CDs) you can be sure you don’t have to worry that the party will keep moving.

    1. Coordination:

    The very first wedding I DJed was for a friend of the family, and while the music was banging, I had no skills or any idea about how to coordinate with other vendors. I remember going outside the venue and I lined my bridal party up in order, made sure I knew how to say the names, and then I went back inside for the grand parade and introductions. I got to about the third bridesmaid and groomsman and saw a lady running up the side aisle with a bag over her shoulder, muttering curses and dropping things as she ran. It was the photographer, and she was pissed! She asked me in a snippy voice, “Is this your first wedding???? Because it sure feels like it!!” She then proceeded to tell me how the REST of the night would go and let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn’t in charge of everything.

    Working with the other vendors is the only way to make sure the night runs smoothly.

    A good DJ will make sure:

    – That the photographer isn’t in the bathroom or getting a drink when they are ready to announce the first dance.

    – That your family is where they should be for the important hallmarks of your special day.

    – That the timing is right so you don’t end up having a cold meal.

    There are so many different events, nuances, and timing issues during a wedding, and there is no reason for you to have to worry or be concerned about ANY of them. Make sure you choose a DJ who is skilled in event production and coordination and you can relax into your special day knowing everything will go off as you have so carefully planned!

    1. Planning Tools:

    I tell all of my couples that a perfectly executed wedding is 99% planning.  Modern Era Weddings uses online planning tools ( that allow us to accommodate all your special needs in a way that all of my DJs will comprehend and understand. Online planning tools allow you to input all your pertinent information so we can customize your event and tailor it to YOUR musical tastes. We offer the options of playlists as well as do-not-play lists. Let me recommend that you always give your DJ a do-not-play list. It helps us understand the discernment in your choice of music.

    Also, on our online planning site, is a section on how you would like your DJ to dress – you don’t want the DJ to look out of place from the rest of the guests. We also would like to know your other vendors by name so we might best coordinate for you. The two most important things we really need to have is the list of names of your bridal party spelled phonetically and the overall event timeline. Since many of our couples are not from our area, and as we travel to different parts of the country for events, online planning allows me to be on the same page with the couples in other areas throughout the entire process.

    1. Back-up personnel:

    Okay, so your DJ gets hit by a bus the day before your wedding, and hey, he might be okay in a year or two, but let’s face it – you won’t postpone your wedding because he can’t be there! If you booked Modern Era Weddings, you don’t have to worry for a second. Even if I am in the hospital with three pins in my leg, one of our DJs will print out your online planning tools, be there when we promised, and make sure your wedding is still perfect. Unfortunately, most independent DJs don’t have a “Plan B” and if they get hit by that same bus, you are going to have a very quiet event!

    1. Is the DJ currently working in the market?

    Listen… there are real DJs, and then there are “Yeah, I work for PNC, but DJ on weekends” guys. You want and deserve the best. You want someone who makes their living steeped in the music and nightlife scene. Just as you wouldn’t just tell the florist to pick your flowers or the caterer to choose your menu, you want to HEAR your DJ play live and see how you respond to his style and professionalism. Ask your DJ if there places around the city you can hear them play. At the very least, ask for RAW (unedited, because anyone can make themselves look good via editing) footage of them performing. Narrow down your choices to guys who have steady work in bars and clubs in your area. This means they are popular, in demand, and are constantly using and honing their skills.

    A few things that didn’t make my list:

    • Reviews – every wedding DJ has reviews, and most of these reviews will be 5 stars. Remember when you were a kid playing sports and everyone got a trophy? Even the person that accidentally scored for the other team? Well, unfortunately DJ reviews are sort of like that. Most couples in the flush of memories of that special day may give 5 stars to a 2-Star DJ (she forgot he played the wrong song for the first dance! Or CHOSE to be kind and overlook it). It’s human nature. Regrettably, this makes the review system (and therefore the precious awards from Wedding Wire, and The Knot) basically useless. There are some horrible DJ companies that get amazing reviews, dispute every negative review to get it offline, and continue to ruin weddings. Look at the lowest review for your DJ company, and see how the company addressed it. DO NOT RELY STRICTLY ON REVIEWS AND AWARDS TO HIRE YOUR DJ. THEY ARE SKEWED AND OFTEN DO NOT REFLECT THE COMPANY’S TRUE TALENT.
    • Microphone ability and personality – Knowing how, when, and what to say on the microphone is extremely important to keep your wedding rolling. Watch out for DJs with poor grammar, strange accents, corny jokes, and other nonsense. A good DJ has a friendly and natural vocal quality, and most importantly, realizes the wedding is NOT about him. Sadly, I have seen these DJs ruin weddings by constantly blathering through the reception. A great DJ makes announcements when they are required, plays great music, and is there to make the party perfect.
    • Hidden Fees – Many DJ companies will include many hidden fees with their service. Make sure you get a bottom-line number for everything they will be providing.

    I look at my job as a professional wedding DJ as one whose main purpose is to try to save people from cheesy, over the top, or poorly skilled disk jockeys. If I have a tendency to be harsh and critical towards these people, it is only because I realize the great importance of making one of the most memorable days of your life as perfect as I can. There may be a market for this kind of wedding that has been the butt of many jokes, movies and anecdotes, and I have even been wrongly booked for them in the past. I played the part for them.

    Our clientele is quite different. Our couples are modern, smart, self-assured people who work with us to get precisely what they want to create the perfect day. We want to be their DJ.

    Please do not let the guy in the video below DJ your wedding, or you’re going to have a bad time.

Scott Kelley Photography

Hello there, I wanted to share a link to Scott Kelley Photography! I worked with Scott this past weekend for a wedding at Carmellos and felt he did a wonderful job. His pre-engagment photos displayed near the cake were flawless and the talk of the wedding guests! Pictured below is a shot that he captured of me in action! It was a great event and was glad to work with Scott and his partner 🙂



New Houston DJ Reviews!

Several new recent Houston DJ reviews have come in for us on Yelp, Facebook, and Google. There is nothing imaginable that helps our business more than when brides and grooms take a moment to share their thoughts.

We often deal with brides that are very uneasy and nervous about hiring a DJ. We completely understand because there is little to go off of, which is why a huge portion of our events are from referrals like venues and wedding planners. There is no way to truly know the value of our services unless you have worked a full 4 or 5 hour event with us.

Houston DJ reviews

If you are tired of looking at Houston DJ Reviews, simply give us a call today. For over 15 years, we have provided top level DJ service in this market and understand what makes the perfect event from the background music to the dance portion. Although we specialize in weddings, we also specialize in corporate and school events, and are known for getting the most dancing possible out of our crowds. Contact us today!

Last weekend of holiday parties!! Special thank you

Busy Friday with DJ Forrest at The Aquarium, DJ Rolland at Gallery M Squared, and Tom working his magic at a house party.

Just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank all of you. Our company grows each and every year, and your referrals and continued support is the biggest reason for our success. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas with friends and family and we wish you the best for the rest of 2014 and beyond.



New Dj Review!

Community Resource Credit Union Holiday Party DJ

To kick off our 2014 opening Christmas party weekend, DJ Forrest performed the Community Resource Credit Union party at the Hilton Nasa Rd. One on December 6th, 2014. Being a Holiday party DJ is an important part of the event and we take our job very seriously to enhance the atmosphere with fun, classy music to encourage guest interaction! Please enjoy the video highlights below 🙂

Community Resource Credit Union Holiday Party DJ 2014 from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.




Are you having a Christmas or Holiday party and require top notch entertainment that caters to all guests? If so, give Xceptional DJ’s a call. For over 15 years, we have been a holiday party DJ and wedding DJ that has performed over 1000 events for all ages and genres. Our specialty is getting the most from a crowd without being intrusive or annoying! Contact us today for more details.

DJ in Katy TX for an 18th

We have been performing a ton of birthday parties lately and we love it! This Saturday we were the DJ in Katy TX for Alyssa for her 18th birthday. The music was a mixture of English, spanish, bachata, hip hop, top 40 and more. The crowd was a blast and we had a small enough clubhouse room that just 4 uplights were used to lite up the entire room! Happy Saturday friends.

DJ in Katy TX


If you are having a birthday party, wedding or private party and need a DJ in Katy TX or Houston area, give Xceptional DJ’s a call. Visit our FB page today to learn more about us!

Thursday nights!

Our Xceptional Djs Reviews BBB rating

We are pleased to mention that our Better Business Bureau rating has finally been upgraded from A to A+….Yay! Why is Xceptional DJ’s Reviews BBB rating important? Not every business is eligible for BBB Accreditation. Businesses must meet, commit to and maintain the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards) in order to be eligible.



Read below from


BBB has determined that Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths affirms that it meets and will abide by the following standards.

Standards of BBB Accreditation
Build Trust
Establish and maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.
Advertise Honestly
Adhere to established standards of advertising and selling.
Tell the Truth
Honestly represent products and services, including clear and adequate disclosures of all material terms.
Be Transparent
Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly disclose all policies, guarantees and procedures that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.
Honor Promises
Abide by all written agreements and verbal representations.
Be Responsive
Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
Safeguard Privacy
Protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.
Embody Integrity
Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity.


BBB Accreditation Reviews

BBB routinely monitors its files on Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths to affirm that Xceptional DJ’s and Photo Booths continues to meet all BBB Accreditation Standards.


BBB Accreditation Process

Not every business is eligible for BBB Accreditation. Businesses must meet, commit to and maintain the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards) in order to be eligible for and maintain BBB Accreditation. The BBB Code of Business Practices represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business. The Code is built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.In order to be eligible for Accreditation a business must complete an Accreditation application.Upon receipt of a fully completed BBB Application for Accreditation, BBB staff:

  • Reviews the application
  • Researches the business and its principals
  • Verifies the information presented in the application
  • May request additional information
  • May request proof of specific information on the application

After the review and verification process, BBB will then evaluate if the business meets the BBB Code of Business Practices (Accreditation Standards).

Once BBB has finished its evaluation, the application for BBB Accreditation is either approved or denied. If the applicant is found in compliance with the BBB Code of Business Practices it will be presented to the BBB Board of Directors, or a committee of that board, for final approval. If the application is denied, BBB will contact the applicant, indicating the BBB Standard(s) that were not met and any recourse available to the applicant.


Our Xceptional DJs Reviews bbb rating is very important to us because it displays trust within the market place.

Video Testimonial from a skeptical bride!!

We performed the wedding reception for Jeana and Kevin yesterday evening at the Doubletree Hilton in Downtown Houston.

At the event conclusion, DJ Forrest went to say goodbye and the bride made an astounding revelation. She admitted that she thought our WeddingWire and Knot reviews had to be fakes because of how “over the top” positive they were!!! I then asked her if she would share that thought on camera for other skeptical brides… and she agreed!

Doubletree Hilton Downtown DJ- With Bride Testimonial from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Jeana and Kevin Wedding: Doubletree Hilton Downtown on November 8th, 2014

Last Saturday, Forrest performed for the Jeana and Kevin wedding reception as the Doubletree Hilton Downtown DJ. They had awesome music, great wedding planners (Anne and Caprile), a classy downtown hotel ballroom, fantastic food, and beautiful uplighting to set the mood. They also provided us with a fun and diverse play list and funny do-not play list consisting of no Macarena and no Nickleback!

The wedding was a ton of classy fun and went flawlessly as everyone danced all night with the mood enhanced by guests that traveled in from all over including New York, France, and more. DJ Forrest played persian, merengue, salsa, tejano,  hip hop, country, oldies, blues, motown, line dances, current pop, and more. He happily accepted the challenge of keeping everyone  satisfied!

An interesting moment for DJ Forrest came at the end of the wedding when he went to say goodbye. The bride Jeana revealed she originally found us on and thought our reviews seem exaggerated because “there is just no way a DJ could be that good!” After the event she thanked me and proclaimed that everything was AMAZING and was actually as good as advertised!

Below is a highlight video featuring the dance portion of the evening 🙂

Doubletree Hilton Downtown DJ

From the Hilton website regarding weddings:

At DoubleTree, we vow to provide the utmost in support and resources to both prospective couples and wedding planners. From securing a block of guest rooms or hotel wedding venue, to designing a stylish hotel wedding, we’re at your service.

Saying “I Do,” at DoubleTree

When you plan your wedding with DoubleTree by Hilton™, you can expect personalized attention and superior service from our catering team and event planners at more than 250 locations worldwide. We’ll work with you to select the right wedding location, reserve blocks of rooms for your guests, manage your guest list and more. We’d be honored to help you with such an important and exciting event.

Staying with Us

Whether you’re planning an all-inclusive event or simply booking accommodations we have an array of hotel wedding packages and DoubleTree will make your stay both comfortable and memorable. Upon arrival, you and your guests will be greeted with our warm, signature DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven. And if you’d like, we can also coordinate welcome gifts for your Guests upon arrival.

Celebrating Pre- or Post-Wedding Events

At DoubleTree, we can also help you plan and host Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Receptions, Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties and other celebrations in one of our many hotel wedding venues. Our event planners will cater to your needs along every step of your wedding journey, for events both large and small.

Planning Your Honeymoon

Whether you’re looking to unwind at the spa or enjoy the local scene, DoubleTree can help you plan a romantic honeymoon at one of our more than 250 locations worldwide. Find the perfect hotel location to begin your new life together.

Planning Resources

Wedding Checklist
Cover all the bases from your engagement to the honeymoon.

Space Calculator
Ensure your venue is just right for you and your guests.

Guest List Manager
Reserve, coordinate and monitor guest bookings all in one place.

Personalized Group Web Page
Guests can find details and book rooms from your own online wedding hub.

See all wedding planning tools

VIDEO and TRACKLIST: DJ in Katy for 14th bday 11-7-14

This evening, DJ Forrest helped make two 14 year old’s dreams come true regarding the perfect birthday at the Firethorne Community Center! Two different kids and one of the parents mentioned that this was the best party they had ever been to, which sincerely makes all our efforts and hard work worth it 🙂

We are a frequent DJ in Katy, and work all types of events from weddings to private parties in the area. We keep up to date with clean versions of the latest and greatest music and remixes of today and yesterday to accommodate all age groups. Enjoy the video highlights below, notice the joy and energy in the room, and contact us today if you are having and event needing a top notch DJ in Katy or anywhere in Houston or surrounding areas:

DJ in Katy

17:51 : Sir Sly – Gold (Betablock3r Remix)
17:53 : Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (MAKJ Remix).mp3
18:19 : Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone (Radio Edit)
18:22 : Lorde – Royals (Promo Only Intro Edit)
18:26 : OneRepublic – Counting Stars
18:30 : Ariana Grande f./Mac Miller – The Way
18:34 : Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath (Promo Only Reidiculous & Riddler Intro Edit)
18:37 : Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots
18:42 : Echosmith – Cool Kids (Radio Edit)
18:43 : Ed Sheeran – Sing
18:45 : Rude – DJ-SCOOTER-REMIX
18:46 : Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – DJ Scooter Remix
18:51 : Pitbull f. Ke$ha – Timber (Radio Edit)
18:53 : Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble
18:55 : Chris Brown – New Flame (Clean) Usher, Rick Ross
18:58 : Calvin Harris – Summer (Club Killers Festival Trap Mix)
19:00 : Iggy Azalea f./Rita Ora – Black Widow (Promo Only Intro Edit)
19:03 : Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg – Wiggle – Diverse vs Fantom 82-100 Transition
19:05 : Jason Derulo f./Snoop Dogg – Wiggle CLEAN
19:06 : Jeremih f./YG – Don’t Tell ‘Em (Promo Only Clean Edit)
19:13 : [Trap] DJ SNAKE – Turn Down For What (feat. Lil Jon) (Official Audio)
19:19 : VIC – Wobble
19:20 : Enrique Iglesias f./Sean Paul – Bailando (Promo Only Intro Edit)
19:24 : Ayy Ladies (Clean) Travis Porter Ft. Tyga.mp3
19:27 : Juvenille – Back That Thang Up
19:29 : Lil Jon f./Tyga – Bend Ova (Clean Version)
19:33 : Flawless (Remix) (ft. Nicki Minaj) [CleanRadio Edit].mp3
19:36 : booty work – Booty Wurk (One Cheek At A Time)
19:37 : Rihanna f./Mikky Ekko – Stay
19:41 : Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Promo Only Intro Edit)
19:43 : Bring It Back – Travis Porter – Clean
19:45 : Contours – Do You Love Me
19:46 : The Beatles – Twist and Shout
19:47 : Rockin Robin – Bobby Day.mp3
19:48 : Bring It Back – Travis Porter – Clean
19:48 : Iggy Azalea f./Charli XCX – Fancy PROMO ONLY
19:51 : Fergie – L.A. Love (La La) (Clean)
19:54 : Play-N-Skillz ft. RedFoo, Lil Jon, & Enertia McFly – Literally I Can’t – DJ Smerk 100-130 Transition (Clean)
20:00 : WOP (Official iTunes Version)
20:03 : Ne-Yo f./Juicy J – She Knows- clean
20:04 : Tre Ez – Credit Score (Promo Only Intro Edit)
20:05 : Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas in Paris (Onderkoffer Trap Remix)
20:09 : Usher f. Lil Jon & Ludacris – Yeah (DJ Kontrol Remix) (DJ Intro) (Clean)
20:11 : Lil Jon Feat. Lmfao – Outta Your Mind -(Clean).mp3
20:13 : Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy (Promo Only Intro Edit)
20:16 : A$AP Rocky f./Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar – F*ckin’ Problems (Super Clean Mix)
20:17 : Young Jeezy f./Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar & YG – R.I.P. (Promo Only Clean Edit – Remix)
20:19 : B.o.B. f./2 Chainz – Headband (Radio Edit)
20:23 : Eve – Tambourine
20:24 : The Chainsmokers – #Selfie – Tall Boys 100-128 Transition (Clean)
20:26 : Ke$ha – Die Young (Promo Only Intro Edit)
20:27 : Britney Spears – Work Bitch (Promo Only Clean Intro Edit)
20:29 : DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide Part 2 (Dance Party Remix)
20:31 : ILOVEMAKKONEN – Tuesday [Remix] (Feat. Drake) (Clean Version)
20:33 : 80s – Kenny Loggins – Footloose
20:36 : Bangels – Hey Micky!
20:37 : Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are
20:39 : ILOVEMAKKONEN – Tuesday [Remix] (Feat. Drake) (Clean Version)
20:42 : Mike Will Made-It f. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J – 23 (Radio Edit)
20:44 : We Are Toonz f./Lil Jon, T-Pain, French Montana – Drop That #NaeNae (Clean)
20:47 : Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Clean Edit)
20:49 : Boot Scootin Boogie (Dance Mix).mp3
20:50 : Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith
20:52 : Waka Flocka Ft Roscoe Dash And Wale – No Hands (Clean)
20:55 : Juicy J f. Wiz Khalifa & Trey Songz – Bounce It (Radio Edit – Remix)
21:00 : Gas Pedal ft. IamSu (CLEAN) – Sage The Gemini.mp3
21:05 : Cupid Shuffle
21:08 : YouTube Wiz Khalifa Black And Yellow Lyrics Clean.mp3
21:10 : Rae Sremmurd – No Type (clean)
21:12 : Soulja Boy – Crank_Dat_Soulja_Boy(Supaman) Clean Superman
21:17 : Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA
21:20 : Sage The Gemini-Rednose(Lyrics) HD_HQ.mp3
21:22 : Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (Promo Only Clean Edit)
21:24 : Rae Sremmurd – No Flex Zone (Clean Version)
21:29 : Drake feat. Lil Wayne – The Motto (Clean Version).mp3
21:34 : California Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Clean)(1)
21:38 : Dj Khaled Ft T Pain Ludacris Rick Ross And Snoop Dogg – All I Do Is Win (Clean)
21:41 : Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes on (lyrics).mp3
21:44 : Nikki Minaj- Trey songz – Bottoms Up (Clean Version)
21:48 : Steve Earle – Copperhead Road
21:52 : Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down (Lyrics)
21:56 : Fake ID- Big and Rich.mp3
21:57 : Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj (clean) – Dance (A$$)
21:59 : DJ Unk – 2 Step
22:01 : Migos – freak no more lyrics
22:05 : Migos – Fight Night CLEAN (Jay G Clean Edit)
22:08 : Rihanna – Rude Boy (Clean)
22:08 : Jamie Foxx – Blame It( ft. T-Pain)
22:08 : Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III – Mrs. Officer(clean)
22:12 : KC Sunshine Band – Thats the way i like it
22:15 : 80s – B52’s – The Love Shack
22:20 : Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
22:25 : Bruno Mars – Young Girls (Single Edit)

VIDEO: Magical weddings don’t just happen by accident :) The Wynden DJ South Post Oak

The Wynden DJ

Yesterday evening, DJ Forrest was The Wynden DJ at South Post Oak for Andrew and Holly. Such a fun and beautiful couple!!  Below we are featuring a short video to illustrate this November 1st, 2014 event to hopefully explain why magical weddings don’t just happen automatically!

We had an amazing and fun group last night and yet even then, many factors come into play to achieve that level of fun and excitement. For example (and as a top notch wedding planner like Ginger @ The Wynden will tell you), the music and announcements must be on par all night long. The songs must be mixed in the right order and played appropriately with the top older, newer, slower, and faster songs and sets that appeal to all ages and genres. The lighting (and uplighting) must be classy, tasteful, and not too bright or obnoxious. The timeline must be set up and executed in the right way to maximize dance time and event flow. The guests have to trust their DJ. The DJ must appeal to the emotions of the crowd. The DJ must know when to push hard and pull back on the energy in the room without taking focus from the bride and groom. The list goes on and on as you can imagine 🙂

Holly and Andew at The Wynden on Post Oak from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

If you want your wedding to be similar to this video, you have a great opportunity when hiring a top notch pro like DJ Forrest or Xceptional Dj’s. We have over 15 years in business and specialize in MAGICAL wedding fun. Contact us today for pricing and information!

About The Wynden (From

Within the romantic Tuscan setting, The Wynden is centrally located in the presitgious Galleria area featuring a private enclosed garden area along with charming ample space inside as well. The Wynden continues the tradition of style, elegance and attention to detail that sets us apart. Masraff’s has long since been know for excellence and uncompromising quality and The Wynden continues to follow in this tradition. Catering is performed by Masraff’s elite staff; so be assured that your next event will be a memory made to last a lifetime!

Best DJ we have EVER worked with!

Today we got an awesome new FB review from a fellow wedding professional who proclaimed we are the Best DJ we have ever worked with. There is no greater compliment than getting hired by someone who sees wedding professionals each and every weekend year in and year out 🙂 Contact us today for more details!


“Forrest is the best DJ we have ever worked with! He is super professional, kind, and fun. What more could you want!! We have worked with him many times and he is always SO great & the music is AWESOME! We have hired him to (DJ) our wedding in march and couldn’t feel better about that decision! We know he is going to make SO fun!”

Photobooth: Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Last Friday evening, DJ Forrest held a Halloween Housewarming party for his new home. Pictured below are the costume contest winners. Prizes awarded for best adult female, best adult male, best child female, best child male!

Also, we had a photo booth set up and it was a HUGE hit as always: Here is link to the entire photo booth gallery:

Halloween 2014

The BEST day of my life!!

The best day of my life



I had the pleasure of having the owner DJ Forest do our wedding! My expectations were beyond exceeded. From the music, Photo booth,wedding video highlights to all of the coordination that he did with the wedding coordinator. We had so many last minute changes and ideas and no one ever noticed he did everything flawlessly. I couldn’t have ask for a better DJ! The video was AMAZING! Along with the photo booth pictures and Music was Beyond awesome! I will use him again for any event! I especially highly recommend him and his company for a wedding so you don’t have to have any stress or worries about anything!

Omar and Mayra Video Highlights: Crystal Springs w/ DJ Forrest

Last Saturday, DJ Forrest performed at Crystal Springs in Magnolia for Omar and Mayra. Forrest played every genre imaginable and even had the spinning monogram for extra impact and beauty. Music was played with a special emphasis on spanish music such as Cumbias, Salsa, Merengue, Tejano, Guapango, Norteno, Bandas, and much more. As Omar and Mayra were referred, they really seemed to enjoy the flow of music and it shows in how much fun everyone is having in the video below. Omar and Mayra and their fun guests danced all night long and we are proud of the outcome. Enjoy the video highlights friends 🙂

Omar & Mayra @ Crystal Springs October 2014 from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

New review to start the week!

An amazing review came in today and I couldn’t be happier to share. A few months back we performed DJ and photobooth services at Royal Oaks country club for this lovely couple of doctors 🙂

“Forrest is a true professional. Working with him was easy-breezy and stress-free. Since I was planning a wedding in Houston from New Jersey, all my planning was via email or phone calls. I had phone interviewed all the top DJ’s in Houston for many months, but Forrest at Xceptional DJ’s was by far the best in all aspects, which is the biggest reason I booked his services for our wedding!
1) He genuinely cares– my family felt that he really listened to what we wanted
2) He’s genuinely passionate and takes his job seriously
3) He’s very prompt with his replies whether it’s by phone or email
4) He’s flexible– he catered well to our multi-cultural wedding
5) He runs everything by you from the Gobo Design to the Music selections
6) Without you having to worry about which vendors you’ve contacted and checked-in with, he contacts you and checks-in with you 1 month before, 1 week before, and 2 days before.
7) You just cannot go wrong with Forrest with Xceptional DJ’s!!!
THANK YOU again, Forrest!!!!!!”

Best party EVER!

This review came in on Google this week and I wanted to share because it is rare that a teen takes time to review our services and you have to generally take the parent’s word for it when choosing a DJ. Here is what she said 🙂


Yelp DJ reviews

Yelp has an automated system that does not show all Yelp DJ reviews. Here are some recent reviews not showing at the moment… and not factoring into our overall online rating unfortunately!

Nancy: 10/10/2014 I had the pleasure of working with Forrest last weekend as he provided the DJ service for a wedding at the venue where I work. He contacted the bride promptly to discuss the details of her reception and then communicated those details with us at the venue.  Since the DJ runs the reception this is key to ensuring that all goes as the bride and groom wish for their celebration.  He did an excellent job and had everyone on the dance floor. Forrest is very professional, was prompt for set up and was easy to communicate with prior to and during the event.  Excellent service!

Blanca: 10/8/2014 This was my daughters 18th year old birthday bash at our home in Clear Lake, Forrest got there early and did an outstanding job, I knew him  from like 4 years ago but didn’t know the quality of his business which left everyone impressed at the party, and these people were Christians who loved his music and the excellence in how he performed his task. We are very pleased with him and will never hire anyone else, the quality was the best in the market! Hire him, you wont regret it! Hands down!  B.H.

Rhonda: 10/7/2014 I had an exceptional experience with this company.  Very well prepared and effortless for me.  I used the photo booth and it was wonderful.  I’ve also attended several events they DJed.  They have a wonderful selection of music for any occasion and do a great job at weddings.  Will defiantly use this company again and would certainly recommend them to friends.

Jonathan: 10/7/2014 Xceptional Dj’s did an awesome job providing entertainment and coordinating the reception portion of my wedding. They were very attentive to our wants and needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ and my wedding was the best party I’ve ever been to!
Chris: 10/6/2014 I had the best experience with Xceptional DJ’s and photo booths!  I am a repeat customer. Not only did these guys do a phenomenal job at my sisters wedding, but they helped boost my business when I had them bring out the photo booth to an event. Forrest and all of his staff are the most courteous, and professional people I’ve ever met in this business.  I would pay way more than what they charge for their services.

Arkema Company Party: Pasadena Cookoff DJ 2014

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we provided the Pasadena Cookoff DJ services and photo booth for Arkema and LeMOO. The events went smoothly as DJ Roland and Kristin worked Thursday… while DJ Forrest and Maribeth worked the weekend. This is our 2nd year working with this team and hope for many more great years!

Pasadena Cookoff DJ

Wedding at Pine Lake Ranch with Spinning Gobo / Monogram Video

Yesterday evening, we were proud to perform the wedding and reception of Keith and Lisa at Pine Lake Ranch. The evening went flawlessly with a beautiful outdoor wedding under the famous tree, followed by a fun and classy reception in the decorated barn area. Another reason I shared this video is to show our rotating gobo. It is an option if you would like a more energetic gobo and it is our personal favorite.

VID 20140920 195858018 from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Photo Session with Michelle Able

Michelle Able is one of the premier wedding photographers in Houston and I wanted to take a moment to thank her for taking time out of her schedule to photograph DJ Forrest and family. DJ Forrest will be performing Michelle’s wedding in March of 2015, and we feel one of the highest honors is when a top industry professional chooses us for their big day.

As you can see, Michelle is amazing and she tops the list of our preferred photographers 🙂

Texas Children’s Pediatrics 40 year celebration

One of our events on this lovely Saturday that we would like to highlight is the 40 year celebration of Texas Children’s Pediatrics.

This classy event took place Saturday the 13th at the famous Champions Golf Club with performances, videos, and tears with some of the original doctors in attendance to make this event that much more special 🙂

We were also able to work in a few of the top hits from 1974 when this all started.

Texas Children’s Pediatrics 40 year Celebration: Video Highlights from Xceptional DJ's + Photo Booths on Vimeo.

Tracklist- DJ Forrest Houston @ Da Pub 9-11-14

Below is the order and playlist of all songs DJ Forrest mixed live last night on 9-11-14 for Thumpin’ Thursdays at Da Pub. We stayed modern more often than not last night due to the crowd. Another amazing night in the books:).

DJ Forrest Houston

DJ History – 2014/09/11

20:39 : Daft Punk f./Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky (Radio Edit)
20:47 : LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean.mp3
20:52 : Bloodhound Gang – Shut Up
20:55 : Diplo – Set It Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex
20:59 : Neil Diamond – Forever in Blue Jeans (Stereo!).mp3
21:02 : Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
21:06 : Knee Deep.mp3
21:09 : Brad Paisley – Ticks
21:14 : Josh Turner – Your Man
21:17 : Kanye West – All of the Lights (CLEAN) ft. Rihanna
21:21 : 2Pac – To live and die in LA
21:25 : Stephen Swartz – – Bullet Train (Feat. Joni Fatora)
21:27 : Calvin Harris f./John Newman – Blame (Radio Edit)
21:30 : Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo f./Kid Ink – Delirious (New Hybrid Edit – Clean)
21:33 : Jennifer Lopez f./Iggy Azalea – Booty (Remix clean)
21:36 : Sage The Gemini – Red Nose HQ.mp3
21:37 : Lil Jon f./Tyga – Bend Ova (Verified Intro Edit – Clean)
21:40 : Big Data f./Joywave – Dangerous
21:43 : Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots Lyrics
21:45 : Daddy’s Cash – This Is My Party
21:48 : Zac Brown Band – Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried
21:51 : Little Big Town – Boondocks
21:54 : Disturbed – Down With The Sickness
21:55 : Staind Not again mp3
22:02 : Anita Ward – Ring My Bell.mp3
22:05 : Jamiroquai Canned Heat HD.mp3
22:06 : Rick James – Superfreak
22:09 : Steve Aoki f./Waka Flocka Flame – Rage The Night Away (Radio Long Version)
22:11 : Sylvia Tosun – Take My Breath Away (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
22:13 : Ariana Grande – Break Free feat. Zedd (Audio)
22:15 : Meghan Trainor – all about that bass lyrics
22:18 : AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
22:20 : Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Three Steps
22:22 : Point Blank – Mean to your Queenie
22:33 : Sir Sly – Gold (Betablock3r Remix)
22:36 : Kiesza – Hideaway Lyrics
22:40 : Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Radio Edit)
22:44 : Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch
22:47 : Weezer – Back To The Shack
22:50 : The Dirty Heads – My Sweet Summer
22:52 : Rude – DJ-SCOOTER-REMIX
22:55 : Dirty Heads – Burn slow
22:57 : Street Military – Gasta Get Paid
22:59 : Dotcom – How We Party (Dotcom’s WTF Trap Remix) @dotcom_dub
23:00 : Daddy’s Cash – This Is My Party
23:02 : NAS ft. Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled The World (Tom Shark Rework)
23:05 : Daft Punk – One More Time (Club Mix)
23:08 : Prince – Kiss (ReDrum)
23:12 : THE BEATFREAKZ vs. Madonna – Like A Virgin [BEATFREAKZ ReDrum] pella out
23:15 : Top Modelz – Your Love (Perry Edit)
23:18 : Run DMC – Its Tricky
23:18 : THE BEATFREAKZ – Big Pimpin [[BEATFREAKZ TRANSITION]] (128-70bpm) – clean
23:23 : DJ Diamond Kuts f./Lee Mazin – Booty Quake
23:24 : Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day ‘n’ Night (Subtronikz Remix)
23:25 : Lookas – Low Rider (Lookas Remix)
23:26 : Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)
23:27 : Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Flaxo Stadium Trap Remix).mp3
23:28 : Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day ‘n’ Night (Subtronikz Remix)
23:29 : John Newman – Love Me Again (Sound Remedy Remix)
23:30 : Eiffel 65 – Blue (KNY Factory Trap Remix)
23:32 : Trophies – Drake-Rivas-Trap-Remix-MP3
23:33 : Lil Jon ft LMFAO – Drink – DJ Smerk Halloween Party Starter (Dirty)
23:36 : Hope You Get Lonely Tonight – Cole Swindell NEW 2014 Lyrics
23:39 : Brad Paisley – Waiting on a Woman
23:47 : KISS – KISS – Firehouse
23:50 : Tool – Sober
23:53 : Snap your fingers snap your neck – Prong
23:57 : Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
23:58 : Outkast – Hey Ya
00:00 : Becky G f. Juicy J – Play It Again (Promo Only Intro Edit)
00:02 : Major Money – All About The Money (Radio Edit)
00:03 : Maejor Ali f. Juicy J & Justin Bieber – Lolly (Radio Edit)
00:05 : DJ Kontrol – Sexy & I Forgot About It (Clean)
00:08 : Krayzie Bone – Clash of the Titans
00:11 : Too Short Ft Lil Kim Call Me.mp3
00:15 : Chingy ft Tyrese – Pulling Me Back
00:19 : ACDC – Thunderstruck
00:22 : AC-DC – Shoot To Thrill
00:24 : Janis Joplin – Me And Bobby McGee
00:30 : George Strait – All My Ex’s Live in Texas
00:33 : george strait – george straight – love without end, amen
00:36 : Z – RO I can’t leave drank alone
00:37 : Young Dro – FDB.mp3
00:41 : Party Like A Rockstar (Clean).mp3
00:42 : D4L – Shake That Laffy Taffy(clean)
00:44 : DJ DMD f. Lil’ Keke & Fat Pat – 25 Lighters
00:45 : Lil Keke – Southside
00:48 : 8Ball & MJG – 9 Little Millimeta Boys.mp3
00:49 : Cyclone f – T-Pain (Radio Edit)
00:50 : Petey Pablo – I- ft timbaland
00:51 : digital underground – freaks of the industry
00:53 : Notorious BIG – Hypnotize
00:58 : Biz Markie – Just A Friend
01:01 : Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison (1990).mp3
01:04 : Cypress Hill – Jump Around
01:06 : Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Dark Horse (Digital Dave Trap Remix)
01:08 : DJ Sliink & TWRK & Green Lantern – Trifecta (If You Don’t)
01:10 : Jay Z – Jay Z & Kanye West Niggas In Paris DIRTY
01:13 : 2pac – Changes
01:15 : Jagged Edge ft. Run DMC- Let’s Get Married (with lyrics).mp3
01:17 : Easy E – Gimme That Nut
01:19 : Old School Rap – This Is How We Do It
01:21 : Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (Promo Only Intro Edit)
01:22 : Save Ferris – Come On Eileen
01:24 : Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
01:26 : DMX – Party Up – DJ Lady S MoombahTwerk Remix
01:28 : The Cover Girls – Show Me (Original)
01:28 : Terror Squad – Lean Back ft. Fat Joe, Remy (Onderkoffer Remix)
01:29 : Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low (Verified Intro)
01:30 : Iggy Azalea – WORK [BRIAN DAWE remix)
01:31 : Gent & Jawns – Fireball (1)
01:31 : Iggy Azalea – Fancy (Capitol Trill Remix) Clean
01:32 : Iggy Azalea f./Charli XCX – Fancy PROMO ONLY
01:34 : Meghan Trainor – all about that bass lyrics
01:35 : Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots Lyrics
01:39 : Becky G – Shower (The Jane Doze Remix)
01:40 : [Official Video] Daft Punk – Pentatonix
01:42 : Sir Mix Alot – Baby Got Back
01:43 : Tone Loc – Wild Thing
01:45 : Shake Senora OFFICIAL LYRICS – Pitbull feat. Tpain and Sean Paul
01:46 : Shakira – Dare (La La La) (Spanish Version)
01:47 : The Chainsmokers – #Selfie (Clean Radio Edit)
01:48 : David Guetta & Showtek f./Vassy – Bad
01:49 : Shakira f./Rihanna – Can’t Remember To Forget You
01:50 : Afrojack f./Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix Radio Edit)
01:52 : Demi Lovato – Neon Lights (Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 Radio Edit)
01:53 : Calvin Harris – Summer
01:55 : DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark f./B-Case & U-Jean – House Party (Radio Edit)
01:58 : Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo f./Kid Ink – Delirious (Boneless) (New Hybrid Edit – Clean)
01:59 : Bruno Mars – Treasure (Kue’s Paradise Garage Edit)

Greyhound 100th Anniversary

Tomorrow we are excited to perform for Greyhound’s 100th Anniversary event. We will provide the sound, upbeat tunes, and announcements to help facilitate an amazing day. Looking forward to a great event!

Click image below to view the Yahoo press release:



Star Fleet Cruise

We are performing a cruise this evening aboard the Star Gazer in Kemah, TX. On a regular basis we perform here for weddings, special events, and even public cruises as well. The atmosphere is always fun with the dancing staff, great view, and fun guests that let loose over the water and near the Kemah boardwalk!



KiAna’s SWEET 16 DJ party!! DJ Forrest

This past Saturday, we had the honor of performing the music and photo booth entertainment for KiAna’s Super Sweet 16 DJ party at The Luxe in Humble TX. Everything was executed to perfection from the food, to the decor, to the lighting, and more. Our favorite moment from the evening was when our birthday girl was surprised with a new car! If you watch the video below, you will see KiAna’s priceless reaction 🙂

KiAna from Xceptional DJ’s + Photo Booths on Vimeo.


Mom even took time on our Facebook page to speak some kind words:

Sweet 16 DJ


If you require the best for your event, give us a call today. We specialize in nearly all event and age types and have over a decade as one of the most requested DJ and event services in Houston. You will find our prices to be reasonable, and we put our heart and soul into making sure your big day is as perfect as possible.

Houston Zoo with DJ Forrest

For this morning’s festivities, DJ Forrest performs for the teen volunteers @ Houston Zoo in Masihara Pavilion from 11 AM-1 PM near the lion cages. Give us a courtesy wave if you are in the area 🙂 Happy Saturday friends!



Sunday DJ Pecan Springs Wedding

Sunday, 8-3 we performed the wedding of Michelle and Miguel. Wedding had a Venezuelan flavor but we still mixed up a variety of other genres like country, hip hop, top 40, and lots of line dances.

The wedding took place in Brookeshire TX at Pecan Springs and we were set up side stage. Great all around event and we were proud to be involved in their big day 🙂

Pecan Springs

DJ Forrest @ The Gathering

Tonight, Dj Forrest performs for Parker and Rachel at The Gathering in Bellaire.

Forrest has performed here numerous times over the years and it is very common for him to perform both ceremony and wedding reception in same location the way the room is set up. They have a friendly staff, convenient central loctaion, and nice decor that make this a place worth considering for your big event 🙂

The Gathering


Text below directly from The Gallery website:

Receptions at the Meridian

The Meridian Reception Hall in Houston is our newest achievement and is the perfect location for your wedding reception.  After a stressful day of planning, picture taking, and constant rushing about, you need a reception venue that allows you to relax, enjoy great food, and celebrate with all your guests. Our beautiful Houston reception venue affords your party the luxury of an elegant setting at an inexpensive price.

The Meridian Reception Hall in Houston was designed to cater to wedding parties looking for an extravagant venue to host their guests after their wedding. Our catering offers you great food and great service at great prices! Our vast catering menu is guaranteed to have something for everyone and is completely customizable to ensure the lovely couple is satisfied. We also offer a range of sit-down and buffet packages and we can make arrangements for any of the otheramenities you may desire. We also provide additional, full-service add-ons including: wedding cake, DJ’s, photographers, security, and bar service, all of which help ensure your guests have an amazing time! With the Meridian affordable reception hall in Houston, you can have the elegant reception of your dreams at an inexpensive price, leave the details to our staff of qualified individuals, and actually enjoy your own event!

Contact us today for more wedding planning details.

New DJ Google Review

Here is a new DJ review that came in today from one of our happy brides. Means the world to us when you take time to write!


New Google Review on 7-24-14

Bridal Show Special

For the remainder of July, if you mention the bridal show, you are eligible for a 5% discount off your DJ or photo booth services. This promo is valid with other specials in some circumstances so please call in for questions or details @ 281-206-2670.

Hope you are having a fabulous summer 🙂

July 4th Photo Booth with Pathway Church

On July 4th, Forrest and family headed out to Mt. Belvieu, TX to set up the photo booth for the Pathway Church display. Pictured below, you will see DJ Forrest pictured with the founder and lead pasture, Chris Bradford.

We are amazed how far this church has come in such a short period of time. They go the extra mile, and a big part of their mission is to exclude noone, as evidenced by their frequent visits to rough apartments and neighborhoods to shed the light and spread the gospel.

The photo booth was a HUGE hit and attracted lots of attention and good vibes from the church. Here is a link to the photo gallery:

Pathway Church


18th Birthday Facebook Feedback

Last Sunday, DJ Forrest performed an 18th birthday party for Julissa and some old friends. It was an especially satisfying event because this family comes from a very religious background, which causes greater focus on the lyrics and contents of all the songs.

We could sense how nervous they were leading up to the event with the pasture present, as well as many adults from the church. Needless to say, DJ Forrest is very familiar with these types of situations, and has many church and school districts that also demand this level of attention to detail.

The party went flawlessly and the kids danced like never before. It was an all around success and we are proud to be involved with this group and will continue to work with them for many years!


Nasly and Cory had one of “The Best Nights of Their Lives”

On Saturday, December 21st, DJ Forrest performed for Nasly and Cory at the Hotel Icon in downtown Houston. The event was amazing and absolutely flawless. According to the bride, it was one of the best nights of her life.

The love in the room shared by the couple, combined with beautiful decor by Candace with Glitter and Whiskey Events made for a truly special night. DJ Forrest played a combination of top 40, disco, rock, with a special attention to La Hora Loca (Crazy Hour) with a latin twist for Nasly’s Colombian family.

This lovely couple was kind enough to share a few works to show their appreciation:


If you are looking for a great wedding DJ and hope to have perfection or as close as possible, give Xceptional DJ’s a call today.

School’s Out Summer Bash DJ @ Kemah Boardwalk

This weekend, we will be performing and celebrating with our friends at Top Star and Kemah Boardwalk for the School’s out Summer Bash 2014. Music will be top 40 with some beach themed family fun music mixed in as well. There will be tons of great games and even some Slime happening  for “Slime Time Trivia!”  This will be a fantastic weekend so come on out and have some fun with us to kick off your summer.

Kemah Summer Bash DJ

Memorial Weekend 2014

Big Saturday night tonight with DJ Roland performing in Galveston, DJ Tom in the Heights, and DJ Forrest @ The Gardens Houston. Maribeth is also entertaining as photo booth assistant for Royal High’s prom up north. We would like to respectfully thank our brave men and women who gave their lives to pave the way for us all. Without you, none of this is possible in our great country.

Memorial day 2014

Jake Worthington Prom 2014

Last Saturday, DJ Forrest was honored to perform for The Voice’s Jake Worthington from La Porte TX. The students and La Porte staff did a great job of keeping his presence low key. He got to be just a regular student and really enjoyed his family and friends. It was fun to play some Jake Worthington hits… for Jake Worthington prom!! #teamjake all the way. This kid has amazing talent and I look forward to playing his hits at weddings, schools, and corporate functions for years to come.


Jake Worthington Prom


Jake Worthington Prom 2014

New Review posted 5-7-14



A wonderful new review came in today. We love getting these and are thankful for kind words that keep us going strong 🙂

Review- 5-7-14

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Day

Saturday, May 3rd, DJ Forrest is performing at Deerbrook Mall for the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Day until 2 PMNoname. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area 🙂

2014 Houston A-List Nominee

We are excited to be nominated for Houston A-List for “best wedding music.” Please vote to help us win!! Thank you.

Special Olympics Charity Golf Classic

On this beautiful Wednesday, DJ Forrest is at the Kingwood Country Club performing for SGS for the Special Olypics Golf Classic. This great cause features tons of crawfish, loads of fun, and provides financial support to a worthy cause. Everyone wins 🙂

Special Olympics Charity Golf Classic

Photobooth weekend

Last weekend we did two open air photo booths for the Salvation Army and a Cotillion Party at Bellaire Methodist. Here are a few fun photos!


Photo booth



Photobooth rental

Houston photo booth

The McKellars Wedding Cinema

Below, you will find the recently released Super8 video from one of our amazing preferred vendors, The McKellars Wedding Cinema. The wedding footage was captured in January, 2014 and DJ Forrest provided the entertainment… Brent and Vancessa McKellar. They do amazing work and are one of the few video teams capable of doing Super 8MM film for a stunning vintage appeal (this is the film used to shoot the Wonder Years intro). Enjoy!


Sara & Alex’s Wedding in Super 8 | College Station, TX from The McKellars on Vimeo.

Houston Arboretum DJ

On Friday, March 28th, 2014 DJ Forrest performed the wedding and reception for Adam and Tami at Houston Arboretum.

Pictured below is a view from the ceremony. In order to get to the ceremony area, all guests and party made a quarter mile hike on the famous inner loop trails. It was well worth the journey as you can see from the beautiful photo below 🙂

Houston Arboretum DJ


Having an event and looking for a Houston Arboretum DJ? Give Xceptional Dj’s a call today!


DJ Review: 3-27-14

Wanted to quickly share a kind email we received today! Love getting these a great DJ review from our happy brides 🙂


March 24th, 2014: Ashton Gardens Wedding DJ- Ellie and Josh

On this Monday, we are excited to perform the wedding ceremony and reception as the Ashton Gardens wedding DJ for Ellie and Josh. They are from out of town in New Mexico and New York and decided to meet in the middle and have family fly in to the Houston area for their wedding service 🙂 Happy Monday!

Ashton Gardens Wedding DJ

Are you having a wedding at Ashton Gardens and still looking for your DJ? You have to meet special insurance requirements and the ceremony system requires experience so please contact us today as we have great experience dealing with this beautiful venue.


Recent DJ Review

Nothing makes me prouder than getting a great DJ review. Those that know me know that we pour our heart and soul out for our clients to do everything humanly possible to make their events great. Nothing is a greater reward than a happy client… not even a huge cash tip. Getting great reviews and making happy memories along with getting things like the review below are what keeps me going year after year 🙂 – DJ Forrest

DJ Review


We know there are DJ Review sites all around and we can assure you that when you hire us, you are getting the best service and performances possible. DJ Forrest takes great pride and puts forth great effort to remain one of the most highly reviewed companies online. Contact us today!

March 2014 Schedule

March Schedule…
March 6th- DJ Forrest Da Pub
March 7th- Wedding, Mike and Marie with Photo booth
March 8th- Photobooth, Wedding Downtown Plaza
March 9th- Wedding Garden Verein
March 10th- Wedding Amber Springs
March 13th- DJ Forrest Da Pub
March 14th- DJ Forrest The Bell Tower on 34th, Wedding Hotel Sam
March 15th- Wedding Royal Oaks Country Club, Photo booth
March 16th- Wedding Heights Villa, Wedding Hotel ZaZa
March 20th- DJ Forrest Da Pub
March 21st- Wedding and Photo booth, Gardens, Wedding TSRanch
March 22nd- Wedding Texas Safari Ranch
Mach 24th- Wedding Ashton Gardens DJ Forrest.
March 27th- DJ Forrest Da Pub
March 28th- DJ Forrest Houston Arboretum
March 29th- DJ Forrest wedding Personal residence
March 30th- Wedding @ The Gallery, Photo Booth personal residence

Photo Booth fun over the weekend

With DJ Forrest out at the Houston Rodeo Cookoff, and DJ Tom at a wedding, we had DJ Ruben and Kristen working the DJ and photo booth for the 13th party of three young ladies! When you need high quality Dj and photobooth services, give us a call today.


Notice just how much fun a photo booth adds to just a “normal” kids party…

Photo Booth

Houston Rodeo DJ- Cookoff 2014

Friday, Feb 28th and Saturday, March 1st, DJ Forrest performs at the Houston Rodeo DJ for SGS in the Bell County Booth. This weekend will be a ton of fun and for the record, we strongly believe that Texas BBQ prepared just right at cookoffs are great for the soul 🙂

Houston Rodeo Cookoff


We perform frequently at cookoffs all around the city so if you need the right DJ service that knows just what to play and do, contact us today!

Day 5- Dallas Auto Show

Today is the last day (day 5) of Xceptional Dj’s performing at the Dallas Auto Show. We are honored to work with Jeep Chrysler and to provide the musical entertainment for their awesome road course display! We provided a mix of family friendly music with a combination of all music types and genres. Stop by and say hello if you are in the Dallas area today.

Here is a recent press release (click image)

Auto Show

Text Message from the weekend

This text made my Monday that much better. Thought I would share 🙂 -DJ Forrest

Review“Hey man, Jennifer and I wanted to thank you a TON for the awesome job you did. Honestly man, couldn’t have picked a better man for the job. Thanks a lot for being a big part of our big night. You definitely are a HUGE reason why we really had an awesome time. We will do our best to get you gigs. you made our night an awesome one. THANK YOU from the bottom of our  hearts


DJing tonight at Hotel Valdez

We love heading to the Galveston Island w henever we get an opportunity. Also, keep in mind that we do not charge extra for travel either! Tonight, DJ Forrest performs for his old friend Troy and his lovely new wife Stephanie!

Dj in Galveston at the Galvez

Hotel Valdez is a beautiful place to have a wedding as it has a beautiful sealwall view and a view of Pleasure Pier in the distance. They have a nice outdoor area for ceremonies (this evening was a little chilly so cerermony was moved indoors) and a classy open view of the bay for the reception area.

When you require top notch Galveston entertainment, give Xceptional DJ’s a call!

Top songs of 2013 revealed!

Click image below to see the top songs from all genres in 2013 with over 2 million songs requested from Dj Event Planner. Very interesting to see which songs made the cut 🙂